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DDDV Ch 130 Part 1 – Unreliable Parents (I)

Lu Yaoyao wrote sheet after sheet of paper in a flurry. She was telling Brother Yuanyuan about Father and Daddy’s misbehavior, listing their ten major offenses in great detail. She then wrote another letter, this time for her Daddy, denouncing his actions for the harm they had caused her. He knew everything but hadn’t told her anything!!

Both Father and Daddy were so mean! What unreliable parents!

Lu Yaoyao wrote so much that the letter wouldn’t fit into a single envelope, so she carefully splits it into two envelopes. Feeling much better after venting her frustration in writing, she then returned to her room and lay on the bed. She lay there motionless, trying to sleep, but sleep wouldn’t come.

It was already quite late, and it was time for her to sleep, but Lu Yaoyao couldn’t find any sleep. She closed her eyes and tried counting sheep. She only reached fifty-nine when the blanket covering her head was gently pulled down. Her breathing paused, and her eyes darted around beneath her eyelids.

“Yaoyao,” Yao Jiuxiao called softly.

Lu Yaoyao pretended not to hear.

Yao Jiuxiao stood by the bedside and called her name once again, then remained silent.

Lu Yaoyao resisted the urge to open her eyes. Didn’t Father have anything else to say? It was one thing for her to ignore Father, but it was another matter if he didn’t say anything at all. No, wait, had he left already? Lu Yaoyao suddenly sat up, her small face puffed up with anger. Her eyes, filled with indignation, stared at Yao Jiuxiao.

“How could you casually enter a girl’s room? I’ve already grown up!”

Yao Jiuxiao glanced at his daughter, pausing briefly. In his heart, she was still the same little girl he could hold with one hand. But regardless of appearance, she was indeed already a big girl, so he really couldn’t enter her room carelessly.

“Yaoyao.” He tried to call again but still said nothing else.

Lu Yaoyao was even angrier. She jumped up and landed in front of Yao Jiuxiao, shoving his knees to drive him away, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore, hmph!”

In the end, Yao Jiuxiao obediently left, softly advising her, “Rest well.”

Lu Yaoyao pushed her father out and closed the door, then jumped back onto the bed. She was even more furious now, and she couldn’t sleep well all night.

The next day, when Lu Yaoyao went to class, she was still in a bad mood. From Wen Zixing’s perspective, the little dumpling’s round baby face had become even rounder as she pouted, looking plump and incredibly cute. Wen Zixing couldn’t help poking her cheeks several times. This feeling was amazing! It was soft and tender, like a baby’s skin. The bouncy sensation, in particular, was irresistible!

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly covered her vandalized face. Her eyes were wide in vigilant as she glared in full fierceness, “What are you doing!”

Wen Zixing withdrew his hand and said innocently, “I was talking to you, but you were lost in thought.”

“Talk if you want to, but why are you touching me?”

“You haven’t told us what the divine pill looks like. You’ve probably seen it, right?” Wen Zixing was curious about what the legendary divine-level pill looked like.

Next to them, Chao Muxue frowned slightly, a hint of worry appeared in her expression as she looked at Lu Yaoyao. “Yaoyao, did you see His Venerable yesterday?”

Wen Zixing exclaimed, “What? Yaoyao, you saw His Venerable?”

His loud voice immediately attracted the attention of those around them, and the hall instantly fell silent for a moment.

After a brief silence, the atmosphere gradually returned to normal. Having learned his lesson, Wen Zixing lowered his voice and asked, “Yaoyao, did you really see him?” He winked at her.

Hall Master Mo and Sect Leader Lu hadn’t deliberately concealed their trip to the East Ninth Peak yesterday, but the movements of someone as powerful as them were not something easily detected. Chao Muxue, being a personal disciple of the sect leader, presumably had learned about this directly from her Master.

Lu Yaoyao had nothing to hide, so she nodded.

Wen Zixing’s eyes lit up instantly. His Venerable was the number one idol in the Cultivation World. Who among the young generations did not admire him? Unexpectedly, his best friend would see the legend so soon! “How was it? Is His Venerable as handsome and extraordinary as the rumors say, with an aura as unapproachable as the perennial snow on the peak of a mountain, exuding a chilling aloofness like a celestial being?”

Lu Yaoyao replied nonchalantly, “He’s just so-so.”

Wen Zixing was surprised. “How is that possible?” That person’s supposed to be a man of unparalleled looks!

“Humph!” Father was not like that in front of her! He was very competitive and jealous and would fight with Daddy at the slightest provocation! He was also stubborn, could be petty-minded, and most importantly, couldn’t even coax his daughter!

Lu Yaoyao could list a whole bunch of flaws but kept her mouth shut. If her friends knew the truth, wouldn’t their image of her father shattered?

“I would love to meet His Venerable as well.” Chao Muxue’s beautiful eyes revealed a hint of envy.

Lu Yaoyao remembered how Muxue was the only one who had openly expressed her desire to be Father’s disciple, so she replied, “You’ll definitely get to meet him.”

Wen Zixing felt that Lu Yaoyao might be too young to appreciate the beauty of the world. How could His Venerable be ‘just so-so’? He continued to fantasize for a while before changing the subject, “By the way, Yaoyao, didn’t you say you came to Guiyuan Sect to look for your father? Have you found him?”

Lu Yaoyao became even angrier. “I’m not looking for him anymore!” None of them cared about her, their daughter! Father could appear in front of her anytime and anywhere, but heartlessly chose to remain hidden and silently watched her struggle through all kinds of hardships to find him…

Well, it actually wasn’t much of a struggle. Besides missing Father terribly, she had actually enjoyed the journey.

“??” Wen Zixing was puzzled. He was about to inquire further, but Lu Yaoyao waved her hand and said, “Stop it. The teacher is here.”

Wen Zixing stopped asking questions, and Lu Yaoyao went through the class half-heartedly. Once again, it was her Second Senior Brother who came to pick her up after class.

When they returned to the peak, Master and the rest of the senior brothers were all present. Master sat at the top, looking solemn, while the senior brothers stood in a row below, bowing their heads respectfully.

Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes and cheerfully called out, “Master! Eldest Senior Brother, Third Senior Brother, Fourth Senior Brother! I’m back!”


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  1. I had forgotten about her communications with her Brother Yuanyuan! Hopefully he’s doing well and is able to communicate with her about how he’s been doing lately, too. As for her father, he’s still got a lot to learn if he doesn’t even know how to coax his daughter, lol. He should just seek some advice from other parents and quickly make up with her!
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