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DDDV Ch 21 Part 1 – A White Figure Appeared in the Field of Snow (I)

Lu Yaoyao played for a long time before finally fell asleep. Covered with a warm cloak, she lay comfortably on the beast skin blanket. Her chubby little face was flushed in her sleep, making her looked very well-behaved.

Lu Qingyu sighed in relief.

Finally asleep.

It was now midnight. The inn was totally silent, except for the howl of the raging wind outside that also brought icy air into the dim corridor. The hanging tassels on the door shook for a moment, followed by a sudden knock.

The knocking sound was very conspicuous in the otherwise tranquil room, startling the sleeping child. She turned around in discomfort and frowned in her sleep. Lu Qingyu was worried that she might wake up and cried again. He leaned over, took the child into his arms, and patted her back soothingly.

Feeling the familiar embrace, Lu Yaoyao gained a sense of security and returned to deep sleep.

The knock on the door stopped. A wind caused by a demon spell blew through, flickering the dim light of candle fire. The door then opened, and an enchanting fragrance floated into the room.

“Mister~” A woman called gently. The voice was like a nightingale’s song, tickling people’s hearts.

A cold white hand, smooth like jade, climbed onto Lu Qingyu’s shoulders, as light as a butterfly. The voice called again coquettishly: “Mister~”

There was no slightest change in Lu Qingyu’s expression. He set up a barrier to cover his daughter and then turned around.

The snake demon he saw in the lobby earlier was now lying on the couch. Her pointed chin rested on the back of her hand, eyes full of seduction. The clothes on her body were thin and revealing, and the dim candlelight simply added a sense of ephemeral beauty to her enchanting figure. “Mister, the night is long. Sleeping alone must be lonely. How about we spend this lonely and cold night with a passionate time together?”

Although the leader warned that they shouldn’t easily provoke a demon whose depth couldn’t be measured, the snake demon still felt unwilling. It was rare to encounter such an outstanding man, demon or otherwise. How could she let him go without even taking a taste?

The snake demon had been living wantonly for many years. There were no men who could resist her charm, and she was confident that this one was no exception.

Lu Qingyu’s knuckles curved slightly against his temples, and his other hand reached out to stroke the snake demon’s chin.

The snake demon’s lips curled up into a smile. Her eyes narrowed slightly, and her expression was like a concubine who had just been picked by the king.

Lu Qingyu gave a low laugh. He then whispered softly, as if talking to a lover: “What a base and vulgar woman.”

The snake demon was stupefied. She totally didn’t expect this sentence.

Lu Qingyu glanced condescendingly. His gaze was as if he was looking at something dirty: “The thing that has been used by others, how can it be worthy of This Venerable?”

“Wha—! Bastard!!!” A murderous intent flashed in the snake demon’s eyes, and she immediately brandished her sharp claws. She had never been so humiliated before! The snake demon was furious and decided to catch this foolish man and teach him a lesson. After the torture was over, she naturally could still achieve her initial goal.

The sharp and black poisonous claws drew an arc in the air. However, before they touched Lu Qingyu, the claws seemed to be blocked by an invisible energy, shooting the snake demon back heavily to the ground.

The scattered black hair covered the snake demon’s face. She raised her head as fear flashed in her eyes: “Who are you?”

This male demon was very handsome, but also looked totally harmless. Unexpectedly, his strength was unfathomable.

The snake demon’s expression changed several times in succession. Realizing that she had provoked someone who she couldn’t provoke, she instantly showed a pitiful face.

“Mister~” Her voice was much sweeter than before, and she deliberately added a charmful tone, which aroused any ordinary man’s pity.

“Mister really doesn’t have a tender heart toward a woman. Do you think I am ugly?” She twisted her ample body, revealing a seductive curve, which had always worked with all the men she encountered before.

However, Lu Qingyu was not an ordinary man. With this snake demon’s appearance, she didn’t even have the qualifications to serve him. His eyes squinted slightly, “This Venerable doesn’t like to be disturbed.”

Just a stinking piebald snake. Dared to lust after him?

An inexplicable sense of danger enveloped the snake demon. Her eyes turned into vertical pupils, and her fangs were exposed. Her instinct warned her about the existence of an invisible danger. The snake demon could no longer care about seducing Lu Qingyu. Her heart jumped wildly, and she immediately turned around to flee. However, a black hole suddenly appeared at the door, right on her path. Before the snake demon had the time to even show a frightened expression, her body was sucked into the black hole.

The next moment, the black hole disappeared, and a magical instrument in the shape of a black furnace turned around in its place a few times before flying to Lu Qingyu’s hands.

Although Lu Qingyu’s cultivation base was suppressed, his spiritual force was still in the Great Ascension stage, which enabled him to use all the artifacts and tools that had recognized him as their owner. This small furnace was a divine artifact of the ancient devils, called the Soul Eater. Any creatures trapped by it would suffer countless tortures until their bones were gone and their souls perished.

Lu Qingyu fiddled with the Soul Eater. The snake demon in it had been beaten into her original form. The piebald snake thrashing around in pain, screaming and hissing. She would suffer from the pain caused by the destruction of her body and spirit until her soul totally dissipated. The stronger was her cultivation base, the longer was her torment.

Lu Qingyu put the Soul Eater back into his grotto-space. Although his cultivation base was suppressed into the late Body Tempering stage, his spiritual force alone was enough to crush countless of these small demons, not to mention that he still could control all the artifacts and weapons in his hands.

Lu Qingyu got up and wiped his hands with a handkerchief before throwing it aside. As the handkerchief fell, a fire appeared out of nowhere, burning it into nothingness. Lu Qingyu also changed his clothes. For him, the thing that had been touched by something dirty had also turned dirty.

Heh, a random lowly demon even dared to covet him.


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  1. I thought I’ll watch a bloddy scene, but it is just a small fry after all. Nothing to see, just Beautiful Daddy moving his hand and disposing of someone in a flash

  2. While beautiful daddy is fine and all, I miss the interactions that the three have together with beautiful father. I hope he shows up soon.

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