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DDDV Ch 15 – Lost and Recovered

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was as refined as jade, and his temperament was cold and distant. He didn’t lose any of his elegance even without a single strand of hair on his head. Instead, it added a trace of holy sanctity to his appearance.

Lu Qingyu was the total opposite. Borrowing the popular description, he must be an evil monk who charmed all living beings.

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze fell on Lu Qingyu’s bald head, and in a split second, the corners of his lips twitched very slightly. But it soon returned to normal, fast enough that people might think that they had seen it wrong.

Lu Qingyu’s face was cold without the slightest smile. He glared at Yao Jiuxiao menacingly, gritting his teeth in anger. Sure enough, humans were hypocritical. If not for him to be caught off guard, how could he…

However, because the kid was laughing so happily, he would put this matter aside for the time being. There would always be time for revenge in the future.

The child’s crisp laughter was extremely pure and innocent, easily affecting the listeners and soothed their negative emotions.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t continue to fight. They sat cross-legged on the beast skin blanket in silence.

Lu Yaoyao looked up at her two fathers. She crawled towards Beautiful Daddy and babbled, asking him to pick her up. She then grabbed his front clothes and kissed both cheeks with her tiny lips.

After she became a bald baby, she was devastated. Father and Daddy must be very sad too. Especially Daddy, because she laughed so hard when he had just lost his hair.

But she definitely didn’t laugh because Daddy suddenly turned bald. She just couldn’t help laughing happily when seeing that Father and Daddy got along so friendly.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Daddy, don’t be sad. Even if you are bald, you are still the most beautiful baby!

But Beautiful Daddy couldn’t understand her baby tongue. He just looked down silently with a sullen face, making Lu Yaoyao feel heartbroken.

Lu Qingyu found out that the child was very concerned about him. She thought that he was sad, so she babbled anxiously to comfort him and forgot about her own sadness.

So he pretended to be depressed.

Sure enough, the child was even more anxious. She nestled her soft and fragrant body against his, babbling with her babyish voice, and gave him sticky kisses from time to time.

Lu Qingyu looked at Yao Jiuxiao with triumphant eyes.

Look, the kid’s favorite is obviously This Venerable.

When Lu Yaoyao looked up again, Lu Qingyu had resumed his acting.

Yao Jiuxiao watched Lu Qingyu’s performance indifferently, but his gaze softened slightly upon seeing his daughter, who had become energetic again.

It’s good that she finally cheered up.

Lu Yaoyao was very busy now, busy comforting her Father and Daddy. She had no time to feel sad at all. Beautiful Daddy was just like her two days ago, feeling sad and depressed every day. Father’s expression was also heavier than usual. Lu Yaoyao no longer asked to go out to play with her little friends, and spent all day working hard to console her two fathers’ broken hearts.

In fact, none of Lu Qingyu or Yao Jiuxiao were truly sad — they just wanted to enjoy Lu Yaoyao’s attention. Since her birth, they both racked their brain every day to coax her, and now that karma had moved around, it was their turn to finally enjoy their daughter’s filial piety.

Even Yao Jiuxiao had no qualm in vying for favors, calmly deceiving Lu Yaoyao to make her pour more attention to him.

In fact, even if they were both balds at the moment, with their cultivation base, it was just a matter of effort to grow it back immediately. They had nothing to worry about at all. However, seeing the child had regained her full vitality, Lu Qingyu felt that it was okay to maintain the status quo until her hair grew again. Yao Jiuxiao’s opinion was the same. For them, seeing the child being energetic was the priority.

But in this way, they no longer went outside the barrier.

Lu Qingyu thought coldly. This bald head could be seen by the kid, and to be seen by Yao Jiuxiao was a foregone conclusion. But letting those weak demons also see his dark history? What a joke. He would kill whoever dared to.

So the bald family of three began the life of seclusion to grow their hair back.

