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DDDV Ch 19 Part 2 – The Demon Inn (II)

Lu Qingyu’s plan was perfect. After returning to his territory, he would immediately close the border to the Devil Realm. Even with Yao Jiuxiao’s strength, it would be impossible to forcefully tear open the realm’s boundary within a short amount of time.

As long as he had ten to twenty years, Lu Qingyu could raise the child as a proper devil race member. When the time came, all the dust would have been settled, and Yao Jiuxiao would be powerless to change the result.

It just so happened that the poor weather impended their travel speed. With his restricted cultivation base, Lu Qingyu couldn’t even use a teleportation spell. Moreover, the child was having a temper tantrum all the way, which displeased him even more.

Lu Qingyu poked his daughter’s back with his slender fingers: “Alright, stop making a temper. Daddy’s patience is limited. If you really make Daddy angry….”

Lu Yaoyao finally turned around. Her big and black eyes were filled with water crystal that was on the verge of spilling.

She leaned back and threw herself on the table, and strings of tears began to flow out.

She missed Father, woohoo…

Lu Yaoyao didn’t cry loudly like she usually did. Her sobs were soundless, but tears kept flowing out, and her small body twitched from time to time.

Lu Qingyu raised his eyebrows, irritated. “Don’t cry. Between him and Daddy, you can only choose one.”

“Hic…” Why? Hasn’t she always lived with Father and Daddy before? Why they no longer can?

Lu Yaoyao was extremely sad.

She wanted to be with Daddy, but she also missed Father…

Lu Qingyu was even more irritated. He wanted to coax the child to stop crying, but coaxing had always been Yao Jiuxiao’s responsibility. Lu Qingyu tried to imitate, but to no avail. The child refused to be coaxed at all.

What a bothersome kid.

The buffalo demon listened from the side and soon understood the situation. So this was the typical tragedy where a pair of Daoist couple fell out of love and chose to separate, so their child was forced to choose only one parent!

The buffalo demon glanced at the beautiful little cub. How could her parents bear to make her so sad? However, they demon race was used to do as they wanted. When a Daoist couple fell out, it wasn’t rare for them to end up as enemies. It was just that the little cub was too pitiful.

The buffalo demon couldn’t bear seeing it, so he opened his mouth and tried to suggest: “Fellow Daoist, if you and your Dao companion’s dispute isn’t a matter of life and death, how about you consider to stay together until the cub grows up?”

Young cubs knew nothing. In their eyes, parents were their closest existences. When one was missing, it would be detrimental to their emotional growth. What’s more, demons’ lifespan was very long, so it was rare for Daoist couples to have a complete falling out when their cubs were still young.

This was the buffalo demon’s first time seeing this kind of situation.

“…” Lu Qingyu glanced silently. Although the gaze was calm and indifferent, the buffalo demon suddenly felt an instinctual danger which made his whole body tensed.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. Did Father and Daddy separate because they no longer had feelings for each other? But why? She never saw them having a big quarrel!

At this moment, a small skinny figure of a demon came out of the kitchen with a small tray in his hand. The big bowl on the tray was still steaming hotly.

“A bowl of spiritual egg custard is ready.”

This was a weasel demon. With a pair of sharp ears and a monkey-like face, he looked ugly. However, his cultivation base was in the Demon Core stage, which gave him the ability to transform into a complete human form.

No wonder these two demons dared to open an inn in the middle of nowhere. Demons with a cultivation base in the Demon Core stage were powerful enough that ordinary demons wouldn’t easily provoke them.

The sense of danger lasted just a brief second, making the buffalo demon think that he had mistaken it. Looking at the male demon again, although he was very mysterious, the atmosphere around him was very calm, unlike someone who had just released a murderous intent.

But the buffalo demon decided to stop talking.

Lu Yaoyao was still crying silently, but she suddenly smelled a very delicious aroma. Her small nose quivered. She hiccuped, stopped crying, and turned her head towards the source of the aroma.

Lu Qingyu helped Lu Yaoyao up and put the bowl of custard in front of her with a small spoon on it.

The custard made from a spiritual egg was fluffy and yellow in color. It was sprinkled with finely chopped garnish and had a tasty aroma. Very appetizing.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t resist the temptation and opened her small mouth, signaling Beautiful Daddy to feed her.

Spiritual egg custard! It looked so delicious, and she had never eaten one before. She could cry again after eating!

Lu Qingyu held his daughter with one hand and picked the small spoon with the other hand. He awkwardly scooped a big chunk of custard, held the spoon slightly slantedly, and brought it to Lu Yaoyao’s mouth.

Lu Yaoyao was not in a hurry to eat. She stared at the steaming custard intently. Wouldn’t she get scalded if she ate it like this? Daddy was too careless. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t count on him.

Lu Yaoyao blew at the custard a few times. After feeling that it was no longer so hot, she leaned forward, opened the mouth, and took a bite.

Still a bit hot, but acceptable. The egg custard was tender and fluffy, with finely chopped garnish, and it was very delicious.

Lu Yaoyao half-closed her eyes in content. It was really, really tasty!

When Lu Qingyu saw Lu Yaoyao eating happily, his own mood improved. He continued to feed her, but this time, Lu Yaoyao pushed him with her little hands and babbled “Ah, ah,” a few times.

Daddy eats too. It’s tasty! 

Lu Qingyu saw the child’s gesture. Thinking that she wanted him to cool the custard for her, he blew at it a few times before delivering the spoon again.

Lu Yaoyao pushed him again. Daddy, eat!

Only then did Lu Qingyu understand what she meant. Although the child was angry, she still cared about him very much. Lu Qingyu took a few bites to show, and feed Lu Yaoyao the rest of the custard.

It turned out that the child could eat this kind of food. Lu Qingyu remembered that there were a few spiritual eggs he randomly had thrown into his grotto-space. Later, he could cook them for the child to eat.

Father and daughter were enjoying a bonding moment over the meal when the inn’s front door suddenly opened again, followed by several demons in long cloaks walking in.

“This year’s snow is really heavy.”

“Yeah, even my fur can’t keep out the cold.”

“Innkeeper, bring us food and drink.”

“Got it!”

The buffalo demon briefly glanced back in wonder at the lobby that had suddenly become lively. How rare. This was his first time seeing so many guests coming in during this time of the year.


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