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DDDV Ch 103 Part 2 – Someone Is Trying to Drive a Wedge Between Her and Daddy! (II)

“Reporting to Your Venerable, this person was already dead when this subordinate found him.”

Lu Yaoyao was disappointed. Did it mean that the clue was cut off?

Lu Qingyu remained silent. After a while, a group of guards came in, dragging several injured and bound women in tow, “Reporting to Your Venerable. The identity of the woman who broke into the cultivation chamber has been discovered. These are the people who have a close relationship with her.”

The bound women shivered and knelt on the ground, too scared to speak. But when their terrified eyes caught the sight of the Little Princess next to His Venerable, they seemed to have seen a savior, “Your Highness, please save us! It has nothing to do with us!”

“Your Highness…”

Sitting next to Lu Qingyu, Lu Yaoyao looked at the panic-stricken and pale-faced women, realizing they were all familiar faces who served in the palace. Discovering the existence of hidden dangers around her Daddy, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t feel at ease. She pressed her chubby face and said in a serious tone, “Wait until the truth is revealed. If you are innocent, nothing will happen to you.”

But the women still looked despaired. Knowing His Venerable, he would still sentence them to death regardless of their innocence!

Lu Qingyu’s lips curled up in satisfaction. Of course, his daughter must be partial to him.

“Investigate thoroughly.” He ordered in a cold voice.

The guards bowed in response and promptly dragged the women away. The fury of the Devil Venerable brought fear and terror to the entire devil palace. Before long, the guards were able to swiftly identify and capture the mastermind behind the scene.

The three grand elders were summoned into the palace and were currently standing in the main hall.

In the middle of the hall, a beautiful woman was kneeling tremblingly.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. She recognized this woman, whom she remembered to be under Elder Chijia of the Hehuan Sect. It seemed she was also an elder… was she the culprit?

Mei Ji knelt on the ground, unable to understand how she was exposed. She had formulated such a meticulous plan and was careful in cleaning her traces, yet she was dragged out merely hours after the incident. Not only that, even all the spies she had spent five hundred years to insert into the devil palace were also discovered and were now kneeling behind her.

On the one hand, Mei Ji was not reconciled, but on the other hand, she was even more fascinated by such a powerful Venerable.

That was the man she was obsessed with…

As Lu Yaoyao examined closely, she noticed the jealousy and unwillingness in Mei Ji’s eyes. Lu Yaoyao stroked her chubby chin and fell into contemplation. It turned out that this was Daddy’s rotten peach blossom1! This woman wanted to be her stepmother, but instead of trying to establish a good relationship with her, she wanted to get rid of her!

It seemed that she had been in the Devil Realm long enough for people to understand her character. Just because she didn’t behave like a typical devil, someone tried to use her ‘weakness’ to cause trouble.

Unfortunately, this woman didn’t know there was a difference between kindness. She, Lu Yaoyao, wasn’t a saint, and wouldn’t foolishly forgive those who tried to harm her and her loved ones.

Among the three elders, Chijia Lan’s complexion was the ugliest. She never expected that her subordinates were scheming behind her back!

Swallowing her anger, Chijia Lan stepped forward, “Your Venerable,” she spoke up, “it was my lack of strict discipline and failure to see through my subordinates that led to this situation. I, Lan, am willing to make amends for my error.”

Lu Qingyu’s expression was flat, “You’re getting old, and now it seems you have been so blind that you can’t even see the people around you clearly. Should This Venerable give you a new pair of eyes?”

“…” Chijia Lan remained silent. If another person dared to speak like that to her, the grass on their grave would have been several meters tall by this point. Unfortunately, not only was she not a match for the speaker, but this matter was also her fault, so Chijia Lan could only swallow her dissatisfaction in silence.

Lu Yaoyao blinked and turned to look at Lu Qingyu. It was the first time she saw Daddy speak so viciously!

She then looked at Chijia Lan, pondering. Although this sister didn’t look much younger or older than Daddy, she must be at least over a thousand years too. Old enough, indeed.

Mei Ji was still unwilling to admit defeat. She looked up at Lu Qingyu and pleaded, “Your Venerable, for the sake of Mei Ji’s sincerity and loyalty to you, please forgive Mei Ji this time. Mei Ji knows her mistakes and swears that she will serve Her Highness faithfully in the future.”

Lu Qingyu was too disdained to even look at her. He turned to Lu Yaoyao and asked, “How do you want to vent your anger?”

Mei Ji’s eyes lit up, and she looked at Lu Yaoyao, “Your Highness, Mei Ji knows her wrongs. Mei Ji just went astray because of love. You are also a woman; surely you will understand Mei Ji?”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “I’m still a cub.” Using the name of ‘love’ to hurt others, this kind of selfish love was something she could not, nor did she want to, understand.

“I remember we have a place to punish devils who have done wrong things,” Lu Yaoyao said to Lu Qingyu.

“Yes.” Lu Qingyu replied softly, “The Devil Sect has a punishment hall where those who make mistakes are punished.”

With a serious look on her chubby face, Lu Yaoyao said, “Then we’ll follow the rules of the Devil Sect and send them to the punishment hall. Whatever their crime is, they should be punished accordingly.”

Lu Qingyu smiled brightly, “Okay, let’s do as Yaoyao said.”

The First Elder was in charge of the punishment hall. Hearing this, he also smiled and said: “Your Highness, please rest assured. This old subordinate will definitely give them just sentences.”

Lu Yaoyao responded in her childish voice, “I will leave it to First Elder.”

All the people involved in the incident suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Lu Qingyu held Lu Yaoyao’s hand, “Let’s go back.”

The two left the hall and walked back to their palace. On the way, the guards and maids knelt down as they passed by, full of reverence. The maids, upon seeing Her Highness’s kindness, had subconsciously relaxed their attitudes to her, but this incident had filled them with renewed awe.

Her Highness was indeed their princess. No matter how kind, she was still the child of His Venerable.

How could she truly be soft and kindhearted?

Kindness was not a good word in the Devil Realm. Following this incident, the palace personnel became more respectful of Lu Yaoyao.


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