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DDDV Ch 19 Part 1 – The Demon Inn (I)

This year’s snow had been falling longer compared with previous years. After three days of continuous fall, the snow showed no sign of stopping and was getting heavier instead. Almost the entire Demon Realm was covered in snowflakes, turning the scenery into a boring white-clad world.

An old wooden door suddenly squeaked open. Storm-engulfed snowflakes blew into the building, followed by the cold air that shook the dim candlelight.

The deadly silence in the room was suddenly broken. A rough voice grumpily asked: “Who?”

Two pointed and curved horns emerged from behind a tattered wooden counter, followed by the figure of a sturdy demon in the form of a middle-aged human male. The demon had a fierce-looking face. His pair of bronze eyes cast a glance at the opened wooden door that was blown by the wind.

This place was a demon inn, located in the unhabituated wilderness in the middle of nowhere. Because it had been snowing for several days, a thick layer of snow had accumulated on the ground. With such bad weather, demons with low cultivation bases chose to hole in their nest, waiting for the winter to pass.

The roads heading to the inn were hard to traverse, so no one would come unless they were passing by. Its owner was a buffalo demon, whose cultivation base was on the later stage of Transformation. He had been doing inn business here close to five hundred years.

Every year during the winter, when the road was cold and snowy, was the worst time for business. In some years, there would be no guests come from the first snow to the beginning of spring. Therefore, the owner basically spent winter time dozing off inside the inn.

This year’s winter also started as usual. The owner had been sleeping soundly on the floor behind the counter for several days when he was suddenly awakened by the sound of the door opened. The still drowsy buffalo demon woke up grumpily.

The inn’s front door was opened wide, and the cold wind filled with snowflakes blew in, taking away the warmth inside. The buffalo demon was of unusually tall stature. When he stood behind the counter, the flickering candlelight cast a huge black shadow of his figure.

The sudden visitor had not yet stepped in. The red hem of his robe was first blown in by the cold wind, continued by a pair of black boots stepping in, and finally, the wooden door closed automatically behind him.

The buffalo demon moved his gaze upwards and met a handsome male face. Due to the arrival of this guest, the dark and dilapidated lobby had suddenly become bright. However, the buffalo demon felt an inexplicably danger and pressure, which instantly woke up his irritated brain. He quickly walked around the counter to greet the guest, showing the best of his honest and cordial smile.

“Fellow Daoist, are you going to stay for the night?” This guest’s human form was perfect, without any signs of demon characteristics. Obviously, his cultivation base was very high. This person was not someone the buffalo demon could offend, so his attitude became more respectful.

—No wonder he hadn’t sensed this demon’s arrival beforehand.

The male demon glanced at the dilapidated lobby and frowned slightly, but he still said, “Do you have something a little cub can eat?”

A little cub? The buffalo demon was stunned. Before he could answer, he saw the red bulge on the male demon’s chest was suddenly moving, and then a cute little face appeared from it.

The buffalo demon’s eyes widened in surprise. It turned out that the male demon was carrying a baby girl in his arms. The girl was so tiny, still a little cub, and she was wearing a hooded cloak, which made her appearance even more exquisite.

In a split second, the buffalo demon thought that this male demon had kidnapped a human cub from Human Realm, but after a closer look, he realized that the little girl was also a demon.

What a beautiful and cute little cub.

The buffalo demon subconsciously softened his rough expression and also toned down his voice. “Yes. Our inn has a few spiritual eggs. We can make an egg custard for the cub to eat.” After he spoke, the buffalo demon cleaned the tables and chairs neglected over the winter and invited the male demon to sit down.

Lu Qingyu did not refuse and sat down.

“Second Brother! A guest!” Seeing the male demon sat down, the buffalo demon yelled in the direction of the back kitchen.

A shrill voice yelled back: “Got it!”

The little cub still couldn’t sit on the stool by herself, so she was sat on the male demon’s thigh. But after sitting down, only the top of her head could barely be seen.

The male demon glanced at the tabletop. After cleaning it with a dirt-removal spell, he picked up the cub and put her on the table.

The child was glaring angrily at the male demon. Her pink face was puffed, and her big round eyes seemed to be on fire.

“Still angry, eh? Zhu’er?”

This pair of sudden visitors were exactly Lu Qingyu and Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao realized that after Daddy had taken her away from home, she hadn’t seen her Father for a long time. On the contrary, the scenery she saw became more and more unfamiliar. No matter how slow her reaction was, Lu Yaoyao finally understood that Daddy took her away from Father.

Because of this, Lu Yaoyao was furious. She couldn’t understand why Daddy wanted to run away. She wanted her Father!

It was a pity that no matter how fiercely she screamed at Daddy, he completely ignored her demand.

Hearing Lu Qingyu’s question, Lu Yaoyao turned around angrily, giving him only a cold little shoulder.

Lu Qingyu reached out his finger and poked: “You are really angry?”

“Do you only want him and no longer want Daddy?” Lu Qingyu’s face was darkened as he spoke.

Lu Yaoyao turned her head, yelled fiercely once, and then turned back again.

She wants Daddy, but she also wants Father!

“Me or him, you can only choose one.” Lu Qingyu coldly said.

“Ah, ah, ah, aah!!!!” She wants both Father and Daddy. No one can be missing!

“Greedy kid. From now on, you should forget about him.” He finally found a chance and snatch the child away; how could he go back? His daughter naturally belonged to his devil race.

Lu Qingyu was not worried. No matter how clever the child was, she was still very young. After a while, she would forget the experience of the past few months and only remembered him, the person who was closest to her.

He knew that Yao Jiuxiao must be looking for them everywhere, probably he was even chasing after their traces now. Having been enemies for so many years, they knew each other the best. Once he revealed the slightest clue, Yao Jiuxiao would be able to catch up immediately.

So Lu Qingyu was very careful when erasing their tracks along the way.

Now that they were still in the Demon Realm, in order to avoid attracting the suspicion of the nearby Demon Kings, Lu Qingyu hadn’t released the restriction on his cultivation base. Instead, he had sent a message to his subordinates, ordering them to wait for him at the junction of three realms.

Although the Duanping Mountain Range was a remote area in the Demon Realm, it wasn’t bordered by any other two realms, which took them a long distance to travel to the borders. Moreover, the nearest border was with the Human Realm, not the Devil Realm.

To avoid Yao Jiuxiao — who undoubtedly was doing his all to chase after them — and returned to the Devil Realm smoothly, Lu Qingyu had to pass through the Human Realm first. After he grouped with his subordinates, he would immediately lift the restriction on his body. At that time, even if Yao Jiuxiao managed to catch up, he would be overpowered and have to retreat.

Lu Qingyu’s plan was perfect. After returning to his territory, he would immediately close the border to the Devil Realm. Even with Yao Jiuxiao’s strength, it would be impossible to forcefully tear open the realm’s boundary within a short amount of time.

As long as he had ten to twenty years, Lu Qingyu could raise the child as a proper devil race member. When the time came, all the dust would have been settled, and Yao Jiuxiao would be powerless to change the result.


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