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DDDV Ch 126 Part 2 – Library Pavilion (II)

Sujing’s gentle voice replied, “I am a disciple from the Main Peak of the ‘Su’ generation. My name is Sujing. I’m responsible for overseeing the Library Pavilion.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded in understanding — his role should be similar to a librarian.

But, the ‘Su’ generation… Lu Yaoyao solemnly straightened her back and said, “My Master is the Peak Master of South Fifth Peak.”

The Peak Master of the South Fifth Peak? Sujing momentarily froze, then realized, “So you’re a martial aunt.” He quickly paid his respects. The Peak Master of South Fifth Peak also held the position of Alchemy Hall Master, so he was more known as Hall Master Mo. Sujing recalled that among the new disciples this year, there was one who had been taken as a personal disciple at a very young age by Hall Master Mo, probably referring to her.

Lu Yaoyao responded solemnly, “Nice to meet you, Martial Nephew Sujing.” She then shifted her gaze and walked toward him. “Are you familiar with the records in the Library Pavilion?” She looked up with expectant eyes.

“The Library Pavilion contains numerous records. To fully comprehend them would take at least a hundred years. Embarrassingly, I’ve been at the Library Pavilion for over a decade, and I’ve only scratched the surface.” Sujing humbly replied. Part of his daily task was to clean and organize the Library Pavilion. Not only did he have a deep understanding of the library’s collection, but he was also passionate about books and had impressive literary skills. Unsurprisingly, he was one of the candidate of the future scribes.

What a perfect timing! Lu Yaoyao raised her head eagerly and asked, “I’m curious about His Venerable. Does the Library Pavilion have his biography? And why are there so few records from nearly a thousand years ago?”

Clearly, Sujing had been asked this question before. He wasn’t surprised at all and patiently explained, “The Library Pavilion has a rule: if a notable individual is still alive, their biography won’t be kept here.” This meant that all the biographies in the Library Pavilion belonged to powerful figures who had already passed away.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion. But hadn’t Lu Yuandao already passed away a long time ago? If he wasn’t lying about his identity as the former elder, there should be a biography of him in the Guiyuan Sect.

“Why? Does that mean biographies are only written after the person passes away?”

“No, the biographies of still-living great figures are kept in another location, and only the scribes have access.” These weren’t secrets, so Sujing answered directly. The unfinished works were stored on the highest floor of the Library Pavilion, accessible only by the scribes. Every generation had five scribes who aimed to produce authentic, unbiased accounts. Sujing was one of the direct disciples in line to become a future scribe. Alongside his four seniors, it was their duty to record the flow of history.

Lu Yaoyao was astounded upon learning that the Guiyuan Sect had such a system. As expected of a number one sect that had been around forever! These records were not only about personal experiences; they also included insights into cultivation, passing down legacies for the generations to come. As long as these legacies remained, even if the Guiyuan Sect were to be destroyed, it could still be rebuilt.

The person who came up with this method was truly ingenious. Who wouldn’t want to leave their mark on history? Those who were selected to have their biography written would not only not object, but would even actively cooperate.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help thinking — could the Devil Realm and Abyss develop a similar system, too? It seemed like literacy classes would be necessary to nurture future scribes.

After knowing that she couldn’t access the unpublished records on the ninth floor, Lu Yaoyao didn’t push it. She looked at Sujing with shimmering eyes—Sujing, this martial nephew, was indeed a treasure!

“Martial Nephew Sujing, you are so amazing! To write books that will be remembered through the ages… You know, I always admire literary people! Can we be friends? I also want to learn—”

Sujing blushed at the praise. He cleared his throat modestly, “I’m not that great. Right now, I mostly write storybooks and such…”

Storybooks!! Lu Yaoyao’s eyes brightened even more. “Wow!” she exclaimed, thoroughly excited. Could it be that Sujing was the author of her favorite stories? How fortunate! Regardless, he was undoubtedly talented! Lu Yaoyao restrained the urge to ask about his pen name and inquired, “Do you have any fascinating books you could recommend to me? I love reading them.”

