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DDDV Ch 11 – Let’s Shave Her Hair

“Yao Jiuxiao, come and take a look. My daughter has grown teeth.” Lu Qingyu didn’t have it enough after looking, so he waved his hand and called Yao Jiuxiao over.

Yao Jiuxiao came over and took a closer look.

Actually, the few white teeth had been visible a few days earlier, but her two fathers were sloppy and didn’t notice, especially Lu Qingyu, who always disliked Lu Yaoyao’s drooling. When they finally noticed, both the upper and lower front teeth had already looked a bit sharp.

Lu Qingyu touched the teeth again. After a moment of happiness, he began to worry: “Can such fragile teeth bite prey?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was as calm as usual, “They will grow.”

Lu Yaoyao’s small mouth was still pried open. Her black and round eyes were looking at Beautiful Daddy, then at Beautiful Father. She turned back and forth between them. Her eyes were sparkling, and she looked very lively and charming.

Beautiful Daddy was still pinching her cheeks while discussing her teeth with Beautiful Father. She couldn’t help shaking her small head and used her chubby hand to try to get rid of the large fingers on her face.

“Ah, ah!” Stop it, don’t you see her saliva is drooling?

Lu Yaoyao pushed Beautiful Daddy’s hand away with a great effort and finally closed her small mouth.

“Should we roast today’s meat to train Zhu’er’s tooth?” Lu Qingyu thought for a while and suggested. His daughter’s teeth were so small and weak that they needed to be strengthened.

Yao Jiuxiao thought it made sense, “Okay.”

Lu Yaoyao recalled her Father’s roasting skill and instantly panicked: “Ah, ah, ah, ah!!!” No, I don’t eat meat!

But things didn’t depend on Lu Yaoyao’s will. Yao Jiuxiao quickly went out and hunted a new prey. Then, in front of Lu Yaoyao’s gradually horrified eyes, a tragically killed monster beast was roasted into charcoal.

Lu Yaoyao cried very hard. She would rather drink that terrible black-purple broth than eating this meat! The meat Father roasted was so terrible!

No matter how ignorant Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu were, they could see that the child didn’t like to eat meat, so they didn’t force her.

Lu Yaoyao escaped the catastrophe and drank her usual spiritual milk with lingering fear and shock.

Lu Qingyu suddenly touched the top of Lu Yaoyao’s head and said: “Zhu’er’s hair has become quite long.”

When Lu Yaoyao was born, there was thick and soft fetal hair on her head. The hair was short enough that they hadn’t bothered to do something with it. But now, it had grown, and a large section was long enough to even cover her eyes.

Lu Yaoyao stared at Beautiful Daddy and babbled in agreement. Her hair was indeed very long, and she wanted to tie her hair up like her Father.

Lu Qingyu glanced at Yao Jiuxiao and smirked: “You should tie Zhu’er’s hair.”

“Ah!” Yes! Lu Yaoyao looked at Father and clapped her hands happily.

Yao Jiuxiao slowly frowned. He could tie his own hair, but never did it for others. On top of that, the child’s hair was not long enough to be properly tied up. However, they indeed couldn’t just let it like this.

Yao Jiuxiao took out a red elastic rope from his grotto-space and carefully gathered Lu Yaoyao’s hair.

Seeing that Beautiful Father was going to tie her hair, Lu Yaoyao was very happy and cooperated well-behavedly. She sat on Beautiful Daddy’s lap and leaned her little head towards Beautiful Father. Her chubby face was raised, showing a toothy smile.

Father, I want a beautiful hairstyle!

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression was full of tension as he focused all his attention on this delicate task. When he was about to twist Lu Yaoyao’s hair into a small bun, he was not careful enough and accidentally pulled a bit too strong.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt a pain on her scalp, “…”

“Whaaaaa!” She cried. It hurts!

Lu Qingyu immediately said: “Look what you are doing. You are too clumsy and make Zhu’er cry again. Don’t you know how to do it gently?”

Yao Jiuxiao glanced down at the little child who was crying with her eyes closed and fell into silence.

Lu Yaoyao cried for a while, but when the pain on her scalp eased, she instantly stopped crying and leaned towards her father again, wanting him to continue.

She is going to be a pretty little girl.

Yao Jiuxiao was more cautious this time, but he still hurt Lu Yaoyao again, and she cried for a while. This cycle was repeated another three times. In the end, it took almost one hour for Lu Yaoyao’s hair to finally get tied up into two crooked little buns.

Teardrops still hung on Lu Yaoyao’s eyelashes, but she smiled very happily as she touched the two little buns on her head with her chubby hands.

She proudly showed off to her two fathers.

Daddy, look! Father tied her hair up!

Lu Qingyu touched two small buns, “So ugly.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

“Ahhhhhh!” Lu Yaoyao immediately became furious and flapped at Lu Qingyu like an angry little bird.

How can you say ugly to a girl? Even if you are a Beautiful Daddy, it is still unforgivable!

Lu Qingyu pinched Lu Yaoyao’s cheek, “What? Do you refuse to accept the truth?”

“Ahhhhhh!” Yes!

Lu Yaoyao rushed to fight with Beautiful Daddy for 300 rounds, and finally fell asleep in exhaustion.

Lu Qingyu’s clothes were made messy by the child’s tantrum. He looked at the two small buns that had become even uglier and seriously suggested: “Why don’t we shave Zhu’er’s hair? Otherwise, she will cry three or four times a day.”

“She is just a newborn cub anyway. She won’t understand the difference.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “… ” Shu’er didn’t seem to be ignorant of her appearance.

However, Yao Jiuxiao also didn’t know how to tie a girl’s hair. Just making two simple buns made her cry so many times. What if she cried even more later?

He suddenly felt that Lu Qingyu’s idea was not bad.

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Translator’s note:

These two fathers really like to add troubles to themselves….

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  1. What’s the use of beauty if these two beautiful creatures only makes our cute lil bun cry😩

  2. Panacea Seer

    Oh god these two idiot bachelors for life are going to traumatize the little bun

  3. Hetbasile CF

    Send the book “Parenting for dummies” as a gift for our two daddies, note. 😉

  4. To be fair Chinese people do sometimes shave a baby’s head at the 100 day mark. It’s just that normally it’s to encourage it to grow back thicker, not because they cant deal with a child’s hair

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