The little squirrel and little rabbit, who just thought they had a new friend, ran on the next day hurriedly, only to find themselves being blocked by the barrier. They tried to hit it with their small fat body and was bounced back as a result. The cubs were dumbfounded for a long time, and when they realized that they couldn’t get in to see the little stone demon, they cried heartbrokenly.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know what was going on outside, and she also didn’t know that her new friends came to fight with the barrier every day in order to see her. She was busy comforting her sad Father and Daddy, and totally forgot about her little friends.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao naturally knew, but they didn’t care about this small event.

Lu Yaoyao’s hair grew very fast. In less than two months, she already regained a headful of black and short hair. Although the hair had yet to reach its previous length, it was only a matter of time.

Having finally regained her lost hair, Lu Yaoyao was ecstatic. She would touch her head with her chubby little hands seven or eight times a day, and she also had to take a look at her reflection on the lake every other hour, for fear that her long-lost hair might suddenly disappear again.

Soon she discovered that even though her hair had grown, Father and Daddy’s heads were still shiningly bald.

“Ah?” Are Father and Daddy going to be bald babies forever?

For a moment, Lu Yaoyao’s heart was full of sorrow.

“Ah, ah.” Lu Yaoyao held Beautiful Daddy’s front clothes with both hands, stood up unsteadily, and tried to reach out her chubby hand toward Beautiful Daddy’s still-bald head.

Why is there no beautiful hair growing?

Lu Yaoyao stood for a moment and soon lost her balance, falling into Beautiful Daddy’s arms. Her body had grown stronger, and now she could stand while holding on to something steady, although she would lose her balance after a short time.

Lu Yaoyao fell into her Daddy’s arms, babbling. Lu Qingyu enjoyed the child’s softness. He stroke her short hair and glanced at Yao Jiuxiao, who was standing on the side: “Should we start teaching Zhu’er how to speak?” The kid was several months old now, yet still couldn’t speak. Was she perhaps born fool?

Lu Qingyu lowered his gaze and met his daughter’s big round eyes, which didn’t look like a fool. He said: “Zhu’er, call ‘Daddy.'”

Lu Yaoyao nested in Beautiful Daddy’s arms, uttering a word: “Uh?”

“Call ‘Daddy.'”


Lu Yaoyao was upset. Speaking was still too hard for the current her. Daddy shouldn’t make it difficult for the little baby, ah!

Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t sit still either. He leaned forward and said solemnly: “Call ‘Father.'”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

She looked at her two fathers in turn. Intuition told her that she shouldn’t continue this dangerous conversation, so she immediately changed the subject.

“Ah, aah!” Father, Daddy, why is your hair not growing?

Lu Qingyu raised one eyebrow, “Is this kid changing the subject?”

Lu Yaoyao straightened her little face, trying to make a serious expression: “Ah, ah, ah!!” She isn’t changing the subject. She is concerned about Father and Daddy!

Even if you two are very handsome, even if you are still handsome despite being bald, you cannot neglect your hair!

Father and daughter spoke in different channels, and it took Lu Qingyu a long time before he finally understood what Lu Yaoyao wanted to say.

Lu Qingyu saw that the child’s hair had grown back. Even if he returned to having long hair, she wouldn’t feel sad anymore, right?

So Lu Yaoyao was presented with a magical scene.

A black mist suddenly rolled around Lu Qingyu’s bald head. After the mist dissipated, thick black hair as long as the waist instantly returned on his head.

Lu Yaoyao exclaimed in surprise. She stretched out her chubby hand, feeling out the soft hair that came out of nowhere.

Is it real? Why does Daddy’s hair grow so long all at once?

So many beautiful hairs!

Lu Yaoyao hadn’t yet recovered from the amazement when Father’s hair also suddenly grew in an instant. She quickly crawled over, grasping and tugging at the ends of the long hair. Her eyes sparkled, “Ah, ah, ah!”

Father, Daddy, baby wants such long beautiful hair too!


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