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DDDV Ch 109 Part 1 – Is His Venerable Going to Have a Dao Couple? (I)

The scattered pieces of the table flew in all directions. The crowd hurriedly reacted, stepping back just in time to avoid being hit. As all eyes turned towards the commotion, the bustling hall suddenly fell silent, “What the hell?!” One of them shouted. Which madman destroys a table for no reason?!

“Damn you!” The girl in the pink dress who had just sliced the table descended the stairs, glaring angrily at the crowd.

“We didn’t offend you…”

“You are spreading false rumors!” The girl shouted in rage, “How dare you innusiate that His Venerable has something to do with the female cultivator of the Medicine Sect!”

“We are just talking in private. It has nothing to do with spreading rumors.” Being scolded by a girl in public, the young cultivators’ faces turned red. They didn’t wantonly spread rumors and merely exchanged speculations with close friends in private. They felt petty arguing over something like this but were also upset for being accused of something they didn’t do.

“Only Fairy Yunsi of the Biyun Sect is a match for His Venerable! If you keep blabbering nonsense, don’t blame me for taking action!”

The onlookers gave the clamoring girl a strange look. It was common knowledge that His Venerable never paid attention to any female cultivator, including the famous Fairy Yunsi.

“Shuang’er, don’t talk nonsense.” A melodious and soft voice rang, and a female cultivator draped in a flowing turquoise dress and a gauzed veil covering half of her face descended the stairs. Her graceful figure and a pair of beautiful, mesmerizing eyes instantly captivated the onlookers.

“Fairy Yunsi!”

“It’s Fairy Yunsi!”

A commotion suddenly broke out. Fairy Yunsi from the Biyun Sect was the famous number one beauty in the Cultivation Realm.

Fifty years ago, Fairy Yunsi accompanied her sect leader on a visit to the Guiyuan Sect and fell in love at first sight with Dao Venerable Hengwu. Her youthful heart was stirred with the first love, and her feelings could not be concealed. Soon, her love became an open secret, and Biyun Sect attempted to arrange a marriage with the Guiyuan Sec. Unfortunately, they were rejected by Dao Venerable Hengwu, who cited their age difference as the reason.

Upon receiving the rejection, Fairy Yunsi was heartbroken. She was a cultivator of the water spirit root, extraordinarily talented and beautiful. Naturally, she had countless admirers and suitors. Nevertheless, she announced her intention to focus on her cultivation and rejected any marriage proposal. But everyone knew this was just an excuse and that Fairy Yunsi had been waiting for His Venerable to eventually change his mind. When rumors circulated that he was planning to become a Dao couple with someone else, Fairy Yunsi seemed unable to sit still any longer.

Fairy Yunsi glanced coldly at the crowd below, “Discussing the private affairs of the Dao Venerable. The disciples of Wuji Sect seem very capable.”

The young cultivators blushed again, but they didn’t dare to confront the famous Fairy Yunsi. “Absurd!” One of them muttered in anger as they hastily left the scene.

The girl in pink, Mo Shuang’er, was still aggrieved. She turned around and walked up to the second floor to Fairy Yunsi, “Sister Yunsi, you are too kind. Those guys dare to be so impudent. I think we should cut their tongues off!”

“Alright, you need to calm down and stop being too impulsive. After all, we’re all fellow cultivators, so we should strive to maintain harmony.” Fairy Yunsi’s soft voice was tinged with a hint of helplessness as she gently advised Mo Shuang’er.

She defended Mo Shuang’er in front of outsiders, but she didn’t condone the girl’s impulsive behavior, “Don’t do this again next time. People are free to talk whatever they like in private.”

“But their remarks make you sad.” Mo Shuang’er stomped her feet, “Sister Yunsi, don’t worry. After we arrive at Guiyuan Sect, His Venerable must give you an explanation!”

Fairy Yunsi frowned: “Shuang’er, I have nothing to do with His Venerable. He has no responsibility to give me any explanation. It’s just… I just want to see it with my own eyes…” Her voice trailed off with helplessness. How could she have something to do with that person? He was someone so far beyond her reach, and everything was just her wishful thinking. Still, despite being aware that she was not worthy, she kept trying her best to catch up with him. She thought she had let go of her attachment, but the rumors brought her here once again.

Fairy Yunsi slowly gazed around. On the way, she had seen female cultivators from other sects. She knew they were also admirers of His Venerable and, just like her, couldn’t help but come after hearing the rumors.

There would be no waves without wind. For such rumors to spread, someone special must have appeared by His Venerable’s side…

Fairy Yunsi lowered her eyes and slowly collected herself. Suppressing her complicated mood, she turned around and entered a private room, “I will send you back if you cannot control your temper.”

Mo Shuang’er chased after her, “Sister Yunsi, I won’t talk nonsense anymore. Don’t drive me away…”

After the figure of Fairy Yunsi disappeared on the second floor, the onlookers returned to their senses.

“Fairy Yunsi is here too!”

“Is the rumor true?”

Disciples of other sects and wandering cultivators alike immediately cast their eyes on the guests wearing the Guiyuan Sect uniforms. Their gazes were very intense, so much that even the ordinary outer sect disciples felt their scalps start to tingle.

Suddenly feeling a bad premonition, they hurriedly stood up and were about to leave but were quickly surrounded by the enthusiastic crowd.

“Excuse me, Fellow Daoist…”

“Oh, hey! Do you remember me? I am…”


Guiyuan Sect disciples: “…”

Don’t ask them, please! They didn’t know if Dao Venerable was getting married or not. Even their sect leader had no idea!

They were just ordinary outer disciples!


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  1. At least Fairy Yunsi doesn’t seem that bad at this point. When she let her fellow cultivator first cause a ruckus before saying anything, I thought she was a fake white lotus only pretending to be gentle and considerate, but it seems her personality is a bit better than that. Hopefully it’ll remain that way even after she learns the man she loves has a daughter.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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