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DDDV Ch 126 Part 1 – Library Pavilion (I)

There were no classes today. Lu Yaoyao stayed in her little pavilion and spent time reading. After finishing the last book, she looked around, but Second Senior Brother wasn’t there. One thing she had discovered was that her memory was excellent — perhaps at the same level as photographic memory. In just half a month, she had finally finished reading the thick four-volume set from Ziwen.

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment and then dashed out of the pavilion to find Suqing. “Suqing, I want to go to the Library Pavilion. Can you take me there?”

Suqing naturally had no objections, but still asked, “Little Martial Aunt, why do you want to go to the Library Pavilion?” Having spent over half a month by Lu Yaoyao’s side, Suqing had learned a bit about her. She knew this Little Martial Aunt was an extremely clever child and thus wasn’t worried about her damaging the books. She was simply curious about why Little Martial Aunt suddenly became interested in the Library Pavilion.

“Just want to take a look—” Lu Yaoyao gestured with her hand and then looked up at Suqing. “Is that okay?”

“Sure.” Suqing then led Lu Yaoyao to the Library Pavilion. The Library Pavilion was situated on the main peak, quite far from South Fifth Peak. Guiyuan Sect’s disciples couldn’t fly on swords within the sect’s precinct unless under special circumstances. Fortunately, there were teleportation arrays set up in the squares between the major peaks.

Suqing led Lu Yaoyao to the plaza of South Fifth Peak, and they teleported together to the main peak, then proceeded to the Library Pavilion. Curious, Lu Yaoyao looked around as they went. The main peak was even more magnificent than South Fifth Peak. The spiritual aura was more abundant, and unlike the fields of medicinal plants that she had grown accustomed to, pavilions and towers were nestled here and there, standing tall among the greenery and mist, resembling a fairyland. It was breathtakingly beautiful and dreamy. If Lu Yaoyao had to pick one good thing about this magical world, it must be the ubiquitous scenery. Even in places like the Devil Realm, there were stunning landscapes.

The main peak was also more lively than South Fifth Peak. As Lu Yaoyao followed Suqing for a while, they encountered several disciples walking with swords at their sides. The two walked for about half an hour before they spotted the Library Pavilion. The architecture of the Library Pavilion was tall and pyramid-shaped, with a golden exterior. A prominent plaque with lively dragons and phoenixes hung above the main entrance, extremely conspicuous. The surroundings were serene, with a few disciples moving around in front of the pavilion, creating no noise at all. Lu Yaoyao’s mind seemed to instantly calm upon arrival. Here, people seemed to mind their manner and voice more than usual.

Suqing stopped in front of the pavilion and said to Lu Yaoyao, “Little Martial Aunt, I’ll leave you here. Can I come to pick you up in the evening?”

“I remember the way. I’ll go back on my own. You don’t need to trouble yourself to come over again!” Lu Yaoyao waved her small hand. “I’ll go in first. See you tomorrow!”

Lu Yaoyao turned and walked toward the main door of the pavilion. The Library Pavilion had a registration desk at the entrance, and an elderly man sat on a mahogany chair, looking tranquil. Lu Yaoyao took out her disciple token and placed it on the table by standing on her tiptoes. “Excuse me, Grandpa. I want to enter the Library Pavilion.”

When the old man saw a little girl who was even shorter than the table, he paused for a moment before picking up the token. As he infused it with spiritual aura, the jade token glowed momentarily, displaying its owner’s identity.

—Lu Yaoyao, the fifth personal disciple of elder Mo Liuying of South Fifth Peak, Guiyuan Sect.

The old man returned the token to her, “You must leave by the closing time.”

“Thank you, Grandpa, I understand!” She offered a sweet smile, then proceeded briskly into the Library Pavilion.

