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DDDV Ch 2 Part 1 – Daughter, Call Daddy (I)

When Lu Yaoyao regained consciousness, she felt that she was imprisoned in a soft space. She was sleeping most of the time, and occasionally when she was awake, her mind wandered to the past. However, every time she recalled, the memory faded, and she slowly forgot about her past. She began to panic, but the familiar aura in the surrounding calmed her anxiety, and she fell asleep again with a sense of security.

When Lu Yaoyao became conscious again, she felt that the soft space was gradually getting narrower. It was hard for her to move, and it was so dark that she couldn’t see anything.

Lu Yaoyao panicked. Where is this? Has she been kidnapped and locked up in a small black room1?

No, she cannot stay still. She has to look for a way out.

Lu Yaoyao struggled to figure out her surrounding, but still couldn’t find a way out. In her panic, she accidentally kicked the wall that trapped her. After hearing a cracking sound, she became spirited and waved her limbs frantically. It didn’t take long for her to hear more and more cracking sounds. Finally, the wall that imprisoned her disappeared.

The dazzling white light made Lu Yaoyao close her eyes subconsciously. Her hands were so tired that they were spread out on both sides of her head. She was exhausted, let her rest.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao stood in front of the couch, watching the spiritual egg swaying and cracking. Their five senses were very keen, and they naturally could hear the movements inside. Both of them held their breath subconsciously, afraid of scaring the little creature inside.

After seemingly a short, yet also an excruciatingly long time, the spiritual egg finally cracked open. The shell turned into powder and dispersed alongside the dazzling white light. A white and plump little baby appeared in front of their eyes.

At the same time, the vision that filled the sky outside also disappeared.

The baby’s little hands were clenched into fists and fell on both sides of her soft, fleshy little face. Her skin was as white as snow, with healthy pink blushes. The short hair on the top of her head was shiny black and soft. Her little mouth was slightly pouted.

Even someone as cold-blooded as Lu Qingyu, who was full of impure motive towards the child, had his heart softened upon seeing her.

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was still as cold as usual. His slender fingers squeezed slightly. The next moment, a colorful light flashed on the baby, and a red bellyband and small pants appeared on her body, which made her looked even more festive.

Lu Qingyu stared at the clothes. His eyes flashed slightly.

Ruyi brocade.

This was a fabric made from ten thousand years old silk. It didn’t burn when exposed to fire, didn’t wet when exposed to water, and could protect its wearer from three attacks by a cultivator on the Nascent Soul level. As a high-grade spiritual item, Ruyi brocade could transform into any form of vestments according to its wearer’s will. In the entire Yuanqi continent, there were only two pieces of this brocade, which showed its preciousness.

Lu Qingyu snorted coldly. This Venerable’s things are no worse than his!

With a slight movement of his fingers, a red mist whirled mid-air towards the little baby on the couch. The mist spun around her feet, and when it dissipated, there was an exquisite small bell tied with a red string on her right ankle.

This concentric bell was one of a pair. Its counterpart was in Lu Qingyu’s hands. When its owner was in life-threatening danger, the bell would ring and form a protective layer to resist any attack, while the other owner would sense the danger and teleport right away.

Yao Jiuxiao ignored Lu Qingyu’s little action. His eyes were still fixed on the little baby.

At this time, the baby’s long and curled eyelashes trembled slightly. Lu Qingyu immediately jumped ahead. Seeing the baby opened her eyes, he tried his best to put on a gentle smile: “Daughter, call Daddy.”

The moment Lu Yaoyao opened her eyes, a man’s handsome face that was beautiful enough to turn all living creatures upside down was reflected in her clear pupils. Lu Yaoyao stared blankly. But before she could react, another handsome yet indifferent face entered her view: “Call me Father.”

Two handsomely peerless faces fell on Lu Yaoyao’s eyes. After a while, her blank mind slowly began to turn.

She looked at the two handsome guys with different styles and made a confused voice: “Ah?”

So, who is her real father?

Lu Yaoyao remembered her name. She also remembered that ‘Daddy’ and ‘Father’ were both a father. But it was wrong to have two fathers. As for why was it wrong, she couldn’t remember.

Lu Yaoyao’s shiny black eyes were full of spiritual aura. But when her gaze turned back and forth between the two, she looked a bit stupid.

“Why is this kid so stupid?” Lu Qingyu said with a disgusted tone. He waited for a long time, but didn’t hear his daughter calling her Daddy, and instead looked at them stupidly.

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she immediately waved her limbs in protest. She wanted to refute, but could only babble: “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

“Tsk, she cannot even speak clearly.” Although his tone was full of disgust, Lu Qingyu’s gaze was soft: “Daughter, call Daddy.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Which children can speak right after they were born?

The baby’s round black eyes were wide open, full of a child’s pure and naive gaze. Her short hands and feet waved vigorously while she babbling incomprehensibly.

Lu Qingyu liked this child more and more. Her clenched little fists and soft little feet were too cute. He wanted to poke it. It’s a pity that a newborn child was too weak. Lu Qingyu was afraid that he couldn’t control his strength and poked his daughter to death.

So he just watched.

After protesting for a long time, Lu Yaoyao became tired and felt sleepy. Looking at the two handsome men, she fell asleep.

Lu Qingyu saw that the little child who had just moved so healthily suddenly closed her eyes and stopped moving. After confirming that nothing was wrong with her body, he asked in confusion: “Why does she suddenly become so quiet?” Wasn’t she very energetic just a moment ago?

Yao Jiuxiao answered with his usual cold voice: “She is sleeping.” But his tone lacked confidence.

Compared to the devils and demons, humans were instinctively accustomed to sleeping regardless of their level of cultivation. After his cultivation was high enough, Yao Jiuxiao used meditation instead of sleep to rest. But he still remembered that humans would sleep when tired.

Yao Jiuxiao frowned. Ever since he could remember, he had been growing up in the sect. For more than one thousand years, his life was either spend cultivating in seclusion or traveling outside to gain experience. He never paid attention to other things. People in his sect sometimes visited him with their young children. But even the youngest of them had been old enough to run and jump. When Yao Jiuxiao traveled outside, he seemed to have seen some mortals holding a bundle in their bosom, with a small child wrapped in it. But he had never looked up close, let alone taking care of one.

Dao Venerable Hengwu2 was now facing a great problem. How to raise such a small child?


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A bit explanation about the three main characters’ name:

Lu Qingyu (陆清予): Written with surname Lu (陆) and given name Qingyu (清予) that means ‘pure’ and ‘give.’

Yao Jiuxiao (姚九霄): Written with surname Yao (姚) and given name Jiuxiao (九霄) that means ‘the ninth cloud,’ a euphimism for a place far above/the topmost place.

Lu Yaoyao (陆夭夭): Written with surname Lu(陆) which is the same character as Lu Qingyu’s surname, and given name Yaoyao (夭夭) which means slender/gentle and homophone with Yao Jiuxiao’s surname.

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  1. Small black room: A fiction trope. Usually refers to when a yandere character imprisoned their love interest in a ‘small black room.’
  2. Yao Jiuxiao is his birth name. As the strongest human cultivator, he is also known as Dao Venerable. Lastly, Hengwu is his courtesy name.

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