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DDDV Ch 103 Part 3 – Someone Is Trying to Drive a Wedge Between Her and Daddy! (III)

Lu Yaoyao wasn’t aware of the impact she had created. In her view, being punished according to the degree of crime committed was just natural, and entering the punishment hall was a much better ending than being killed directly by her Daddy. In any case, entering the punishment hall still gave the offenders a chance to live, and she also didn’t want her Daddy’s hands stained with unnecessary blood.

But Lu Yaoyao didn’t know that people of the Devil Sect would rather be killed instantly by His Venerable rather than receive torture in the punishment hall.

Lu Yaoyao and Lu Qingyu returned to their room. With no one else around, Lu Yaoyao earnestly began to re-educate Lu Qingyu. She sat on the couch, struggling to cross her chubby legs, but her short and plump legs were too short to cross, so she just sat with them straight with Lu Qingyu sitting across from her.

“…Only those with heavy enough crimes should be killed. It is wrong to kill innocent people indiscriminately. If someone’s crimes do not warrant death, we must give them a chance to redeem themselves…” Lu Yaoyao relentlessly lectured, causing Lu Qingyu to go cross-eyed and lost in thought.

Had he known that Yao Jiuxiao’s education would bring such trouble, he would have reshaped the child’s worldview early on, even if he had to use force.

He wanted to turn his daughter into a qualified devil, but the child was now educating him in turn?

Lu Yaoyao noticed Lu Qingyu was spacing out. Raising her eyebrows, she tapped the table in dissatisfaction, “Daddy, I am talking to you. Don’t be distracted.”

“Listening, Daddy’s listening,” said Lu Qingyu perfunctorily.

“Listening is not enough. You must also internalize my words and use them to discipline yourself. The path to the Dao is filled with challenges and hardships. You must work hard, not only to improve your strength but also to not create obstacles for yourself. Cultivation pays great attention to cause and effect. The more harm you cause, the harder it is to achieve the Dao. In case heaven enacts punishment for your transgression, can you endure it?”

Seeing Lu Qingyu’s dismissive look, the vexed Lu Yaoyao decided to give him a heavy stimulation, “Maybe Father and I will cultivate the Dao in the future and successfully ascend. But if Daddy cannot ascend because of your heavy killings, then you will be the only one left behind…”

“!!!” Lu Qingyu sat up straight suddenly, “How is it possible? Daddy will definitely be able to ascend!” Letting Yao Jiuxiao monopolize his daughter? Dream on!

Lu Yaoyao gave him a meaningful stare.

Lu Qingyu reluctantly said: “Okay, Daddy listens to Yaoyao. Daddy will be careful in the future and never kill innocent people indiscriminately.”

Lu Yaoyao stood up and grabbed Lu Qingyu’s hands, “Daddy is right. Our family must be together forever,” she said comfortingly.

“The mistakes made in the past can no longer be corrected, so we have to work hard to make up for it by doing more good deeds…” Before Lu Yaoyao finished speaking, Lu Qingyu stretched out his slender hand and tapped her forehead, “Kid, don’t push your luck too far. Where have you ever seen a devil who does good deeds?”

Lu Yaoyao said innocently, “If we set a good example, those beneath us will surely follow. So why not start doing good deeds ourselves?”

Lu Qingyu laughed at her innocence, “Impossible. Devils do not have it in them to do anything good. Their nature lies in the killing, plundering, and bloodthirstiness.”

“How do you know it won’t work if we never try it?”

“Okay, let’s stop talking about it.” Lu Qingyu changed the subject, “Didn’t you have fun playing today? Have something you want to give to Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao puffed up and sat back angrily: “No.”

Lu Qingyu squinted, “Since this is the case, let’s talk about you sneaking out during your retreat…”

Lu Yaoyao jerked forward and swiftly stuck to him, “Of course not! How could I forget to get you gifts, Daddy? I’ve bought plenty, all for you!” She said sweetly.

Lu Yaoyao took out the items she bought from the market today: a shell, a bracelet, and a black bead.

“Just these?” There was no aura inside, and these things couldn’t even be categorized as low-level magic weapons. Could it be that this kid had been deceived?

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes shone with sincerity. “Yes, I bought them specifically for Daddy!” She had picked out three items with at least two identical pieces each. Since she was giving them to Daddy, she couldn’t forget about Father’s share. She was a fair little cub!

“Oh? Not bad.” The corners of Lu Qingyu’s lips raised, enjoying his daughter’s filial piety.

“There’s more!” Lu Yaoyao stepped on the low table and conjured up a flower crown with her chubby hands. The striking big red flowers were eye-catching. She tiptoed, put the flower crown on Lu Qingyu’s head, and proudly crossed her arms. “I made this flower crown myself!”

“This is the flower I planted in Abyss — I named it the Manzhusha flower. I originally picked it in the wasteland. I didn’t expect the flower to grow so well in Abyss, even better than in its natural habitat…”

Lu Qingyu was very satisfied when he heard the name chosen by Lu Yaoyao. Manzhu — that was the name he wanted to give his daughter back then.

Being in a good mood, Lu Qingyu showed no resistance to the girlish flower crown on his head.

What a beautiful red! Lu Yaoyao cheered. The big red flowers on Daddy’s head accentuated his handsome countenance, making him even more beautiful than the flowers, “Daddy, you are so handsome!” Lu Yaoyao took out her own little crown and put it on, then circled around happily, “I’m pretty too!”

Lu Qingyu laughed. “Can this thing grow in the devil realm? Let’s try planting some in the palace.” Manzhusha flower, what a good name. This thing was the most suitable to be planted in his palace.

Lu Yaoyao nodded cheerfully, “Nice idea, Daddy!”

The father and daughter wasted no time and dove straight into the garden. There were no extra plants in Lu Yaoyao’s pouch, so she had to take apart her flower crown and use it for planting.

As for Lu Qingyu, he couldn’t bear to destroy his. This crown was made personally by his daughter.

Before Lu Yaoyao had time to see the result of the experiment, she was dragged away by Lu Qingyu to continue retreating into the cultivation chamber. Lu Qingyu couldn’t wait to surpass Yao Jiuxiao and remove the seal, while the girl herself had just formed her cores and needed to consolidate her cultivation base.

As a result, Lu Yaoyao, who lacked the patience to sit still and meditate days and nights, had increasingly polished her sneaking skill.


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