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DDDV Ch 138 Part 1 – Father and Daddy Are Both Here, How Wonderful (I)

Lu Chongyun’s emotions were fluctuating wildly, and his aura became disordered. Yao Jiuxiao sternly said, “Calm down.”

The uncontrollable aura instantly cooled down. As if Lu Chongyun had been hit in the head, he regained control of his senses.

“Even after all these years, you still can’t let go,” Yao Jiuxiao frowned. While Lu Chongyun was never a talented genius from begin with, his disordered state of mind had caused his cultivation to stagnate over the years.

Lu Chongyun’s age was no longer young; if he didn’t make progress soon, no matter how many life-prolonging pills he took, it would be like drinking poison to quench his thirst, and he would eventually meet the end of his lifespan.

Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t understand why Lu Chongyun couldn’t move on. If it was about revenge, it could be understood why he couldn’t let go, but the mastermind behind the bloodshed had already been brought to justice and the events of the past had been resolved. What was there left to hold on to?

Master and Martial Uncle — even in death, how could they be willing to see Lu Chongyun remain trapped in the past?

Lu Chongyun lowered his head, listening to Yao Jiuxiao’s admonishment.

He was well aware that Senior Brother wanted to help him break through his mental state, wishing for him to let go of the past, but he was reluctant to do so.

Yao Jiuxiao spoke for a moment and then stopped abruptly. For a while, he seemed to want to continue, but in the end, he just lightly said, “Never mind.”

As long as the person himself couldn’t figure it out, no matter how much others said, it wouldn’t help.

Lu Chongyun quickly asked, “Senior Brother, you still haven’t told me who the benefactor is.”

Yao Jiuxiao replied calmly, “No need to mention gratitude; this is what she, as Master’s granddisciple, should do.”

Lu Chongyun repeated this sentence in his mind several times before realizing, “It was my martial niece who brought Second Uncle back?!”

Yao Jiuxiao nodded.

“Well!” Lu Chongyun broke into a chuckle. “As expected of my martial niece! A tiger father wouldn’t have a dog offspring, indeed.” The Abyss was a legendary realm of no return, yet his martial niece had not only returned unscathed but also took back her Grandmaster’s remains. He wasn’t confident that he could accomplish the same feat, as even Second Uncle had failed to do so…

“Since my martial niece has returned, why not bring her to meet me, her martial uncle?” Lu Chongyun said discontentedly. She’s already here, so she should see and greet her elders, right?

His martial niece was truly formidable. At such a young age, her cultivation was so advanced that she could come and go freely without disturbing the sect’s protective barriers. Certainly, she lived up to her father’s reputation.

As Lu Chongyun rambled on, Yao Jiuxiao lowered his gaze and waved his sleeve, transporting Lu Chongyun out of the ice chamber and directly throwing him out of the East Ninth Peak’s territory.

“Senior Brother—”

Lu Chongyun was anxious. Senior Brother used this move every time he mentioned the martial niece. Why couldn’t he see her? What was wrong with him seeing her?

Lu Chongyun’s expression changed, eventually settling into a relieved look. Second Uncle… had finally returned home.

After Yao Jiuxiao sent Lu Chongyun away, he stood motionless in his original place. A moment passed, and then he suddenly spoke, “You heard everything.”

In the silent ice chamber, only faint echoes of his voice lingered.

Yao Jiuxiao remained still. As his robes swayed gently in the absence of wind, a vivid crimson figure slowly materialized beside the coffin.

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze fell upon this figure, and there was not a hint of emotion in his eyes.

“He didn’t perish in the Devil Realm.”

“Guiyuan Sect has always owed you an apology.”

“Lu Qingyu.”

The newcomer was Lu Qingyu. Though he had allowed his daughter to run wild and leave the Devil Realm, it didn’t mean he would let her go unchecked. After dealing with matters in the Devil Realm, Lu Qingyu had come to the Guiyuan Sect.

However, he hadn’t anticipated the current situation. His daughter had not informed him of this while in the Devil Palace, causing Lu Qingyu’s expression to suddenly turn cold. In the kid’s eyes, was Yao Jiuxiao more trustworthy than him?

Therefore, when Yao Jiuxiao spoke, Lu Qingyu responded with a disdainful smirk. “The esteemed elder of the Guiyuan Sect, the Master of Dao Venerable Hengwu, should have been renowned throughout the world. Yet, here he is, dying quietly in some remote corner. How laughable!”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t care about Lu Qingyu’s attitude. He covered the coffin lid and said, “The world is impermanent.”

Looking across the entire Yuanqi Continent, there were very few known powerful individuals who had been consumed by the space-time cracks. Those who disappeared without a trace, with their life-name plaques suddenly shattered, who could have imagined they had fallen into the legendary Abyss? Even he and Lu Qingyu, who had witnessed their daughter being swallowed by the crack, hadn’t imagined that the girl had landed in the Abyss.

Lu Qingyu curled his lips and smiled coldly. The last place Lu Yuandao disappeared was the Devil Realm. Lu Qingyu had been the last person to see Lu Yuandao back then, and shortly after, his life-name plaque shattered. Furthermore, someone had been stirring up trouble behind the scenes, attributing Lu Yuandao’s demise to Lu Qingyu’s fault. Lu Qingyu couldn’t be bothered to explain, and when he later scoured the entire Devil Realm, he found no trace whatsoever, as if Lu Yuandao had simply vanished into thin air.

But indeed, Lu Yuandao had vanished into thin air.

Lu Qingyu turned and left. In an instant, his figure disappeared from the ice chamber and reappeared at Lu Yaoyao’s bedside.

The little girl on the bed had already fallen asleep, but her sleep was not particularly sound, kicking her blanket to the side. With Lu Qingyu’s single glance, the blanket flew over and neatly covered the sleeping child.

He had come here to settle scores with this kid, but…

No rush.


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  1. So Lu Qingyu was unjustly accused of killing Lu Yuandao, but given his nature and his past actions, it’s unfortunate that it would be difficult for others to believe otherwise even if had tried to defend himself. I’m just wondering if Lu Qingyu took his last name from this elder or if it’s just a coincidence.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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