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DDDV Ch 20 Part 1 – The Demon Merchants (I)

Lu Yaoyao heard the voices and turned her head curiously. What she saw was a group of tall ‘people,’ each one with a complete human form, although their appearances looked mediocre. Only the two women among them looked pretty in comparison. However, what Lu Yaoyao saw every day since her birth was her two handsome fathers.

Facing men like Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao day and night, Lu Yaoyao’s standard had become much higher without her realizing it. Therefore, even if the two woman’s looks were above average, they were still mediocre in her eyes.

Lu Yaoyao ate the delicious egg custard and pricked her small ears to listen.

As the cold air was dispelled and the lobby gradually got warmer, the newly-came group began to chat among themselves, and the inn’s lobby instantly became noisy with their voices. This group of demons all had cultivation bases at the Demon Core and above. Their transformed forms were perfect, and they looked exactly like humans. However, their atmosphere made people felt inexplicable discomfort.

Lu Yaoyao instinctively felt that these demons were different from Cangshan’s residence, but she couldn’t say clearly what exactly was different. She simply knew that she didn’t like this group, but she was interested in their conversation.

This group of demons was merchants. They traveled between two realms, bringing the commodities from the Human Realm such as rare spiritual herbs, talismans, and elixirs to the Demon Realm to be resold at a high price. They earned huge profits from their trades, which they then used to obtain resources for their cultivation.

Not every demon was so lucky to have a fortuitous encounter. Some of them would never have seen a secret realm in their entire lives, or couldn’t even find a precious spiritual item beneficial for their cultivation.

Some clever demons learned the way humans doing business and thus were able to amass wealth in the Demon Realm. Of course, compared with humans merchants, these demons bore even higher risks. At any given moment, they might encounter stronger demons who robbed them of their goods, or they might meet dishonest business partners who forced them with unreasonable demands.

But this group of demon merchants was in an excellent position. They had done this business for years and had built a fixed channel, so they no longer had to take big risks.

However, although these demons looked like regular merchants on the surface, in fact, they also dealt with living demon cargo. The group caught weaker demons and sold them to the underground human market to be exchanged with a large amount of cultivation resources and wealth.

There were many ways to used enslaved demons. Those who were yet to transform were suitable to be mounted spirit beasts. After demon slaves transformed into human form, they could be re-trained as either pets or servants if they were good-looking. There was no shortage of such demands in the Human Realm.

The demon group finally noticed a very eye-catching cub and adult demon sitting in the lobby. From the appearance alone, these two were extremely excellent in every aspect. When the group saw the duo, their eyes lit up with unconcealed greed.

One of the two beautiful females was a snake demon. She looked at Lu Qingyu with a pair of seductive eyes, which never failed to bewitch any male demons. She twisted her slender waist and was about to walk over when a heavy cough rang in a warning. The snake demon looked back and then sat down reluctantly.

Other demons in the group also restrained themselves suddenly.

The buffalo demon and weasel demon came out of the kitchen with a large plate in one hand and quickly went back and forth to fill the three large tables with food and wine. The group began to eat and chatted.

“Big brother, why don’t we come back after the New Year? It’s still too cold.” The snake demon complained. Snakes hibernated during the winter. Although the snake demon was already in the Demon Core stage and wasn’t affected by animalistic instincts, she still didn’t like moving in winter, especially because this year was colder than usual.

“Human Realm is not very safe now.”

They had just finished a business transaction. According to the previous plan, the group would be enjoying a period of leisure time in the Human Realm and returned to the Demon Realm once the weather warmed up after the New Year, bringing rare imported goods.

But this year, Human Realm was unstable. The group leader was keenly aware of the change and hurriedly ordered his men to depart after shipping the goods.

Human Realm’s Dao Venerable and Devil Realm’s Devil Venerable had disappeared simultaneously, which resulted in unrest in their two respective realms. Especially after a rumor was spread that both had fallen, there were devils ready to move under the banner of avenging their Devil Venerable, which already resulted in several frictions with the human race. However, the authority that the Devil Venerable left behind was still there, so even those devils didn’t dare to act rashly.

Human race also put on the stance of wait and see, but because of the disappearance of the two Venerables, large cultivation sects sent their people to the realm’s borders to inspect. The inspections were particularly strict. This merchant group’s business transactions were particularly shady, so they didn’t dare to confront the members of righteous sects. Let alone their identity was a demon. It was not safe for them to continue staying in human territory.

“Have those two really fallen?” Another female of the group, a fox demon, asked curiously.

“Who knows? His Majesty the Demon King has yet to make a move, so they are probably trapped in the secret realm instead.”

A year and a half ago, an ancient secret realm suddenly appeared, which prompted many great powers to rush to its entrance. However, the secret realm could only be entered by those whose cultivation bases were at the Nascent Soul stage or above. Because the secret realm was located near the border of Devil Realm and Cultivation Realm, the devil race also eyed it, and the demon race naturally didn’t want to lag behind.

There was no need to mention the level of dangers that lurked in such ancient secret realms, where a little carelessness would result in death. But high risks also meant high opportunities. Cultivators who aimed to ascend naturally couldn’t be afraid of obstacles and dangers.

After rumors came out that the secret realm held the opportunity to ascend, the entire Yuanqi Continent became crazy in excitement. There had not been a single cultivator who had ascended in the past five thousand years, which made this rumor was particularly enticing. If it weren’t for their low cultivation base, almost all the Yuanqi Continent cultivators would have entered the secret realm.

But even the fact that they lacked the qualification to enter could not stop the members of three races from coming in a swarm, intending to watch over the secret realm’s entrance. This was the first time in thousands of years that the great powers of the three opposing realms appeared in the same place at the same time, but not for fighting or killing.

The most powerful figures of the entire Yuanqi Continent had entered this secret realm, which could be said to have become the center of attention of the world. All the cultivators gathering outside had their eyes set at the secret realm’s entrance, hoping to witness the moment of ascension.

However, the secret realm didn’t open for long. A month later, almost all the cultivators who were still alive were thrown out by the secret realm, which then closed itself off.

Why was it ‘almost’? That was because Dao Venerable and Devil Venerable, the two people who gathered the most attention, were not there. People began to speculate about the two Venerable’s whereabouts, and rumors only grew more rampant for each day they were missing.

Recently, the widely circulated rumor was that the two Venerable had fallen in the secret realm, which caused some turmoil among the two races.

One of the demons smiled maliciously: “It’s the best if those two have really fallen. Isn’t it mean that the entire Yuanqi Continent would fall under our demon race’s rule?”

Their demon race had a total of five demon kings. If Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable were gone, wouldn’t they become the strongest race? No human or devils could prevent the demon race from unifying Yuanqi Continent.

“Of course.”

Thinking of the rich resources and abundant spiritual aura in the Human Realm, greed engulfed their hearts.

“If His Majesty decides to attack the two realms, I will definitely follow him.”


By then, what they sold would no longer be their fellow demon race, but humans and devils!


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