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DDDV Ch 100 – The Devil Capital

“Daddy!” Lu Yaoyao bounced into the hall and saw that her Daddy was not alone. Seeing the somewhat familiar faces, she tilted her head. Weren’t they the devils who participated in the ceremony yesterday?

Recalling the pile of treasures in her treasury, Lu Yaoyao gave them a friendly smile.

Unexpectedly, when the devil kings saw her, they subtly evaded their gazes away, as if afraid of what she might do to them.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion. What’s going on here? Weren’t they so warm and friendly to her yesterday?

When Lu Yaoyao was still puzzled, her eyes accidentally fell on the head of one devil king, causing the latter to almost cover his head in conditional reflex.

Thankfully for the devil kings, Lu Qingyu finally waved his hand, signaling them to retire. As if receiving an amnesty, the crowd quickly disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Lu Yaoyao was even more puzzled, but she didn’t take this little matter to heart. She trotted to Lu Qingyu’s side and reported what she had done today before looking up at him expectantly.

Lu Qingyu patted her soft head and praised: “Not bad.”

Lu Yaoyao grinned widely.

“Daddy, shall we go out to play?” Lu Yaoyao shook Lu Qingyu’s clothes, “I haven’t seen anything other than the Devil Palace yet!”

Lu Qingyu didn’t think there was any fun thing in this boring Devil Realm, but it was true that the two of them hadn’t gone out for a long time, so there was no harm in taking the kid out for a walk.

“Okay, Daddy will accompany you for a walk.”

Lu Yaoyao jumped up in joy.

The father and daughter disguised themselves a bit and left the palace. Lu Yaoyao changed into a purple dress, with Lu Qingyu wore a matching purple and black robe. The two went out alone, not taking any guards or attendants with them.

When they arrived at the city outside the palace, Lu Yaoyao was surprised. She was already used to the dim environment, but she didn’t expect to find the Devil Capital to be so… sparse. The streets were spacious, with many huge and crude buildings scattered around, but compared to the other two realms, there were not many pedestrians or shops, making the wide streets look even more deserted.

Lu Yaoyao had seen one of the Demon Capitals and a city in the Cultivation Realm, and the hustle and bustle she found there was much in contrast to the desolateness she was facing now. As the city at the foot of the Devil Venerable, the capital should be the liveliest and busiest place, but the reality was too far from what Lu Yaoyao imagined. There was a market here, but it was very small. Instead of proper shops, the merchants simply displayed their wares on the ground — many not even bothering to use a mat or rug — forming a very primitive version of a trade hub.

Lu Yaoyao asked in surprise: “Daddy, is there a city in the Devil Realm as lively as the ones in the Demon or the Cultivation Realm?”

“Our Devil Realm is different from the other two realms.” Lu Qingyu replied. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, the Devil Realm was indeed different. Compared to the other two realms, the Devil Realm was like an uncivilized primitive society, and the only reason it hadn’t fallen behind was purely thanks to their race’s combat power.

The current situation was already the result of Lu Qingyu’s development after he took control. The Devil Realm was mostly divided into territories, each under the control of a certain sect or clan, and most of the population lived in these territories. Prior to Lu Qingyu’s reign, there used to be no cities, and the entire realm was a jungle society full of brutal killings and wars.

The devil race was inherently brutal and bloodthirsty, much more uncontrollable than even the demon race. The devils submit to the strong, and it was in their nature to yearn for blood and violence. Lu Qingyu’s iron fist could restrain their behavior, but he had no way to completely suppress the devils’ inner nature. Ordering them to imitate the humans and demons to do business was simply impossible — when a strong devil took a fancy of something, their first response was to rob and snatch it.

That was to say, the territory of the Devil Sect was completely under Lu Qingyu’s control, which was why it had a proto-city and some resemblance of order. However, although cities with similar trading hubs existed in other territories, frequent troublemakers made the places hard to develop, and they couldn’t be eradicated despite numerous suppressions and warnings from the authority.

Still, the current situation was already much better than before.

Lu Yaoyao’s surprise was only for a moment, and she soon continued looking around with great interest.

Everything was novel, unique, and fun.

Not long after, Lu Yaoyao’s ears caught an extremely lively noise, so she pulled Lu Qingyu towards the source of the commotion. As they approached, the noises became clearer, and Lu Yaoyao could tell they came from loud cheering and high-pitched roars.

She soon saw a large crowd gathered around a huge arena where two devils were fighting fiercely.

