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DDDV Ch 16 Part 1 – She is a Sensible Baby (I)

Lu Yaoyao was excited. She also wanted to have the same beautiful long hair as her two fathers, but of course, her wish couldn’t be realized. After all, she hadn’t formally started cultivating yet. Besides, with such a small body of hers, she wouldn’t look cute anymore if her hair was so long.

Most importantly, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t even know how to properly make a simple hair bun, let alone how to do women’s complicated hairstyles. So even if they could do it, they tacitly pretended not to understand the child’s gesture.

Fortunately, Lu Yaoyao was still young and was easily distracted.

But they were now facing the initial problem: how to style the child’s hair without putting her in pain? Tying their own hair was entirely different than tying others’ hair, let alone a little child.

Yao Jiuxiao made the child cry several times when he tied her hair before, and her reaction after they shaved her hair had left them with lingering fear. This time her hair had finally grown back, but they didn’t dare to shave it again. After all, they didn’t know what kind of terrible aftermath their unknowing action might bring.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t know how to tie his daughter’s hair, and he felt distressed whenever the child cried in pain. So he turned to look at Lu Qingyu and said with all seriousness: “You do it.”

Lu Qingyu: “…” He didn’t dare to try.

Lu Qingyu looked back at Yao Jiuxiao and smiled: “You will do better if you practice more.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…” Were they willing to practice directly on the child?

Lu Qingyu: “…” He couldn’t bear it either.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze slowly moved and finally fell on Lu Qingyu’s hair.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Lu Qingyu sneered. Wanted to use This Venerable’s hair as the training tool? Who would be stupid enough to expose his vital point to the archenemy?

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion.

What are Beautiful Daddy and Beautiful Father talking about? She doesn’t understand.

An hour later, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, who had put their daughter to sleep, stood face to face, surrounded by a dangerous atmosphere.

Lu Qingyu squinted his eyes: “Fight once?”

Yao Jiuxiao nodded: “Do it outside.”

The two venerable walked out of the wooden house and began to exchange blows without a sound. Inside the house, Lu Yaoyao slept very soundly, not knowing at all that her two fathers were currently fighting because of her hair.

After another hour, the two venerable who once again had failed to determine the clear victor sat sullenly in silence. Both refused to yield to their rival, and now they were on a stalemate.

They knew that at least one of them had to practice. The child’s hair still didn’t need to be tied yet, but in two weeks, her hair would grow long enough, so they needed to prepare for the inevitable now.

Lu Qingyu was naturally unwilling. He, the esteemed Devil Venerable, actually had to lower himself to tie a kid’s hair? Did he no longer want his dignity?

Meanwhile, Yao Jiuxiao knew that he couldn’t control his strength very well and was afraid that his daughter would cry in pain again if he tried to tie her hair. In his opinion, however, Lu Qingyu could do it better. After being rivals for so long, Yao Jiuxiao knew that although Lu Qingyu seemed to be sloppy in everything, in fact, he was very attentive to details.

Yao Jiuxiao backed down first, “We both should practice.”

Lu Qingyu sneered, “Me too? In your dream.”

Yao Jiuxiao stared at him indifferently. “Both of us do it, or none do it. You choose.”

“What a joke. Do it by yourself if you like. Why should This Venerable do so far just for a little kid…” Lu Qingyu paused for a moment, then sneered again: “This Venerable doesn’t believe that you are willing to expose your vital point to your enemy.”

“Set a heart oath.”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Not long after, the two men who had made a heart oath were ready in the courtyard, one was standing and one was sitting. Lu Qingyu stood behind Yao Jiuxiao, holding a murderous intent in his eyes. The lifelong deadly rival was now sitting with his back on him, exposing his vital point without defense.

Yao Jiuxiao felt the undisguised murderous intent from behind. His back tensed, but he didn’t move at all. Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes were dark. He knew very well that once he moved even a bit, their fragile cooperation would crumble in an instant.

