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DDDV Ch 13 – The Onlooker Neighboring Demons

The family of stone demons who had moved here recently had long been the center of the topic among the demon residents of Cangshan Mountain. Especially after the two male demons began to come out to hunt, they became even more famous.

The two stone demons were very strong! A monster beast that could only be knocked out by several Cangshan demons was easily defeated by one of them. On top of that, their human form was so handsome!

Especially the stone demon named Lu Qingyu, who was quite friendly. Many young female demons were attracted by him, and even those from other mountains also came to see the handsome newcomer. Although male Cangshan demons felt sour, they also admired the two stone demons. After all, the gap in strength was too big.

There were often demons wandering around near the barrier, trying to take a look at the famous family of three. When Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu took Lu Yaoyao out today, they avoided the place where Cangshan’s demons gathered. However, they still coincidentally met a little rabbit demon on the mountain path.

Thanks to the little rabbit’s wide-spread announcement, in no time, almost all Cangshan demons had rushed over. Several plump little squirrels hopped on the tree branches with hazelnuts in their paws, while rabbits, pheasants, and other animals jumped around on the ground. In addition, there were also a bunch of adult demons in their human forms.

“Is this how a human cub looks like?”

“Really small!”

“Are all stone demons so beautiful?”


Ever since Cangshan demons knew that the third stone demon on the foot of the mountain had transformed into a tiny human cub, they always wanted to see how it looked like, especially after listening to the peach blossom demon’s description, which piqued their curiosity even more.

At this moment, many pairs of eyes were staring at the smallest stone demon cub. Demons who lived here didn’t have a high degree of culture, and they couldn’t think of a good compliment. But seeing the little cub, they couldn’t help feeling a parental affection—especially female demons, whose maternal instinct was completely aroused.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao originally wanted to avoid these demons, but when they saw Lu Yaoyao looking around curiously, they decided to stay. In no time, the three of them were completely surrounded.

Lu Yaoyao and the surrounding ‘people’ looked at each other curiously. She felt goodwill from these people, so she wasn’t afraid of being watched. However, Lu Yaoyao was surprised. These people had non-human characteristics on their bodies. Some had animal ears on top of their heads, some had fluffy tails on their behind, and some had strange patterns on their faces. They all wore simple and plain clothes. Although none of their looks were on par with Lu Yaoyao’s family of three, there were also many handsome men and beautiful women.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. There was a beautiful elder sister with a pair of furry ears on top of her head, which moved from time to time, tempting others to give pinch it. There was also a cute elder brother with a fluffy tail behind…Lu Yaoyao looked over one by one, still didn’t have it enough.

At this time, the talking little rabbit just now ran back, followed by several identical rabbits behind; all were also talking.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head slightly. This time, she was looking at the small animals. The squirrels on the tree branches were so cute, the rabbits on the ground were also very cute, and they all could talk!

“Ah, ah!!”

“Is the little cub talking to us?”

“How cute!”


On one of the branches stood two chubby gray squirrels, who couldn’t resist throwing the hazelnuts in their paws, wanting to share their food with the little cub. But they didn’t dare to get closer. The cold-faced stone demon’s aura was too strong, and they felt great pressure even from a distance.

The two stone demons’ cultivation base was at the late Body Refining stage. With such a strength, they were the absolute strongest existence in the entire Cangshan region, and none of the native residents were their opponents. However, when young female demons saw the handsome and cold Yao Jiuxiao holding a cute little cub, the contrast made them blushed, and their hearts skipped a beat.

The peach blossom demon was the only one who had some friendship with the family of three. She stepped forward, saw the child’s bald head, and asked in surprise: “Why is the little cub’s hair gone?”

Because the two adults had yet to agree upon a name, the peach blossom demon didn’t dare to call arbitrarily and simply called the child ‘little cub.’

Lu Yaoyao, who was originally looking at the small animals with her shining eyes, immediately covered her head in gloom when hearing the question. She buried herself in Beautiful Father’s arms, trying to hide her little hairless head.