With a history spanning over ten thousand years, the Guiyuan Sect had faced cycles of destruction and rebirth. Countless spiritual books and records have faded into history. Nonetheless, the Library Pavilion’s collection remained more extensive than any other sect or clan, bearing the distinction of the foremost sect in the Cultivation Realm. Its entire building encompassed nine floors, each housing considerable space with lofty ceilings.

Following directions, Lu Yaoyao located the section dedicated to the historical anecdotes of the Guiyuan Sect. A myriad of individuals and historical events were meticulously documented here, and Lu Yaoyao methodically perused the scrolls from one thousand to two thousand years ago. Soon, she noticed something wasn’t right. In comparison to records from other time periods, the documents from this particular era were conspicuously scarce. As she turned the pages, she couldn’t shake the feeling that a significant portion of history was missing from this time frame.

If what Senior Brother Zihui said was correct, the sect was nearly annihilated around one thousand years ago. However, there were no clear records of it here—only a few vague notes that stated that something catastrophic had occurred, yet the specifics were hard to discern. Could it be that the catastrophe from back then destroyed the information? But that’s not right. If a major disaster occurred, then records prior to the time should have been badly damaged too. However, the information from other time periods wasn’t as scarce.

Lu Yaoyao frowned, unable to make sense of it. Could it be that this specific event was considered taboo or unspeakable? Standing in front of numerous bookshelves much taller than herself, Lu Yaoyao’s figure looked even more petite than usual. She continued searching high and low, yet she couldn’t find the name Lu Yuandao anywhere. After diligently pouring over scroll after scroll, a small jade slip deep inside a shelf caught her eyes. She opened it, and saw records of the Three Realms’ war four hundred years ago, where Dao Venerable Hengwu established dominance with a single sword stroke.

Suddenly invigorated, Lu Yaoyao tried to find clues within the text that Dao Venerable Hengwu was her father. Yet, after reading through that passage multiple times, she found no proof.

Too short!

Nevertheless, from the narrative, she could perceive the author’s reverence and admiration for Dao Venerable Hengwu, as well as the malice and disdain toward the demon and devil races.

Lu Yaoyao sighed. Sitting rather ungracefully on the floor, she continued to flip through the jade slips, hoping to learn more about Dao Venerable’s deeds.

Only after a while did she realize—

Oh, wait, she was supposed to looking for Lu Yuandao, not her father.

On second thought, she could do both tasks at the same time!

Lu Yaoyao laid the jade slips on the floor before her. She then leaned forward and began immersing herself in the exciting narration of history. In her opinion, the way they wrote historical records in the Cultivation Realm was genuinely fascinating. Even though there were only a few sparse lines, they outlined grand and sweeping events. She had visited the archives in the Devil Palace before, which were simple and disorganized. It wasn’t like Guiyuan Sect’s Library Pavilion, which housed not only detailed records of significant events on the Yuanqi Continent but also remarkable biographies of exceptional sect members. Learning from history, Lu Yaoyao thought Guiyuan Sect’s approach was excellent and worth emulating. She contemplated how she could arrange a similar collection for the Devil Realm and Abyss.

At this moment, a disciple emerged from around the corner, spotting a little figure almost lying on the ground. He blinked, then curiously approached. “Excuse me, Junior Sister?”

Lu Yaoyao turned around, quickly standing up, and cupped her hands politely. “Hello, Senior Brother.”

Sujing cast a glance at the open jade slips on the ground. They weren’t damaged, which eased his concern. He then looked at the little girl, puzzled. A disciple as small as her? Could she be some elder’s relative? But why hadn’t he seen her before?

Lu Yaoyao curiously observed the gentle-looking senior brother and asked, “Senior Brother, which peak are you from?”

Sujing’s gentle voice replied, “I am a disciple from the Main Peak of the ‘Su’ generation. My name is Sujing. I’m responsible for overseeing the Library Pavilion.”


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  1. It’s interesting that only the time of the catastrophe is vaguely mentioned yet events prior or after that are still properly recorded, so it does seem suspicious. Hopefully Lu Yaoyao will figure out the mystery for us, lol.
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