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DDDV Ch 160 Part 2 – I Wish You a Pure and Peaceful World (II)

Lu Qingyu’s gaze fell on that familiar yet seemingly strange face, the smile that appeared upon seeing him momentarily merging with the face from his memories. She walked towards him, her soft and warm hands cradling him. The scene twisted and turned; now the face was stained with fresh blood, and she lay in his arms. Despite him being the one who ended her life, there was no resentment in her dying eyes, only regret and guilt.

—I’m sorry, I was wrong… The differences between humans and devils… are insurmountable after all…

Lu Qingyu’s eyes immediately turned red, and without warning, he grabbed the person in front of him by the neck and slowly lifted her up. Chao Muxue barely had time to speak when she was suddenly struck by a sharp pain in her neck. She struggled to release the grip around her neck. Her face contorted in pain, but her attempts were in vain.

Chao Muxue’s face turned an unsightly color as she struggled, her feet dangling in the air, growing weaker from suffocation. “Sen—…” Her consciousness began to blur. She wanted to ask why, but her words shattered before they could form. Her struggles gradually slowed, weakened, and then ceased entirely.

Lu Qingyu’s bloodshot eyes were filled with violent streaks, and only after Chao Muxue had become still did he release his grip.

As Chao Muxue was thrown to the ground like a broken doll, a white figure slowly appeared next to them.

Lu Qingyu took out a handkerchief and leisurely wiped his hands, his voice cold, “What, you’re not stopping This Venerable now? Not afraid I’d really strangle her to death?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyebrows were frosty, his voice firm, “You wouldn’t.” Because Lu Qingyu wouldn’t make his daughter sad, and this was a friend she cared about deeply.

Lu Qingyu snorted coldly.

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze swept over the unconscious Chao Muxue, “Both of us know, Senior Sister has already died long ago, and she no longer exists in this world. No matter how similar, she is not Senior Sister…”

“But I find this face very annoying.” Lu Qingyu’s voice turned colder. It was an extremely repulsive face, resembling someone he hated to the bone. If she hadn’t come to Guiyuan Sect, if he had found her before Yao Jiuxiao, if she didn’t have such a good relationship with Yaoyao… he would have killed her long ago.

“Since you also know it’s not her, why are you trying to stop me time and again?”

Yao Jiuxiao remained silent, not arguing the point. In fact, it wasn’t him stopping Lu Qingyu — Lu Qingyu himself didn’t want to kill her. If Lu Qingyu truly wanted to kill someone, the outcome would be the same regardless. He could stop Lu Qingyu once or twice, but all he did was merely delay the inevitable.

Lu Qingyu lowered his eyes, looked at the familiar face, and said after a while: “I hate her.”

Yao Jiuxiao looked at him, “I know.”

“She wanted to make me a person who knows goodness from evil, who has emotions and desires… but she turned me into a complete devil.” A smile appeared on Lu Qingyu’s lips, “Being a devil is quite good, I was… originally a devil!”

Yao Jiuxiao looked at Lu Qingyu, his gaze solemn.

Lu Qingyu chuckled lightly, “You didn’t kill me back then and you can’t kill me now, but I will kill you sooner or later.”

“If you commit evil wantonly, I will not be merciful.”

“Heh, we shall see.” Lu Qingyu, feeling bored, was about to leave when he thought of something and turned his head to look at Yao Jiuxiao. “She has seen my eyes. Won’t she realize that the kid has the blood of a devil race? Besides, I almost killed her. Once she wakes up, she will certainly make a fuss, won’t she?” Lu Qingyu said provocatively, “What should we do about this?”

Lu Qingyu’s icy gaze casually swept over the figure on the ground, then he chuckled and walked away, “What should be done, huh?”

Yao Jiuxiao remained unmoved. He stood there for a while before finally lowering his head to look at the motionless figure on the ground.

Under the high sun, a gentle breeze stirred the branches and leaves, creating a soft rustling sound. The wind playfully lifted a few strands of hair at her temples, gently brushing against her beautiful nose, while Chao Muxue watched the disciples of the Wuji Sect depart. She stood motionless for a moment, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

Absentmindedly, she tucked the strands of hair behind her ear and then resumed her journey back to the main peak, wondering.

Why did she suddenly space out? Was it because she hadn’t rested well last night?

Lu Yaoyao lay on the tea table, her short legs swinging back and forth. When a tall, slender figure appeared at the door, Lu Yaoyao quickly looked up to see Yao Jiuxiao entering. She immediately stood up and ran towards him, “Father, why did you leave so suddenly? You made me wait here alone…” Just as Lu Yaoyao was pestering Yao Jiuxiao with questions, he suddenly stood up and left without a word, leaving her waiting here.

Yao Jiuxiao’s icy demeanor slowly melted away, becoming gentle and softer. He looked at his lively daughter, and a faint smile flashed across his lips, “It’s nothing.”

Lu Yaoyao, being considerate, did not ask any more questions and instead asked, “What were we talking about before? Oh, right, Father, you have to help me. I don’t want to be gawked at every time I step outside; it disturbs my study too much. I need to study hard and make progress every day…” She clung tightly to Yao Jiuxiao’s legs and chattered on and on.

Yao Jiuxiao picked up the little girl, holding her close.

Lu Yaoyao stopped her rambling and tilted her head in confusion.

“Father, are you also sad?”


“Yeah, Daddy became upset after I asked him that question. Don’t be sad, okay? I won’t ask about things you don’t want to tell me again. If you do want to talk, I’ll be the best listener. I’m your warmest little cotton-padded jacket!”

“Mm.” Yao Jiuxiao’s expression softened.

“Did Daddy really leave? I want to apologize to him.” Lu Yaoyao sighed. She had been thinking a lot when she was alone and regretted having tried to change the subject by asking a question that touched on sensitive issues. Even though she didn’t know it was taboo, she had made both Father and Daddy upset.

Yao Jiuxiao consoled her, “You’re too young to worry so much. It’s not your fault, your Daddy won’t blame you.”

Lu Yaoyao buried her face in Yao Jiuxiao’s chest, sighing even deeper. Now, Daddy would have even more reason to think she was a leaky little cotton-padded jacket.

Just as Lu Yaoyao was engrossed in melancholy, she felt her collar suddenly tightened, and the next moment she was lifted out of Yao Jiuxiao’s arms into the air, hanging mid-air.

She was like a cat grabbed by the scruff of its neck, her chubby limbs slightly curled. Lu Yaoyao turned her head and saw Lu Qingyu’s face come into view.

Lu Qingyu revealed an enchanting smile that could captivate all living beings, “I’ve thought about it, and think you need a lesson to understand the differences between daddy and mommy.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Father, help!!!

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