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DDDV Ch 102 Part 1 – You Bought Me, So I am Yours (I)

“Yay! I’m free at last!” Lu Yaoyao exclaimed as she exited the retreat. Overwhelmed with excitement, she began to hop around. When she looked back, she found no figure of Daddy, which meant she had succeeded in her escape.

Unable to wait any longer, Lu Yaoyao quickly dashed away. She was now in the Devil Core stage! Knowing that Yaqing was always following around, Lu Yaoyao was even more fearless and didn’t call for maids or other guards as she slipped out of the palace and ran to the city.

The servants who saw her running over didn’t dare to go to His Venerable to report her, so Lu Yaoyao’s escape went very smoothly. As she reached the downtown, the market was still the same as she remembered, neither deserted nor lively, so she took her pace and strolled around leisurely.

Lu Yaoyao walked from stall to stall, eager to find novel things. Unfortunately, most of the ware was dusty and looked unattractive. Lu Yaoyao only took a glance and immediately lost interest.

“Little girl, do you want to take a look? I have a lot of rare artifacts here. You can’t find them anywhere else.” A seller whose head was covered in a hood suddenly called over. The man’s voice was hoarse and a little unpleasant, but his words successfully attracted Lu Yaoyao’s curiosity.

She turned around, walked over, and squatted down curiously, “What makes them rare?”

“This is the material for refining equipment, very rare. No second piece of such meteorite iron exists in the entire Devil Realm…”

“This is the bone pagoda, a high-grade weapon suitable to suppress devil beasts…”

None of them piqued Lu Yaoyao’s interest. She had seen countless priceless materials and artifacts in her own private store, so these ordinary items could no longer enter her eyes. She felt unhappy inside. This seller was obviously exaggerating. He must see her as an ignorant cub and try to swindle her!

The seller continued introducing his ware. Finally, he took out a piece of black jade, “This jade pendant is called a concealment pendant, another top-grade magic weapon. If you wear it on your body, no one can detect your presence nearby, not even a Great Ascension cultivator.”

Lu Yaoyao’s spirit instantly lifted, “So amazing?” Wasn’t this what she needed the most? With this jade pendant, it would be more convenient for her to sneak out behind Daddy’s back!

“Of course! This humble one does not lie!”

Lu Yaoyao observed carefully and found that this jade pendant had a strong aura, making it very conspicuous among many low-level instruments. In fact, the amount of aura contained in the pendant was even more abundant than some of the things Lu Qingyu gave her, so regardless of the authenticity of its effect, Lu Yaoyao still decided to buy it.

She was secretly excited inside. Did she pick up a great bargain today?

Lu Yaoyao kept her expression in check as she solemnly asked, “How much is your asking price?”

The seller smelled a big business and quickly replied with a smile, “This humble one brought this thing back from a dangerous secret realm after countless brushes with death. If it weren’t for a sudden need for money, this humble one wouldn’t want to sell it…” The seller went on and on. After a while, he finally stated the price, “One hundred top-grade devil stones!”

Lu Yaoyao calculated inside. She had never brought artifacts before, so she didn’t know if the price was low or expensive. Still, when she recalled the mountainous piles of top-grade devil stones left unattended in her private store, she felt that the price was not high.

The seller interpreted the little girl’s silence as hesitancy due to the high price. It was rare to encounter a high-ranking devil child who ventured out to play alone, so he quickly added, “If you’re interested, this humble one can let it go for ninety top-grade devil stones! But it cannot go any cheaper. Even at this price, I am already selling it at a loss…”

Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes. She was sure that this person was unaware of the true value of this magic artifact and was now trying to fool her. If she bargained hard, she would definitely be able to negotiate an even lower price.

But when she looked at the jade pendant again, she thought that the price was already very cheap, so she didn’t bargain, “Alright. Ninety top-grade devil stones, I buy it!”

Lu Yaoyao took the jade pendant and held it in her hand. She then patted her small pouch and realized that she didn’t carry magic stones with her.

“Yaqing.” Lu Yaoyao called softly. The next moment, a tall figure suddenly appeared beside her.

“I didn’t bring magic stones. Do you have it?” She looked up and asked.

Yaqing nodded and paid for the item without waiting for Lu Yaoyao’s instruction. After the seller confirmed the contents of the bag, he expressed his gratitude, “Thank you for your patronage!”

Grasping the jade pendant, Lu Yaoyao beamed and said to Yaqing, “I’ll give the money back to you once we return.”

“Sharing Your Highness’ worries is this subordinate’s duty.”

“I won’t take advantage of you!” Lu Yaoyao waved her hand. She left the stall and continued her leisurely stroll. Feeling excited about the bargain she had just found, she became more attentive to what was being sold in other stalls. She also told Yaqing to stay visible by her side, “I will borrow your devil stones to pay for my shopping first, and I will repay you once we go back.”

Lu Yaoyao wanted to bring a souvenir back for her Daddy, so he wouldn’t punish her when he found she had sneaked out.

…speaking of souvenirs, she finally remembered the flower crown she had made ages ago, still tucked neatly inside her storage pouch.

Lu Yaoyao visited several other stalls and bought a few good items that caught her sharp eyes. Before she knew it, she had wandered to a relatively remote place bustling with loud noises. At first, Lu Yaoyao thought she had encountered another battle arena, but upon second glance, she found this was not the case, so she asked, “Yaqing, what place is that?”

“Replying to Your Highness. This is the market where devil servants are bought and sold.”

A market where devil servants were bought and sold?

Lu Yaoyao blinked, “Yaqing…”

Yaqing said in a deep voice: “Your Highness, many low-level devils are eager to enter a large clan or sect, even as a bought servant.”


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