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DDDV Ch 161 Part 2 – Three Years Later (II)

Lu Yaoyao, completely absorbed in the lesson, was amazed to hear Mo Ziwan recount the exact sequence of her actions as if he had been there watching. “Senior Brother, how did you know?” she asked curiously.

“Because I’ve blown it up too.” Mo Ziwan said proudly, “I know even more. For example, if you add cloud mulberry leaves between the two materials, the explosion will have a different effect, not as powerful as just now. Moreover, depending on how early or late you add cloud mulberry leaves, the results vary.”

Lu Yaoyao was astonished, “You’ve tried all that?”

“Of course!”

Lu Yaoyao finally understood why her third senior brother was always causing explosions and being confined by their master.

Mo Ziwan said enthusiastically, “If you add those two materials into the furnace first and cloud mulberry leaves second to last, it explodes into a beautiful blue-purple smoke!”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Mo Ziwan patted his chest, “Guaranteed!”

Lu Yaoyao was tempted, “Then perhaps we should…”。

“Ahem…” A deliberate cough interrupted, and Mo Ziwan and Lu Yaoyao turned to look in unison.

A handsome man with a demeanor as gentle as jade stood at the door.

“Second Senior Brother!” Lu Yaoyao quickly ran over, “Second Senior Brother, what brings you here?” The person who came was none other than their second senior brother, Mo Ziwen.

“I heard some noise and came to check.” Mo Ziwen entered the hut and glanced around the interior, noting the layer of ash everywhere and objects scattered in disarray, “The furnace exploded again?” He then glanced towards the adjoining room designated for storing spiritual materials, relieved that the door had worked as intended, preventing the explosion from affecting the next room.

Lu Yaoyao’s alchemy room had a specially built inner door that led directly to the adjacent room, a precaution after a particularly powerful explosion had once destroyed all the spiritual materials stored there.

Lu Yaoyao was the most beloved youngest disciple of the Guiyuan Sect South Fifth Peak, had the Dao Venerable Hengwu as a father, and was greatly favored by the sect leader and the chief disciple. Naturally, she had access to the best resources available. Precious and rare spiritual materials were continuously supplied to her storage room, and even her master would feel distressed to see these materials destroyed in vain. Consequently, after several explosions, Hall Master Mo commissioned the East Third Peak to install a very strong metal door for Lu Yaoyao and then asked the West Seventh Peak to draw a defensive array around the alchemy room to ensure any explosion did not affect other areas.

Lu Yaoyao grinned, “Second Senior Brother, this time I didn’t explode the storage room.” She appeared quite proud of herself.

Mo Ziwen smiled slightly, “My main purpose here is to relay Master’s orders.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled, deeply moved by Master’s concern, “Please tell Master not to worry, I’m fine.”

Mo Ziwen’s smile deepened, he gently tousled Lu Yaoyao’s frizzy hair and said softly, “Master said it’s time for you to go into solitary confinement.”

“???” Lu Yaoyao suddenly doubted her hearing. Could it be her ears were still ringing from the explosion? Lu Yaoyao pressed her ears, then raised her head to look up at Mo Ziwen, “Senior Brother, what did you just say Master said?”

“Master said it’s time for you to go into solitary confinement.”

“Hahaha…” Mo Ziwan laughed heartily, “Congrats, you finally got your first confinement!” He took delight in Lu Yaoyao’s misfortune, pleased that his little junior sister was finally receiving the same treatment as him.

“…” Lu Yaoyao was in disbelief, “I’m going to see Master!”

“Master said he won’t see you, he asked me to take you directly to the confinement room.” Mo Ziwen smiled, blocking her retreat. According to Master, he would certainly soften once Yaoyao started acting cute and pleading coquettishly; thus, it was better to keep her out of sight and just impose the punishment.

Lu Yaoyao was in turmoil. Did Master’s love for her only last half a year?!

“Hahahaha…” Mo Ziwan’s wicked laughter was uncontrollable, infuriating Lu Yaoyao even more.

Mo Ziwen turned to his junior brother, his smile deepening, “Third Junior Brother, you’re coming too.”

“Huh?” Mo Ziwan’s laughter stopped abruptly, his eyes widening in disbelief, “Second Senior Brother, what did you say?”

Mo Ziwen’s smile was unfading, “Master instructed that you and Yaoyao are to be confined together.”

Mo Ziwan protested his innocence, “What did I do wrong?!” It was Little Junior Sister who blew up the furnace, not him! He had only been released from confinement less than a day ago!

Now, it was Lu Yaoyao’s turn to laugh. Served him right, hmph! Who told him to laugh at her just now? Now he was getting his just karma!

Mo Ziwan wailed miserably like a butchered pig, “It’s not like I led Little Junior Sister astray!” She was like this by nature; what did it have to do with him?

Mo Ziwen kept smiling and said nothing. Regardless of anything, Master undoubtedly believed Third Junior Brother had led Little Junior Sister astray. Having one disciple who frequently caused explosions was already enough of a headache, and now there was another, frustrating Master to no end.

No matter how loud Mo Ziwan howled, he ultimately ended up in confinement with Lu Yaoyao.

Speaking of confinement, it wasn’t actually that frightening. It was Lu Yaoyao’s first time being confined, so she was quite curious as she eagerly looked around.

The confinement room was simply a few crude-looking stone chambers, so bare except for wall lamps for lighting and two meditation cushions on the ground. Upon entering, Mo Ziwan moved about familiarly as if he were in his own home. He settled down on a cushion on the ground and beckoned, “Yaoyao, come sit.”

Lu Yaoyao went over and sat down, “Third Senior Brother, what do we do in the confinement room?”

“Nothing at all.”

Lu Yaoyao looked puzzled. If they didn’t have to do anything, then what was the point of confinement? Was it just being locked?

“Then how do you pass the time here?”

Mo Ziwan replied offhandedly, “Sleep, of course.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Although the name solitary confinement might sound intimidating, in reality, Lu Yaoyao and Mo Ziwan were only confined for three days before they were released.

Of course, these three days were not spent sleeping as Mo Ziwan had suggested. Being locked up alone should be boring, but two people had each other’s company.

The confinement room was not as plain as Lu Yaoyao initially thought. This place was specially built to be completely isolated from the outside world, and it was so quiet here that being locked inside would make one feel they were left alone in the world. Therefore, staying there for a long time would eventually wear one’s mind, especially since the use of spiritual aura was also forbidden. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t even open her small pouch.

At first, Lu Yaoyao was not used to the quietness. With a naturally energetic personality, she preferred lively environments, and the silence in the confinement room was too much for her. She couldn’t fathom how her third senior brother could become accustomed to such an environment.

With only Mo Ziwan for company, Lu Yaoyao started talking to him. It was an opportunity to seek advice on alchemy. The two of them talked enthusiastically, and time flew by quickly.

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