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DDDV Ch 163 Part 2 – Mission Hall (II)

Wen Zixing showed Lu Yaoyao and the others several missions that caught his eye. Though the rewards weren’t high, the missions were simple and could be done nearby, which was ideal for them — a group of first-timers who lacked experience and couldn’t travel long distances. Lu Yaoyao had hoped to take on missions with a bit more challenge, but after scanning around, she realized that the difficult ones were located far away from the sect. The ones Wen Zixing selected were indeed the most suitable.

After pondering their options for a while, Lu Yaoyao suggested, “How about we take on these three tasks? Let’s get some practice, and after the sect’s inner tournament ends, we can take on others.” It was currently the beginning of the second month, and Guiyuan Sect’s inner tournament was scheduled from the 1st to the 15th days of the fifth month. They planned to spend a month on the tasks, leaving time to prepare for the tournament.

The tournament wasn’t just about martial contests but also included the assessment of their academic study; after three years of enrolling in classes, it was time for their knowledge to be tested!

Du Qianshan agreed, “Sounds good to me.”

Chao Muxue added, “There’s also the sect’s entrance trial in the tenth month. We have plenty of time if we take another mission and return before then.”

It felt like only yesterday they were going through their own entrance trial, and now a new batch of disciples was about to start.

“Alright, let’s take them,” Wen Zixing declared. They then approached the disciple behind the desk, “Excuse us, Senior Sister. We’d like to take these missions.”

Three disciples maintained the desk. One of whom, responsible for registration, smiled, “Alright, are you a permanent team?”

“Yes, please.”

Disciples could undertake missions individually or in teams, either temporarily or permanently. Permanent teams had to be registered in the hall for reference in case of internal disputes, whereas temporary teams and individuals did not.

The senior sister removed the three selected tasks from the wall, recorded them under Lu Yaoyao and her friends, and handed them the task plaques. “These tasks have a time limit.” She reminded.

The disciples in charge had been observing this group since they entered the hall, thanks to Lu Yaoyao’s presence. Among the younger generation of disciples, Lu Yaoyao’s group was highly noticeable.

The senior sister noted down some information and handed it over to Lu Yaoyao, “Junior Sister Yaoyao, here are some details related to your tasks. They should be helpful.”

Lu Yaoyao had already dismounted from Chao Muxue’s arms and was currently standing on her own in front of the desk. She reached up to take the spiritual scroll, looked up, and smiled sweetly, “Thank you, Senior Sister.”

After registering for the mission, the group didn’t immediately leave. Lu Yaoyao’s gaze drifted to the sides of the long desk, which extended and turned at both ends. Two disciples were stationed on each side: the left for task submission and reward collection, and the right for issuing missions.

All of a sudden, Lu Yaoyao recalled that she and Brother Yuanyuan still needed a large amount of Star Sand for the Abyss. Right, she could issue a long-term mission! There was a limit to what an individual could do, but the potential of the masses was unlimited. Why hadn’t this occurred to her before? Fortunately, it’s not too late!

So, Lu Yaoyao ran to the desk on the right, “Excuse me, Senior Brother, I’d like to issue a mission. What’s the process?”

“Hello, Junior Sister Yaoyao.” The senior brother leaned forward, flashing a bright smile, “Please follow me inside.”

The mission wall did not display the names of those issuing missions. Instead, the sect acts as an intermediary, taking a fixed percentage as a service fee. Of course, if the issuer didn’t mind being known, they could disclose it themselves. The disciples of the mission hall, however, were strictly trained to maintain issuers’ privacy.

The senior brother opened the desk door to let Lu Yaoyao in. Wen Zixing tried to follow but was stopped. Only one person could enter at a time, unless the mission was being issued by a group.

Lu Yaoyao waved to her friends, asking them to wait, and followed the senior brother into a room. Inside, it was quite ordinary, with a middle-aged cultivator sitting at a similar desk.

“Martial Uncle, Junior Sister Yaoyao here wants to issue a mission.”

Lu Yaoyao also greeted the martial uncle, who put down his pen upon their entry.

After bringing her in, the senior brother quickly left. Lu Yaoyao walked to the desk and climbed up to the guest chair. Realizing she was too short to sit normally, she took out a handkerchief, put it on the seat, and stood up with her knees slightly bent, “Martial Uncle, I want to issue a mission, please.”

The cultivator, clearly recognizing Lu Yaoyao, asked gently, “What kind of mission do you want to issue?”

“I need Star Sand!”

The cultivator looked puzzled, “What’s Star Sand?”

Lu Yaoyao shared what she knew without holding back: “Star Sand is said to be born in the Sea of Chaos, can repair heaven and earth, and can also be used to forge divine artifacts. It has the appearance of multicolored spirit sand…” She described what Star Sand looked like, “Daddy once gave me a box of it, but now it’s gone…”

Lu Yaoyao’s explanation was vague, not clarifying how it was gone, leading the cultivator to assume she had somehow lost the things His Venerable had given her and was now looking for something similar. After listening to her lengthy explanation, he realized the mission involved an extremely rare spiritual material, which he hadn’t heard of until then, “This won’t be an easy task!”

Lu Yaoyao was aware of the immense difficulty of the task; even her Daddy and the trusted devil army under their command had been searching for a long time without any news. “Let’s define the mission level as the most difficult, and the reward…” Lu Yaoyao paused. She recalled the reward for the hopbeast mission she had just seen, which was a hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones, “Let it be two hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones,” she declared.

The cultivator gasped. A single high-grade spirit stone was already very valuable; two hundred thousand could sustain a medium-sized sect. “Yaoyao, are you sure you didn’t misspeak?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded firmly, “I’m sure.” What she lacked least were spirit stones, and she could also rely on Father if she didn’t enough. To her, obtaining Star Sand would be worth far more than two hundred thousand spirit stones.

After the initial shock, the cultivator said, “Then I’ll register it for you.”

“Okay.” Lu Yaoyao discussed some more details, paid a deposit, and then left the room.

Wen Zixing and the others had been waiting outside for about two incense sticks of time before they saw Lu Yaoyao come out.

“Yaoyao, is everything taken care of?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded, looking around, “Let’s talk outside.”

Once they were outside the mission hall, Lu Yaoyao briefly shared the details of the mission she had issued. “Two hundred thousand!” Everyone gasped.

“You all must keep this a secret, okay?” She didn’t want outsiders to know she was the person who issued the mission.

“We definitely won’t say a word!” the three promised.

Wen Zixing reassured, “Don’t worry, we’ll also help you look for Star Sand.”

“Right,” Chao Muxue agreed, “We’ll be going out for training anyway, we can search together.”

Moved, Lu Yaoyao nodded solemnly.

Wen Zixing suddenly suggested, “Shouldn’t our team have a name? It’d sound more impressive when we call it out.”

Du Qianshan’s eyes lit up, “That’s a great idea.”

But what name should they choose? The four exchanged glances, pondering.

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