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DDDV Ch 17 – In the Winter, Wear Thick Clothes

Seasons and weather had no effect on high-level cultivators, but for ordinary demons with a low cultivation level, winter was a difficult season. The Duanping Mountains Range area had distinct four seasons. The tail of autumn had yet to completely passed, but the entire Duanping was already freezing cold.

One morning, Lu Yaoyao was brought by Beautiful Daddy to the lake as usual when she saw the white snow fluttering. She realized that the season had changed. The Ruyi brocade on her body was not only immune to dirt, but it also kept her warm and comfortable. In addition, what Lu Yaoyao ate every day was high-class spiritual food, so she didn’t feel cold even when being exposed to the winter wind.

However, Lu Yaoyao’s little brain instinctively thought that she should wear thick clothes, not this thin bellyband that exposed many of her skins. Lu Yaoyao hugged Beautiful Daddy’s neck, and babbled ‘ah, ah’ a few times. Before she could express her meaning, however, her attention was taken over by Beautiful Father’s back figure.

Yao Jiuxiao stood on the edge of the lake, looking out to the distance. Snowflakes fluttered from the sky, falling on his white robe before melting and disappearing. He stood still, motionless. The icy wind blew on the hem of his clothes. His whole figure was like an ink painting, beautiful and ephemeral.

Lu Yaoyao was so mesmerized, having her eyes totally captivated by her father’s beautiful figure. After a long time, she tilted her head and babbled in confusion: “Uh?” What happens to Father? Why is he standing motionlessly in the snow?

How could Lu Qingyu know? He snorted in contempt, thinking that Yao Jiuxiao was plotting something again, so he didn’t say anything to the child.

Lu Yaoyao pointed her chubby finger at Father, and patted Beautiful Daddy’s arm with her other hand, motioning him to take her to her Father.

Lu Qingyu wanted to pretend that he didn’t understand, but he couldn’t win against his daughter’s persistence and reluctantly walked over.

Lu Yaoyao urged him to go faster: Beautiful Daddy, hurry up!

Lu Qingyu’s face darkened even more.

When their distance was about two meters away, Yao Jiuxiao, who had noticed the two were coming, turned his body around.

Lu Yaoyao bounced around with her upper body, stretching out her hands towards Beautiful Father, who looked as cold as the winter white snow itself. She babbled noisily with her baby tongue: Father, what’s the matter with you?

Lu Qingyu couldn’t help feeling sour and lightly smacked the child’s wiggling butt.

Unfilial child. Why had he never seen her being this caring about him?

Instead of walking towards Yao Jiuxiao, he changed direction and moved some distance away, making Lu Yaoyao yell in protest.

When Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze fell on his daughter, the cold atmosphere around him dissipated a little, revealing a warmness. He walked towards the child and picked her into his embrace.

Lu Yaoyao sat upright in Yao Jiuxiao’s arms, pasting her chubby short hands on Father’s cheeks. She babbled in concern, rubbing his face with her small forehead.

Father, don’t be sad.

Maybe because Father had been outside for a while, but his face was very cold. Only after she rubbed it for a long time that it got warmed a little.

Yao Jiuxiao realized that the child might have misunderstood. He was merely thinking about something, not being sad. However, feeling the soft and warm little hands and the small face pressed against his…Yao Jiuxiao chose to keep silent.

Lu Qingyu was extremely upset. He walked over, snatched the child from Yao Jiuxiao, and walked back towards the house.

Lu Yaoyao nestled in Lu Qingyu’s arms. She raised her head and looked up confusedly: Why does Daddy get angry again?

Lu Qingyu took the child back into the house, put her on the couch, and then stood in front of her, looking down from the height.

Lu Yaoyao lay flat on her back and returned his gaze unblinkingly.

Lu Qingyu pointed at her and said hatefully: “Do you still have me in your eyes?”

“???” Lu Yaoyao became even more confused. She lifted her feet and started to gnaw on her hand, looking at her Daddy innocently.

What is Daddy talking about?

Lu Qingyu’s face was full of dissatisfaction, “This Venerable is talking to you. Listen seriously. Put your feet down…don’t eat your hand!”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Lu Yaoyao turned over and sat up, blinking a few times. Her long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. She noticed that Father was coming in from the door and carefully took a look. Seeing that Father’s expression had returned to normal, she was relieved and turned back to take care of unreasonable Daddy.

“Ahhh!” Lu Yaoyao patted the couch and gestured at Beautiful Daddy to come here.

Lu Qingyu hummed coldly. He came over and sat cross-legged on the couch, waiting for the child to coax him.

Lu Yaoyao waited for Beautiful Daddy to sit properly, then she crawled over and gripped his trousers.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Daddy, it’s winter now. Baby needs thick clothes!

She wouldn’t coax him. Daddy was arrogant because of her spoiling, so she shouldn’t follow his intention now.

Lu Yaoyao babbled loud and hard, trying to convey her meaning with various gestures. She used her chubby hands to touch Lu Qingyu’s face. Although she physically didn’t feel cold, she felt that she was supposed to be cold with such a thin bellyband that didn’t even cover her hands and feet.

Her request this time was too complicated to express. Lu Yaoyao’s mouth was almost dry, but Daddy still hadn’t got it. Finally, she pushed Beautiful Daddy onto the coach, pulled his outer robe off with her little hands, then rolled herself with it, like a pupa.

Lu Yaoyao blinked her big eyes expectantly.

“Ah! Ah!” Baby wants clothes like this!

Attacked by his daughter, Lu Qingyu was in a disheveled state. His outer robe was removed, revealing a white middle garment. This middle garment was also in a sorry state, creased and wrinkled. If this scene fell into the eyes of unsuspecting people, their minds might turn to the gutter.

Lu Qingyu stared at Lu Yaoyao, who blinked her big eyes and smiled cutely at him. In the end, Lu Qingyu didn’t get angry: “Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter wants to wear the same clothes as me.”

Lu Yaoyao immediately turned around and looked at Beautiful Father with expectant eyes. Her small body was still rolled into a small silkworm pupa.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

He used a spell to transform the Ruyi brocade into a full miniature version of Lu Qingyu’s outfit, except for the shoes. There were still no shoes on the child’s little feet.

Lu Yaoyao felt the change, and quickly crawled out of Lu Qingyu’s robe. Her eyes widened as she looked down at the clothes on her body curiously.

Her clothes can transform. It’s amazing!

How did Father do that?

The clothes were still red in color, but they were no longer in bellyband style. All in all, her new outfit was very similar to Daddy’s, with some minor differences. Instead of white, she had a red middle garment, the same color as her robe and trousers, making her look like the chubby little girl from the New Year picture.

Lu Yaoyao was very happy. She was now properly clothed and didn’t feel ‘cold’ anymore.

After changing into an outfit similar to his, Lu Qingyu saw that the child became more looked like himself. He was very satisfied, and even said: “Let’s prepare more outfits for Zhu’er later.”

Yao Jiuxiao refused to respond. Suddenly, his expression changed slightly, and he turned his head towards the door.

Lu Qingyu also sensed the commotion outside, but he didn’t care. The things that happened outside had nothing to do with him. Therefore, seeing Yao Jiuxiao turned around and walked out, he sneered.

As expected of a hypocritical human race.

However, after a while, Lu Qingyu, who was casually playing with the child, felt another movement outside and suddenly paused in motion. His eyes gleamed, then he picked up his daughter and casually walked out of the door.


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