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DDDV Ch 101 Part 2 – Core Forming (II)

Regardless of human, demon, or devil, pursuing the great dao and seeking longevity by means of cultivating was against heaven and was not tolerated by the world. The thunder tribulation that came every time a cultivator advanced to the next realm was the punishment for their deviance against heaven.

The thunder tribulation for the human race was already very difficult, but it was even harsher for the demon race. As for the devil race, their heavy killings attracted the heaviest form of thunder tribulation, which difficulty only rose exponentially with the cultivation base.

For this reason, the devil race had the lowest probability of passing tribulations compared to the other races, but it also meant they gained the biggest benefits if they succeeded. Therefore, under normal circumstances and equal cultivation bases, devils were generally stronger than humans and demons.

Of course, there were exceptions in everything. For example, even as a youth, Yao Jiuxiao was already famous as a freak who could slash demons and devils across cultivation bases.

Now, let’s return to the topic. The bystanders were all shocked to see such gentle thunders. Could it be that the tribulation was so easy now?

Observing the situation, someone who had been able to usher the tribulation for a considerable period of time but had suppressed their cultivation base due to lack of confidence hastily fled to a secure location and prepared to face their own tribulation. However, the thunder that descended was unusually fierce and continued to increase in intensity with each passing moment. Halfway through the eighty-one thunderbolts, the devil could no longer withstand it and was ultimately struck down.

Witnessing this, other devils who had also intended to undergo the tribulation were secretly relieved that they had hesitated and let someone else become the test subject. Nevertheless, they were left puzzled as to why Her Highness’s tribulation was so unique. Such a preference only appeared in the legends surrounding the human race’s favored sons of heaven, but never among the devils.

Despite the commotion outside, the palace remained undisturbed. Lu Yaoyao herself was taken aback by the sudden formation of a core after she had seriously cultivated for only half a month. Unlike her past breakthroughs, which occurred without her realizing them, this was her first time consciously facing a thunder tribulation.

Confronted with such a big challenge, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but feel nervous. But when the enormous thunderbolts finally struck, she was surprised to find no pain. Instead, she felt a pleasant tingling sensation akin to a massage.

Upon the completion of the eighty-one thunderbolts, Lu Yaoyao remained unsatisfied, yearning for several dozen more to strike.

Following a successful tribulation was a reward from the heavenly dao. Lu Yaoyao felt the pores in her body opened, inviting the rich aura carried by the thunder into her body, making her feel rejuvenated and lighter like never before.

After being tempered by the thunder tribulation, Lu Yaoyao’s body was significantly stronger. She tried moving her limbs several times, then quickly returned to the meditating pose. She closed her eyes and began to stabilize her new cultivation base.

Inside her dantian, two cores, one devil and one golden, had been shaped.

During Lu Yaoyao’s tribulation, Lu Qingyu stood just outside the thunderbolts’ range. As he watched the clouds disperse, his lips curled up into a proud smile.

This smooth journey was brought by his daughter’s dao and devil physique, proof of a proud daughter of heaven.

One day, her achievements would surpass him!

The black devil core and the glittering golden core revolved inside Lu Yaoyao’s dantian, existing in harmony without interfering with one another. After a while, the black sphere disappeared, leaving only the golden-colored orb that quietly stayed in the dantian.

Discovering that she had formed two cores simultaneously, Lu Yaoyao was taken aback. Once her realm had stabilized, she could no longer contain her excitement and hastily leaped down from the ice bed before running out.

As soon as she caught sight of Lu Qingyu, she immediately rushed toward him and collided into his arms.

Lu Qingyu lifted the little girl.

“Daddy, I have formed the core!”

Lu Qingyu smiled with satisfaction, “Yaoyao is really amazing! As expected of my daughter.”

Lu Yaoyao shook her head triumphantly and hurriedly told Lu Qingyu what she had discovered, “Daddy, two cores appeared in my dantian! The devil core only appeared for a while before disappearing again.” Her voice was tinged with worry. Could it be that something had gone wrong with her cultivation? She wasn’t even aware that a devil core could be formed along with a golden core. Wasn’t devil aura supposed to be incompatible with spiritual aura?

Lu Qingyu was not surprised. He patted Lu Yaoyao’s head reassuringly, “It’s okay. You have the physique of the dao and devil, so it’s normal for you to have a devil core and a golden core.

Lu Yaoyao blinked puzzledly: “What is the physique of the dao and devil?”

Lu Qingyu patiently explained: “It means that you can cultivate both the devil and the dao way at the same time.”

Lu Yaoyao’s excitement grew again. She had a special physique! She knew that people with special physiques, such as pure yang or a pure yin body, were very rare!

Lu Yaoyao then rolled her eyes secretly. She knew it; her father must be a human race! Otherwise, how could she able to cultivate the dao way in addition to the devil way? Only humans could cultivate the dao!

Moreover, if her father was also a devil cultivator, he would definitely go to any lengths to see her, even if the devil palace where she lived was heavily guarded. With Daddy’s unwillingness to suffer any losses, it was possible that they lived in the demon realm previously because neither of them was willing to back off, leaving them with no choice but to compromise by choosing a place where neither had the advantage.

Now came the question: Who is Father? Father was a human cultivator, capable of fighting on par with Daddy, which meant they had a similar cultivation base. In that case, Father’s identity could only be one: Dao Venerable Hengwu!

So, Father was from Guiyuan Sect!

Very pleased with her clever deduction, Lu Yaoyao almost laughed out loud. She recalled all the stories about Guiyuan Sect that her father told her before and snickered in secret.

She could guess it. How smart!

It happened that she also needed to go to Guiyuan Sect, so she could find Father by the way!

With this in mind, Lu Yaoyao turned her attention to Lu Qingyu again and used her sweet tongue, “Daddy, I have formed the core. Do you have any reward for your hardworking and talented daughter?”

Lu Qingyu was in a good mood, so he casually responded as he walked out with Lu Yaoyao in his arms, “What reward do you want?”

“I want to see Father. Daddy, let’s go to see him? I haven’t seen him for a long time, and I miss him so much… Father doesn’t even know I have formed cores!”

Lu Qingyu’s expression instantly darkened, “You don’t feel enough having me?”

“Daddy and Father are different. You two are the most important to me. I want Daddy, and I also want Father…” Lu Yaoyao rubbed herself against Lu Qingyu’s chest. After hesitating for a while, she reluctantly added: “Or…I can go by myself.”


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