The heart oath was a very heavy oath for any race. If broken, the person’s cultivation path would be greatly detrimental. In the worst case, there would be no possibility for them to continue walking in the path of cultivation.

If only he hadn’t made the heart oath…

Lu Qingyu’s eyes flickered. After a while, he raised his hand. Between his slender fingers was a black wooden comb, which promptly landed on Yao Jiuxiao’s head.

Yao Jiuxiao’s back became even tenser, resisting the urge to evade.

The next moment, Yao Jiuxiao felt his scalp tightened, and then a handful of long hair fell on his slender fingers. Yao Jiuxiao turned his head and glanced up at Lu Qingyu indifferently. His eyes were as cold as icebergs.

Lu Qingyu looked back with unapologetic eyes and spoke in defense: “This is This Venerable’s first time combing someone’s hair. Lack of experience, do you understand?”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t reply. He turned his head in silence and straightened his back.

Lu Qingyu raised one eyebrow. His lips curled into a sinister smile, and he was about to continue ‘combing’ Yao Jiuxiao’s hair when the man’s cold voice resounded: “Half an hour.”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

The sentence didn’t make clear sense, but Lu Qingyu understood the implied meaning. It was Yao Jiuxiao’s warning. After half an hour, they would exchange position, and it would be his turn to be on the receiver’s end.

Lu Qingyu said unhappily: “Mind your words. Am I a devil who uses my position to avenge personal vengeance? It was an unintentional mistake just now. Isn’t it why you suggested us to practice our hands?”

“But the kid’s hair is so short. How about you cut short your hair too? It will be more effective…”

Listening to Lu Qingyu, it seemed that he was doing a selfless act for the child’s sake. If not for the amount of hair he pulled out of Yao Jiuxiao, he would be more convincing.

Yao Jiuxiao’s body had been nurtured by countless treasures and tempered many times by thunder tribulations, and keeping his hair growing was obviously not a problem. If not for this, losing this amount of hair would surely make his head bald again.

Yao Jiuxiao suddenly stood up, turned around, and said: “It’s time.”

Lu Qingyu was too immersed in his task, and it took him some time to react to Yao Jiuxiao’s words.

So fast? He hasn’t played enough!

Yao Jiuxiao gestured at Lu Qingyu to sit down.

Lu Qingyu rolled his eyes: “It’s almost time for Zhu’er to wake up…”

“What? Does the honorable Devil Venerable want to break your promise?”

Lu Qingyu smiled self-confidently, “Where did you ever see a trustworthy devil?”

Lu Qingyu laughed mockingly at his rival’s naivety. A trustworthy devil was even rarer than a legendary mythical beast.

“I see.” Yao Jiuxiao nodded.

Lu Qingyu smiled triumphantly.

“From now on, you will be responsible for tying Shu’er’s hair.”

Lu Qingyu: “…” His smile gradually disappeared.

Lu Qingyu turned his back to Yao Jiuxiao and sat with a cold face on the stool. He thought to himself: He had sacrificed a lot for that kid, and even allowed a mortal enemy to touch his head.

In the future, if the kid dared not be filial to him, he would…spank her!

No, no. It wasn’t good to spank a girl. Then he would…hit her palms!

Lu Qingyu gritted his teeth. When he was still deep in thought, he suddenly felt his scalp tightened.

“It hurts! It hurts! You are pulling my hair out!”

Yao Jiuxiao’s cold voice came from above, “Lack of experience.”

Lu Qingyu: “…” This retribution came too quickly.

“Ah! This Venerable is going to be bald again!”

“You are obviously taking the opportunity for revenge!”

“Yao Jiuxiao—”


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  1. If a simple combing makes them lose so much hair (from tangles I’d guess) then their hair isn’t as silky as I thought they were.

  2. This pair of dad is always making me laugh ! The best story in a cultivation world so far ! 😊

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