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DDDV Ch 12 Part 2 – Life is Gloomy (II)

Lu Yaoyao was very sad. Although she didn’t quite understand why her baldness made her so sad, she was very sad.

She no longer has small hair buns. She is no longer a pretty baby…

Lu Qingyu didn’t have the intention to shirk the responsibility. Although Yao Jiuxiao was the one who took action, it was he who suggested it first. He was also a little anxious seeing the kid like this, and couldn’t wait to see her became lively again.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes lit up, “Let’s take Zhu’er out to play!”

Yao Jiuxiao threw him a glance.

“She always wants to go out to play.”

Usually, they only took the child to walk around within their house’s boundary. There have been many times when she pointed outside and wanted to go out, but they never took her out. Leaving the range of the house meant that they were leaving the first layer of restriction. Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were always on guard against each other. Whenever one of them went out, the other stayed at home with the child, which also limited the child’s range of activities.

If they wanted to take the child out, the three of them had to go out together. Otherwise, if one of them took her out and then secretly contacted his subordinates right after leaving the third layer of restriction barrier, then the one left behind wouldn’t make it in time to chase. Therefore, if a devil or human stepped into the barrier surrounding Duanping Mountain, both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao would immediately notice it. This also prevented both of them to secretly communicate with their respective people.

There was not even a shred of trust between them. In order to guard against each other, they put on various restrictions in all aspects. Even so, the two of them still didn’t give up trying to secretly steal the child away when the other party was off guard. However, this also meant that the child’s freedom was equally restricted.

When Lu Qingyu put forward this suggestion, Yao Jiuxiao’s first reaction was to suspect his hidden motive.

“Let’s go out together.” Lu Qingyu said. If one of them took the child alone, the other party would definitely not be at ease. For this plan to work, the two of them should go at the same time.

Yao Jiuxiao looked at the little dumpling who was still motionless on the couch, then nodded. He stepped forward and plucked the child from the couch. There was an imperceptible coaxing in his usual cold voice: “Let’s go out to play.”

Lu Yaoyao leaned against Beautiful Father’s chest listlessly.

Lu Qingyu followed, teasing Lu Yaoyao to make her babble.

Lu Yaoyao raised her eyes and glanced at Beautiful Daddy, but soon buried her small face again in Beautiful Father’s arm.

Baby is so sad. Baby doesn’t want to talk.

As soon as they walked out of the barrier, the house behind them disappeared from sight. They could see the outside from inside the barrier, but people outside couldn’t see anything inside.

Outside the barrier, the scenery was better. Their site practically had nothing except for a simple wooden house and a lake. Outside, however, the plants and flowers were more luxuriant and varied.

Lu Qingyu softened his voice: “Zhu’er, look at that!” Seeing the child didn’t react, he said again in surprise: “Ah, what a beautiful flower! Red and green…”

Flower? Lu Yaoyao pricked up her ears.

Pretty flower!

Lu Yaoyao’s curiosity was aroused. She turned her head and saw a completely unfamiliar environment. She looked around curiously, and then saw the place Beautiful Daddy pointed at.

On the slope at the foot of the mountain, red flowers and green leaves clustered in bushes. Children naturally loved bright things. The bushes weren’t tall, and the flowers were ordinary, but for Lu Yaoyao, who had never seen flowers after transmigrating, she felt them beautiful and liked it so much.

Yao Jiuxiao brought Lu Yaoyao over to take a closer look. Lu Qingyu plucked a flower and gave it to her. Lu Yaoyao only glanced at it for a while before she soon lost interest and fell listless again.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao looked at each other and continued to walk up the mountain.

Lu Qingyu asked, “What to do next?” The kid didn’t seem to like it very much.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” He didn’t know either.

For the two great ancestors, Cangshan Mountain was a very boring place. Its inhabitant, whether it was monster beasts or demons with spiritual wisdom, were just like small fish in the ocean, weak and insignificant. Moreover, the aura here was barren, and there were no valuable natural resources. Demons with a bit of power looked down on this place.

Cangshan had nothing for Lu Yaoyao to have fun with. Unlike Guiyuan Sect, which was rich in resources, populated with countless disciples, and had many things that the child would feel interesting.

Lu Yaoyao had always wanted to explore the outside world. Now that the chance was finally here, she looked around in curiosity, but didn’t see anything of interest.

The three were walking on the mountain road when the bush in front of them suddenly rustled, and a fat white rabbit that was bigger than Lu Yaoyao jumped out. The rabbit seemed to be startled when it saw them. Its two forelimbs were raised up, and its ruby-like rabbit eyes widened in surprise.

Lu Yaoyao was also surprised. Her big round eyes stared wide at the fat fluffy creature, and a word popped out in her mind: bunny!

What a big bunny!

“Heaven, ah! The two stone demons at the foot of the mountain finally take their little demon out!” A child’s high-pitch voice came from the rabbit’s mouth. The next moment, it turned and quickly jumped away, yelling for everyone to hear.

Lu Yaoyao widened her eyes in surprise.

Bunny can talk!!!


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