Sujing could clearly sense Lu Yaoyao’s joyful enthusiasm. Looking at her, he scratched his cheek lightly. “If Little Martial Aunt doesn’t mind, I have a lot of storybooks in my study. You can borrow them.”

“I absolutely don’t mind!” Lu Yaoyao grabbed Sujing’s hand, touched, “Sujing, you’re really amazing!”

Lu Yaoyao hadn’t anticipated such a fortuitous meeting today. Even though she failed to find the information she was seeking, she actually met another kindred spirit! Now, not only could she listen to various stories from Senior Brother Zihui, but she could also borrow storybooks from Martial Nephew Sujing! Her days were becoming truly wonderful!

Afterward, Lu Yaoyao assisted Sujing in organizing and cleaning the Library Pavilion, not paying much attention to the jade slips anymore. Since she now knew that she couldn’t find what she wanted here, she simply put the matter aside for the time being.

She had contemplated directly asking Sujing, but refrained because she wouldn’t be able to explain how she knew about a person who died a thousand years ago. In retrospect, only now did she realize that her direct questioning of Senior Brother Zihui was too hasty. Her reasoning was actually full of loopholes, and if further probed, she wouldn’t be able to conceal the truth.

Well, she was already in the Guiyuan Sect anyway. She could take her time.

Thus, Lu Yaoyao followed Sujing around like a little tail, helping clean the Library Pavilion. Unknowingly, it was already closing time. People began leaving, and eventually, Lu Yaoyao and Sujing were the last ones to exit.

Suqing had been waiting by the entrance of the Library Pavilion since early on. As the closing time approached and she still hadn’t seen Lu Yaoyao, she grew anxious. If she wasn’t worried that searching inside might cause them to miss each other, she would have gone in earlier. Thankfully, she finally spotted the tiny red figure and quickly approached, “Little Martial Aunt!”

“Suqing!” Lu Yaoyao waved at her with a smile.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Sujing.” Suqing politely greeted. She had met this senior brother a few times, but they had never exchanged words before.

“Hello, Junior Sister Suqing.” Sujing didn’t recognize this junior sister, but since Lu Yaoyao had addressed her by name, he smiled and responded to the greeting.

“Suqing, I’m going to Sujing’s place—” Lu Yaoyao paused halfway, hesitating as she looked at Sujing. She wanted to invite Suqing along, but she needed his permission first.

Sujing answered with a smile: “If Junior Sister doesn’t mind, you can come along.”

Suqing quickly replied, “I don’t mind. Excuse the trouble, Senior Brother.”

“Not a problem, Junior Sister.”

Lu Yaoyao and Suqing followed Sujing back to his residence. Sujing lived on the Main Peak, in a building close to the Library Pavilion. With his identity as a scribe’s disciple and successor, his living environment was undoubtedly superior. He occupied a two-story building larger than Lu Yaoyao’s.

Sujing’s study occupied three-quarters of the second floor and was piled with countless books.

The moment Lu Yaoyao saw them, her eyes lit up, and she unabashedly picked up three books whose titles grabbed her attention the most. “Can I?” She looked at Sujing with anticipation.

Sujing chuckled, “As long as you return them after you finish.” All the books in this collection were one of a kind, and he was reluctant to part with them. Lending them out, however, was a different story.

“I’ll take good care of them!” Lu Yaoyao beamed with satisfaction. After bidding farewell to Sujing, she returned to the South Fifth Peak with Suqing. After reaching her house, Lu Yaoyao thanked Suqing and watched the girl leave before bouncing back to her room.

In the study, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t wait any longer. She took out one of the books she had just borrowed and quickly immersed herself in reading. This particular one was still centered around Da Venerable Hengwu as the main character, with the primary antagonist being the Devil Venerable. It was rare to see the Devil Venerable portrayed with a higher level of intelligence in a story, although he always ended up fleeing in a sorry state whenever he fought Dao Venerable. The typical cliché of shouting, “I’ll be back!” like a persistent villain that can’t be killed was too unrealistic for Lu Yaoyao.

If Daddy were to read this story, he’d definitely be infuriated, wouldn’t he? Daddy had always considered himself the strongest in the Yuanqi Continent! Thinking of this, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t stop laughing as she resumed mesmerizing herself in the world of prose.


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