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DDDV Ch 18 – The Crazed Leopard Demon

Outside the barrier, the peach blossom demon kept calling the name of the two stone demons as she anxiously walked around in a circle. It was very urgent! These two stone demons were even more reclusive than most old demons. They could hole inside their territory and didn’t come out for weeks to come. Even if they came out, they did it without schedules or signs. She was obviously their closest neighbor, but even she only saw them very rarely.

If it weren’t for the situation, she wouldn’t come to disturb them either. Now, only the two stone demons could help. Thinking of this, the peach blossom demon called out their names again.

Not long after, a slender figure appeared, and Yao Jiuxiao stood in front of the peach blossom demon. Seeing him, the peach blossom demon’s eyes suddenly brightened: “You finally came out! Something bad happened! Can you help? The leopard demon from Wutong Mountain suddenly goes crazy and injured many demons. Other demons from neighboring mountains have gone to help, but you two are the most powerful demons in Cangshan…”

Wutong Mountain was two mountains away from Cangshan, and the resident with the highest cultivation base was precisely this leopard demon. His cultivation was at the late stage of Body Refining, barely on the verge of the Transformation stage. However, for an unknown reason, the leopard demon suddenly lost his mind and turned crazy, destroying half of the mountain. His neighbors tried to stop him, but were injured in the process.

The cultivation bases of the demons living in the Duanping Mountain Range were generally below the Body Refining stage. Those who had reached the Body Refining stage and above could be counted with the fingers of two hands.

A cultivation base at the late Body Refining stage was among the strongest in the area. On top of that, the leopard demon had lost his mind, which significantly raised his strength. Even demons in the Transformation stage didn’t dare to attack recklessly.

The demons in the Duanping Mountain Ranges mainly were originated from harmless small animals or plants. This made the leopard demon, a large carnivore, one of the most powerful beings, regardless of cultivation base. The two stone demons were at the late Body Refining stage. In Cangshan, except for the two of them, only the peach blossom demon and the locust tree demon living on the top of the mountain had the same cultivation base as the leopard demon. However, the peach blossom demon had no combat power. How could she stop a rampaging carnivore? As for the old locust tree, he had entered the closed-door cultivation some time ago and had yet to come out of his seclusion.

Other demons with a high enough cultivation base all went to help. The peach blossom demon thought of their mountain’s two newcomers. Their strength was not low, and they were basically the strongest demons in Cangshan. So the peach blossom demon came to call them, thinking that their help might make a difference.

Yao Jiuxiao naturally knew what she was talking about. His spiritual sense had long noticed the commotion two mountains away. He initially didn’t intend to intervene, until the peach blossom demon came asking for help. This demon had helped them a few times before, so he couldn’t turn her down coldly.

At this moment, Lu Qingyu walked out, carrying the child in his arms. He looked at Yao Jiuxiao, “You are going out?”

Lu Yaoyao looked over curiously, “Ah?” Where is Father going?

Yao Jiuxiao did not answer.

The peach blossom demon saw Lu Qingyu came out and was pleasantly surprised. She quickly gave a brief explanation, then looked at the family of three with expectant eyes.

The more helper, the better.

“Zhu’er is still very young.” Lu Qingyu replied indifferently. Just a small demon went crazy. What did it matter to him? Yao Jiuxiao might be bored enough to take care of this kind of matter, but he didn’t intend to go.

Yao Jiuxiao said solemnly: “I’ll be back soon.” After he spoke, he gave Lu Qingyu a stern gaze, warning the other man to stay home quietly with the child.

Yao Jiuxiao still wanted to say a few more warnings. But seeing the peach blossom demon’s anxious look, he knew that the situation at Wutong Mountain was getting worse every second. Thinking that he could solve it in no time, he stopped speaking and rushed to Wutong Mountain.

The peach blossom demon actually wanted to use this rare chance to see and spoke at the little cub, but since the situation over there was critical, she couldn’t rest assured and also hurried over.

After watching Yao Jiuxiao leave, Lu Qingyu didn’t turn around and went back to their home. Instead, he stood still for a moment, sensing Yao Jiuxiao arrived at Wutong Mountain, which evoked a sarcastic smile on his face.

A hypocritical human race.

Then, Lu Qingyu quickly ran in the opposite direction. There was no way he would miss such a great opportunity, no?

Lu Yaoyao was lying in Beautiful Daddy’s arms. Her big eyes looked up at his chin, wondering.

Is Daddy going to take her to Father?

