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DDDV Ch 14 – Bald Together

Early morning of the next day, Lu Qingyu carried Lu Yaoyao to the lake as usual, and then took a stroll around after washing. Lu Qingyu felt strange. Yao Jiuxiao usually came out together and stood by the side. Why was he still in the house?

But Lu Qingyu didn’t care much. He spread out the beast skin blanket and took out various brightly colored things from his grotto-space for the child to play.

Lu Yaoyao pushed a colorful bead, out of interest. She touched her head and sighed sadly.

She was a bald cub.

Before Yao Jiuxiao came out, Lu Qingyu took out a fruit, “Zhu’er, look.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up. Tasty fruit!

She remembered the taste of the fruit, and her mouth suddenly flooded with saliva. This fruit must be hard to find. After so long, Daddy and Father only gave her four in total. Precisely because of its rarity and because this fruit was the most delicious and the most acceptable one among her current diet, Lu Yaoyao kept thinking about it.

She quickly crawled over, pulled Beautiful Daddy’s trousers, and opened her small mouth: “Aaahh..” Daddy, feeds baby.

Lu Qingyu did not immediately give the fruit, but instead asked, “Does Daddy treat you the best?”

“Ah!” Yes!

“Do you like Daddy the most?”

“Ah, ah!” I like Daddy the most!

Lu Qingyu seemed to understand. Only then was he satisfied and handed the fruit to Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao gnawed at the fruit twice and sucked its juice with relish. Now that she had teeth, she could slowly grate the peel and chewed the pulp. She found that the fruit pulp tasted as good as its juice. Lu Yaoyao chewed a small piece of pulp and narrowed her eyes contentedly.

Lu Qingyu obviously preferred the child to be lively and active. It was good to see her so happy like this. However, if Yao Jiuxiao saw it, he would definitely get angry. Yao Jiuxio was worried that the spiritual fruit might be too strong for the child, and strictly implemented the rule to feed her spiritual fruit only once every half a month. Today was not yet the time.

In Lu Qingyu’s opinion, Yao Jiuxiao was too timid. Except for the first two times the child fell into a long sleep, she showed no particular effect after eating the fruit, so there was no need to limit her consumption. If not for Yao Jiuxiao’s strict watch, he would have already given so many good things for her to eat. Having this thought, Lu Qingyu didn’t feel the slightest guilt for feeding the child behind Yao Jiuxiao’s back.

Lu Qingyu heard movement from behind. He turned around calmly and was about to speak. But his pupils suddenly shook, and the words that had reached his lips disappeared before they could come out.

After a while, frenzied laughter rang out loudly.

Lu Qingyu’s laughter shocked Lu Yaoyao. She raised her head in confusion: Why did Daddy suddenly laugh?

Lu Yaoyao followed her Daddy’s line of sight. When she saw the oncoming Father, she was so shocked that the fruit she was eating fell to the ground.

Beautiful Father’s black and glossy hair, which was usually taken care of meticulously, had gone, and he was now as bald as her.

Yao Jiuxiao turned a deaf ear to Lu Qingyu’s frantic laughter. He walked up to his daughter, leaned over, and picked her up.

“Shu’er, don’t be upset. We are the same.” Yao Jiuxiao’s face was still cold, but his eyes were warm.

Lu Yaoyao stretched out her small hand and touched his father’s head, which was as bald as hers.

“Ah?” Father’s beautiful hair was gone, and he was now a bald baby like her.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were full of confusion, as if she wanted to feel happy, but also didn’t seem to be happy. But even if Father didn’t have beautiful hair, he still looked very handsome.

“Yao Jiuxiao, are you going to join the Ten Thousand Buddha Sect?” Lu Qingyu laughed so much that tears came out from the corner of his eyes. He really wanted to let those old men from Guiyuan Sect see what their Dao Venerable looked like at this moment.

Yao Jiuxiao glanced at Lu Qingyu indifferently, and then returned his gaze at the little child.

Lu Yaoyao’s small hands were still trying to touch Yao Jiuxiao’s head. Yao Jiuxiao saw this and lowered his head cooperatively, letting Lu Yaoyao touch it.

“Ah, ah!” Lu Yaoyao nestled in her Father’s arms and babbled comfortingly.

She was so sad without her hair, so Father must be as sad as herself. She had to comfort Father. She didn’t want him to feel unhappy.

Lu Yaoyao leaned over, pucked her small lips, and kiss Yao Jiuxiao’s face a few times.

Father, don’t be sad!

Lu Qingyu was still laughing at first, but soon became unhappy when seeing the child was so close to Yao Jiuxiao. “I remember that you always think that your body, hair, and skin are given by your parents, so you don’t dare to hurt them. Unexpectedly…”

Lu Qingyu remembered that humans were particularly fixated on this kind of belief, but Yao Jiuxiao was actually willing to shave his hair just to coax his daughter.

Lu Qingyu looked at the ignorant little girl. There was an incomprehensible deep meaning in his eyes. He seemed to underestimate this kid’s influence on Yao Jiuxiao, and maybe also underestimated her influence on himself…no, it was just an offspring. He would indulge her within an acceptable range, but wouldn’t make a fool of himself just to coax her.

Lu Qingyu looked at the back of Yao Jiuxiao’s head. It was so bald and smooth, as if reflecting the sunlight. Lu Qingyu roared out in laughter again.

Yao Jiuxiao put Lu Yaoyao back on the beast skin blanket, then caught Lu Qingyu off guard.

Lu Qingyu reacted swiftly to resist, but he was still a step slower and was tied up by an anti-devil rope for prisoners. The next moment, his head suddenly felt light, and thousands of hair strands fell to the ground.

“Yao, Jiu, Xiao!” When Lu Qingyu finally released himself from the bound, it was already too late. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, and his killing intent exploded.

“Wow, haha…”

A burst of crisp laughter suddenly rang, and Lu Qingyu’s eyes turned back from scarlet to black. He looked over and saw his daughter was looking at him and laughing happily.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Forget it, as long as the kid was happy.


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Translator’s note:

What a touching fatherly love 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Beautiful Daddy: He would indulge her within an acceptable range, but he wouldn’t make a fool of himself just to coax her.
    Me (@ the end of the chap): Who are you kidding?

  2. “He would indulge her within an acceptable range, but wouldn’t make a fool of himself just to coax her.”

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