A strong smell of blood accompanied their deafening roars.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t get in the front and tried to jump up, but the very tall devil in front blocked her view and prevented her from seeing the ring. Seeing this, Lu Qingyu picked her up and put her on his shoulders. Now with a tall and wide view, Lu Yaoyao could finally see the ring clearly.

On the ring were two scarlet-eyed devils engaging in fierce and brutal melee combat. Each blood sprayed from their collision turned the surrounding spectacles even more excited. It took no time for the winner to be decided. The eyes of the falling devil were bursting with unwillingness as they slowly lost the luster of life, sending even more cheers from the audience.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. Unable to bear the scene, she asked, “Is this a life-and-death match?” One party must die to determine the winner?

Lu Qingyu responded with a soft snort.

Lu Yaoyao groaned. What a pity. Why did they easily hand over their life?

Seeing another pair of devils come up to the ring, Lu Yaoyao asked, “Can’t we ban this place?”

Lu Qingyu said casually, “It’s just a harmless game.”

“…” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened, “Won’t it decrease the population?”

Lu Qingyu didn’t care, “Survival of the fittest.”

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t agree, “One’s current cultivation doesn’t represent their future prospect. Who can tell if someone is a late boomer? Yet so many higher-cultivation devils bully younger ones who haven’t had time to grow up. Isn’t it a pity?”

“Cann’t you ban it, Daddy?”

“Since they choose to enter a death match, they are responsible for their own life and death.” Lu Qingyu laughed at his daughter’s innocence, “Don’t be misled by that man. His way of thinking is not suitable for us devils.”

Lu Yaoyao puffed her face in dissatisfaction, “That man is my Father.”

Lu Qingyu sneered disdainfully and took advantage of the situation to re-educate his daughter, “Killing is the nature of devils. Blind suppression will only be counterproductive. By setting up places to hold a death match, anyone who cannot suppress their murderous impulse can go to vent at will. This makes it easy to maintain orders, and we can forbid indiscriminate killings outside the rings.”

In this way, there were fewer fights and murders in the Devil Capital, allowing the development of a civilized society.

Lu Yaoyao still frowned, “It’s not worth losing one’s life.”

“I think there is no creature whose natural instinct is to kill. Even if there are, the number is far and between. The reason why the devil race is like this should be the result of their environment. Daddy, I have learned the history. Before you took over the Devil Realm, there was infinite chaos, and it was you who set up the order. Thanks to your governance, the Devil Realm has changed a lot, and those meaningless killings have also decreased significantly. This shows that the so-called nature of the devil race is actually controllable, just like the demons and humans. The violent side of the devils is simply magnified by the harsh environment…”

Lu Yaoyao clapped her hands and exclaimed sweetly, “I believe that the Devil Race will only be getting better and better under your great leadership, Daddy! By moving toward peace and prosperity, the future Devil Realm will definitely become the same as the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm… no! It must be even better! The model of a prosperous world!”

Lu Qingyu: “…” No matter how extravagant the boast was, he wouldn’t be fooled.

Lu Qingyu thought for a while and decided to temporarily push this matter aside. His daughter was still young, and he had enough time to straighten her crooked view. For the time being, he planned to teach her about the more practical rules of the Devil Realm first.

It could be seen that Yao Jiuxiao’s education was extremely successful. Every time Lu Qingyu tried to ‘correct’ her, Lu Yaoyao would refute with reason and evidence, even lecturing him back.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Seeing her Daddy treating lives so lightly, Lu Yaoyao sighed in melancholy. Tsk, this stinky Daddy didn’t take the bait! What to do? She already had subordinates on her own, so should she try from them? …No, any changes would be meaningless if she didn’t eliminate the root cause. She must find a way to convince Daddy first, and he would definitely change his mind after seeing the tangible effects!

However, before Lu Yaoyao could think of a good idea, she was promptly brought back to the palace by Lu Qingyu and was taken to a secret room full of black aura.

Lu Yaoyao sat on the ice bed covered with dark mist and looked at Lu Qingyu in puzzlement. “Daddy, where are we?”

“This is Daddy’s cultivation place.”

After thinking about it, Lu Qingyu finally came to a conclusion. His daughter didn’t have a shred of the devil nature surely because her half of devil blood was sealed. Now that she had returned to the Devil Realm, her devil blood should no longer be hidden, and it was time for her to cultivate both the way of the Dao and the way of the devil.

“You are a devil. You should start practicing the way of devil cultivation.”

“Didn’t I cultivate before?” Lu Yaoyao was curious.

“Not suitable for you.” As Lu Qingyu spoke, he touched Lu Yaoyao’s wrist with his fingertips, revealing a glowing circular pattern.

Lu Yaoyao widened her eyes in surprise. What’s this?


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