Lu Yaoyao had no objection, and was very happy. When she heard about the situation from Aunt peach blossom, Lu Yaoyao was very worried that Father might get injured.

However, she remembered that Father didn’t go in this direction. Could it be a shortcut?

Lu Yaoyao unconsciously raised her little head and looked around with her pair of bright eyes. Beautiful Daddy moved so fast that the scenery they passed seemed to be blurred. Snowflakes danced down from the sky, but disappeared before it could reach the two.

Lu Qingyu quickly arrived at the last barrier surrounding the border of Duanping Mountain Range. No one could notice this barrier’s existence, even with spiritual consciousness, unless they were on the same cultivation level as Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao. Others would think that there was nothing here, but in Lu Qingyu’s eyes, there was a thin layer of shimmering light, which formed the barrier.

Lu Qingyu turned his head and lightly glanced in a certain direction. As his lips curling up into a sinister and triumphant smile, he stepped out of the barrier’s boundary. A thick black fog enveloped Lu Qingyu and Lu Yaoyao. After the fog dissipated, their figures were nowhere to be seen.

On the other side, Yao Jiuxiao quickly arrived at Wutong Mountain. The leopard demon had turned back into its beast form, three times the size of an ordinary leopard. His breath was unsteady, his eyes were blood red, and his movements were frenzy, attacking his surrounding indiscriminately.

The top of Wutong Mountain had been totally wrecked by the leopard demon’s rampage. Many Duanping demons encircled the place from various distances. Among them, five or six demons with a relatively high cultivation level were cooperating to besiege the leopard demon, trying to stop him from a further rampage. However, even with sheer advantage in numbers, they were still no match to the leopard demon who had lost his mind, and many had gotten injured in the process.

The weaker demons could only watch anxiously from a distance, while some of them dragged the injured back for treatment. When they saw Yao Jiuxiao appeared, they greeted him like a savior.

“Senior Jiuxiao, you are here! Old leopard is suddenly going crazy!”

“Yeah! We don’t know why he suddenly lost his mind. Senior, do you know something?”

The demons present all looked at him with great explanation, hoping that he could stop the crazed leopard.

Yao Jiuxiao looked at the leopard demon, and instantly saw that this demon had mistakenly eaten something that shouldn’t be eaten, which led to sudden madness and loss of control. Yao Jiuxiao stepped forward. With one swept of his hand, he shot a wave of clear spiritual aura towards the leopard demon’s head.

The leopard demon was raising his fangs towards an elk demon, but before he could bite down, the blue aura penetrated his head, turning his bloody red eyes back to pale yellow. The leopard regained his sanity in an instant, and immediately paused his halfway movement.

The leopard demon opened his mouth and put the elk demon down. His gigantic body shook as he fell to the ground.

“Leopard, are you okay?”

After confirming that the leopard demon had recovered his sanity, the demons who had a good relationship with him came over with concern.

The leopard demon collapsed on his side and replied hoarsely: “I’m fine. Thanks to you, brothers. Thank you so much!”

The leopard demon moved his head strenuously and looked at Yao Jiuxiao, who had helped him regain his sanity. His pupils were full of gratitude. He clearly remembered what he did after losing his sanity, which left him with lingering fear. If it was not for Yao Jiuxiao who stopped him in time, he might have committed an irreparable sin.

At this moment, Yao Jiuxiao sensed that Lu Qingyu had taken the child out of the second layer of restriction. His face turned icy. He turned around and was about to leave, but was blocked by the excited demons.

“Senior Jiuxiao, you are so amazing!”

“Right, right. With just one move, Old Leopard returns to normal…”

“All thanks to Senior Jiuxiao…”

“Senior, do you know why the Old Leopard went crazy? Will he relapse?”

When Yao Jiuxiao helped the leopard demon regained his sanity, he won instant favorability from all demons present. They no longer felt that he was hard to approach. Instead, they thought that Yao Jiuxiao was cold outside but kind-hearted on the inside, and were no longer afraid of him.

The demons expressed their gratitude and also some worry, but their worry didn’t last long. They knew that if there was a next time, this stone demon would definitely come to help again, so they didn’t feel scared.

Being held back from leaving, Yao Jiuxiao’s face turned even colder. With a flick of his sleeve, he disappeared from the place, and appeared almost instantly in front of the outmost barrier surrounding Duanping Mountain Range.

However, he was still a step too late. There was no one there, only the blowing cold wind and snowflakes.

“Lu, Qing, Yu!”

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Beautiful Daddy Runs Away With The Baby – The Sequel

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