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DDDV Ch 16 Part 2 – She is a Sensible Baby (II)

A round of practice successfully ignited a new enmity between the two venerable, and the atmosphere between them was even colder than the night of winter solstice.

When Lu Yaoyao woke up from her slumber, she saw this situation. The little baby held the jade bottle to drink spiritual milk, her pair of bright eyes turned back and forth between her two fathers, who were putting a huge distance from each other. Lu Yaoyao’s chubby face was full of confusion.

What’s wrong with Father and Daddy?

Are they quarreling again?

Lu Yaoyao babbled inquiringly for a while, but didn’t get an answer, so she could only go back and forth between the two fathers, being a caring little cotton-padded jacket1, coaxing one and then coaxing the other. When Father and Daddy’s expression finally eased, Lu Yaoyao lay motionlessly on the couch, exhausted.

Alas, her life was too difficult.

Lu Qingyu was satisfied. This little kid had a conscience and was worthy of the things he did for her. He picked her up and walked out of the house: “Daddy will take you out to play.”

Yao Jiuxiao followed in silence.

Lu Qingyu walked out of the barrier with Lu Yaoyao in his arms. It was getting late now. Except for the twinkling stars above, there were no other sources of light, and the surrounding was totally dark. The cubs who came to the barrier every day had also returned to their nests for the day, and the whole mountain and forest were engulfed in silence.

Lu Yaoyao hugged Beautiful Daddy’s neck and looked around enthusiastically.

The night in the mountain was full of silence. The air seemed to be frozen, dyed with thick ink that couldn’t be dissolved. It was dark all around, but strange enough, Lu Yaoyao’s eyes could see clearly in the dark. Even the thick foliage of the trees and the distinct outline of grasses were as clear as day for her.

Is this a demon race’s ability?

Lu Qingyu lightly stroke Lu Yaoyao’s neck: “Zhu’er hasn’t eaten meat today. Let’s hunt a monster beast for her.” If they were lucky, maybe they could catch a spiritual beast.

When Lu Yaoyao heard it, her eyes brightened, and she became very excited.

She wants to see Daddy hunting a monster beast!

Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt Beautiful Daddy jumped. Her sight kept getting high and down intermittently, and in an instant, they were now standing on the top of a high tree.

“Ah!” She is flying!

Lu Yaoyao was extremely excited.

She looked down. The ground was very far below, but Lu Yaoyao wasn’t afraid at all.

“Ah, aaah!” Daddy, keep flying!

Beautiful Daddy didn’t disappoint her and started to fly with Lu Yaoyao in his arms. Above was the vast starry sky, where the stars shone brightly and closely, as if they were within reach. Lu Qingyu took Lu Yaoyao to fly higher and higher, and the child couldn’t help reaching out her hand, trying to catch the brightest star.

Listening to the child’s joyful laughter, Lu Qingyu’s gloomy mood disappeared, and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

In the end, it was Yao Jiuxiao who went hunting, and the fathers and daughter truly had a fun night.

After they were home, Lu Yaoyao drank the black broth her Father cooked as usual. The broth’s appearance hadn’t improved at all. The mysterious black grass Beautiful Daddy put into the broth made it looked terrifying, but also greatly improved the taste. Lu Yaoyao now could drink the broth without batting an eyelid.

Lu Yaoyao only recently discovered that after she drank her full, the leftover broth she hadn’t drunk would be thrown away, and Father and Daddy didn’t even take a sip. She then began to observe carefully, only to find out that her two fathers never had something to eat, and always gave her all the food in the house.

Lu Yaoyao was extremely distressed. So Father and Daddy didn’t eat meat just to give her more food? They sacrificed too much for her sake.

Now every time Lu Yaoyao looked at her two fathers, she always felt that they had lost a lot of weight.

How could they go on like this?

Lu Yaoyao was a caring little baby. She couldn’t allow herself to eat and drink well, but to see her Father and Daddy had nothing to eat. Therefore, whenever it was time to drink black broth, Lu Yaoyao would give Father and Daddy a large bowl each before taking her turn.

Moreover, she also wanted to praise her two fathers. The first time she gave them broth to drink, she couldn’t decide with whom to give the first bowl, for fear making the other jealous. However, Father and Daddy actually showed great friendliness on this occasion. They politely allowed the other to take the first bowl, and in the end, almost got into another fight because of this matter.

Lu Yaoyao was very pleased. It would be the best if Father and Daddy kept being this sensible. Before, the two of them always vyed to be the first in everything, wanting to monopolize her favor and attention, ultimately putting a little baby like herself into a great dilemma every time. Therefore, this sensibility was a beautiful tradition that their family should continue to maintain.

Because Father and Daddy were very sensible, it was even harder for Lu Yaoyao to favor one over another, so in the end, she decided to take turn giving the first bowl every day.

Yesterday Father got the first bowl, so today it was Daddy’s turn. After Father handed a big bowl full of broth to her, Lu Yaoyao hand it to Daddy first.

Beautiful Daddy was easy to serve. He took the bowl and finished it in one gulp. Then he dutifully filled another bowl of broth and handed it to Beautiful Father.

Lu Qingyu’s smile was like a spring breeze: “No need to hold back.”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao took the bowl, his face paled slightly. The herb Lu Qingyu put as the seasoning was an extremely precious thing in the Devil Realm. It was full of devil aura, which was very beneficial for the devil race, and was also a supreme delicacy. For Lu Qingyu, drinking the broth was no problem, as it was both delicious and nutritious.

For humans, however, the herb was tantamount to intestinal poison. Especially the taste, its degree of unpalatability was impossible to describe.

Yao Jiuxiao, the great venerable who had survived the tribulation of heart demons several times in the past, had a nightmare for the first time in his long life. The night after drinking the broth, he dreamt of his daughter coming with a big pot of ominous-looking black broth, chasing behind him and asking him to drink it all. When Yao Jiuxiao finally jolted awake from the nightmare, it left him with lingering palpitations.

However, facing the child’s earnest eyes, Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t say a word of refusal, not to mention there was Lu Qingyu, who fanned the flames behind.

Lu Qingyu’s favorite pastime now was to watch Yao Jiuxiao drinking the broth. No matter how many times, it always gave him a good laugh.

This time was no different. Seeing Yao Jiuxiao hardened his face and emptied the big bowl in one go, Lu Qingyu laughed inwardly. As expected of his daughter, she did an excellent job. If not for Yao Jiuxiao’s tempered body, just one bowl was enough to kill him directly.

Seeing the empty bowl, Lu Yaoyao nodded very satisfiedly. Father wasn’t as obedient as Daddy. Every time she gave him broth, he would be hesitant to drink, wanting to leave more for her and Daddy.

In order to provide for the family, Father sacrificed too much.

Lu Yaoyao slurped and gulped the black broth while thinking seriously. Her small chubby face frowned, and she sighed deeply. She wanted to be more sensible, so she was going to drink less today so that both Father and Daddy could have an extra bowl for themselves.


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  1. Cotton padded jacket: Daughters are said to be their parent’s little cotton-padded jacket, because they are warm and caring.

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