Many people saw her ugly bald head!!

Lu Qingyu: “…” Now the kid was depressed again.

The little rabbit was more courageous. He hopped forward and tilted his head up; his ruby ​​eyes were full of expectation: “Uncle, can I play with the little cub?”

Lu Yaoyao heard the voice and quietly turned her head in curiosity. The fact that animals could speak was full of novelty to her.

Lu Qingyu noticed Lu Yaoyao’s interest and smiled: “Of course.” It seemed that the child really liked these small animals. Lu Qingyu glanced over, thinking about how to take these demon cubs to play with his daughter.

After being public attention for a while, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao took Lu Yaoyao back, along with several little cubs who had yet to transform into human forms. The two talked with the cubs’ parents beforehand, promising to let the parents pick up their cubs at sunset, to which they readily agreed.

At this moment, Lu Yao was sitting on a soft fur mattress, with a group of fat little demon cubs were either standing or squatting in front of her, looking at each other with wide eyes.

Lu Yaoyao tentatively crawled forward. The cubs looked at her and also took a small step closer. In no time, Lu Yaoyao was surrounded by a group of little animals.

Strictly speaking, Lu Yaoyao was the youngest among them. The smallest cub in the group, the little squirrel demon, was born more than ten years ago, and his body was also bigger than Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao’s bright eyes kept following the fluffy tail moving left and right. She couldn’t help reaching out and touching it cautiously.

Seeing that the little stone demon liked his tail, the little squirrel proactively put it into her hands.

Lu Yaoyao hugged it happily. How soft!

“Ah, ah, ah!” Fluffy! Soft! She likes it!

“Touch more if you like it.” The little squirrel said very generously.

“Ah, ah!” Okay! Okay!

The little rabbit tilted his head and saw that the little stone demon and the little squirrel had left him out to make good friends by themselves. Upset, the little rabbit squeezed between them and stuffed his fluffy pompon-like round tail into the little stone demon’s hands.

“Touch me. My tail is better!”

Lu Yaoyao grinned happily.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao watched on the side. Seeing the child was having fun with other cubs and was no longer so listless, they were truly relieved.

Lu Qingyu took out his jade fan and leisurely fanned himself.

It’s good. She was finally cheered up.

However, when the sunset came and the cubs returned home, Lu Yaoyao’s mood fell to the bottom again, and she lay down on the couch depressedly.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao exchanged a glance.

“Zhu’er, what’s the matter? Didn’t you have a good time today? Tomorrow you can play with those cubs again…” Lu Qingyu softened his tone and tried to coax Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao just lay down on the couch and refused to respond. Even if she had had fun during the day, it didn’t prevent her from being unhappy at night.

Lu Qingyu coaxed for a while, but the child didn’t respond. He looked at Yao Jiuxiao. What to do? Even after going out and played with other cubs, this child still didn’t cheer up.

Yao Jiuxiao frowned deeply in silence, feeling very distressed.

What should they do to cheer up the child?

The two were silent for a moment. Suddenly, Lu Qingyu clapped his hands and said, “I know!”

Yao Jiuxiao glanced over.

“Zhu’er must be unhappy seeing others have hair, but she alone is bald. If you shave your hair, she will definitely not be upset when she sees that she is just like you.”

“…” Yao Jiuxiao coldly glanced at Lu Qingyu. What was this guy’s intention this time?

Lu Qingyu said in all seriousness: “Trust me, this will definitely cheer up Zhu’er.”

Yao Jiuxiao said coldly, “Why don’t you shave your own hair?”

Lu Qingyu spread his hands helplessly: “You are the one who shaved her hair.” He was innocent.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Seeing Yao Jiuxiao’s expressionless face, Lu Qingyu sighed inwardly. Too bad, this guy didn’t take the bait. If he could see the bald Dao Venerable Hengwu, he could laugh for ten thousand years.


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Next chapter title: “Bald Together”

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