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DDDV Ch 21 Part 3 – A White Figure Appeared in the Field of Snow (III)

The crocodile demon stood in front of Lu Qingyu. His face was full of murderous intent: “You killed the snake.” It was an affirmation, not a question.

“Big brother, there is no need to be polite. Let’s kill him to avenge the snake!”

“Kill him!”

The demons didn’t hide their murderous intent. They had established this merchant group for years, but never expected to lose a member like this.

Lu Qingyu smiled contemptuously. His gaze fell on one of the demons: “This Venerable doesn’t like your eyes.”

As soon as the voice fell, a black aura appeared around the demon’s eyes. “Aaah!” The demon suddenly screamed. He covered his eyes as he fell to the ground. In an instant, bloody tears came out from those covered eyes as he rolled in pain, scattering the snow around.

Seeing their comrade’s tragic situation, others in the group instantly became vigilant. They couldn’t even see how this weak-looking demon attacked just now.

Lu Qingyu’s mood turned better. He still remembered how this disgusting demon looked at his daughter yesterday. If his priority was not to coax the child to sleep, he would have gouged those eyes on the spot.

However, it was not too late. Since they didn’t want those eyes, he would fulfill that wish.

The crocodile demon glared coldly at Lu Qingyu. His murderous intent intensified. Other demons in the group brandished their natal weapon with his signal, preparing to rush at once. But before they could take a step, they were crushed by a sudden, very powerful, spiritual force.

The spiritual force crushed them like crushing ants, looking down from high above. Not to mention escape, they couldn’t even budge at all.

At this moment, they finally knew that they had provoked a powerful enemy. How strong was this person’s cultivation base?! There were so many of them, all in the Demon Core stage, yet they couldn’t resist at all!

Some of them couldn’t withstand the pressure and regressed into their original form. The mighty spiritual force, maybe even stronger than demons in the Soul Transformation stage, made them tremble in fear.

The crocodile demon had once withstood the pressure caused by a powerful figure in the Soul Projection stage, but that was far from the one he experienced right now. This pressure was so strong, as if he would be torn apart if he moved even a bit.

The only female left in the group, the fox demon, was a three-tailed gray fox. Her original form was small, almost buried among the snow. She tearfully raised her pair of fox eyes and tried to make her voice as sweet as possible as she begged for mercy: “My Lord, please forgive me. I am willing to serve you faithfully. Please, Lord, have mercy…”

As the leader, the crocodile demon naturally had the highest cultivation base in the group. But even he had also been beaten back to his original form, unable to move. Instead of begging for mercy, he directly threatened: “Do you know who is behind me? My master is the wife of Dragon King, the Dragon Queen! If you kill us, don’t you afraid of the dragon clan’s retaliation?!”

“Let us go, and we will not blame you for this matter. Otherwise, you will face the pursuit from a Demon King’s army!”

No matter how high this person’s cultivation base was, could it be higher than a Demon King? The crocodile demon didn’t believe that there would be a demon who dared to offend the Dragon King, the ruler of the sea.

“Dragon?” Lu Qingyu smiled contemptuously, “Just a pseudo-dragon. Are they worthy?” There was no more true dragon left in the Yuanqi Continent. Besides, even if it was a true dragon, why should he afraid?

Lu Qingyu squinted his eyes slightly.

Dared to covet his daughter, yet still thought that he would be kind enough to let them go?

A black mist slowly appeared on the ground, surrounding the demons. The mist seemed to be alive, wrapping each of them and twisted their body painfully.

“You are not a demon! You are a devil!” The crocodile demon was shocked. Moreover, this person was clearly not an ordinary devil. Why did such a powerful devil appear in the Demon Realm?!

The crocodile demon tried to get rid of the dangerous black mist, but was overwhelmed by the powerful spiritual force. “This small one is blind and offended My Lord. Please have mercy.” At this moment, he no longer cared about revenge. His priority was just to save his own life. He prostrated on the ground very humbly: “Please forgive my life just this time.”

If his enemy was a demon, he still had the confidence that the other party wouldn’t dare to offend the Dragon King. But this person was a devil. The devil race was moody and cruel by nature, and even more bloodthirsty than the demon race. How could they care about offending a Demon King or not?

“If my Lord willing to spare my life, I will give you countless treasures and spirit stones—”

“Heh!” Mocking laughter rang as Lu Qingyu looked condescendingly at the crocodile demon. This one was quick to adapt to the situation, but unfortunately, he never intended to spare their lives.

The black mist perceived its master’s intention and instantly expanded. In a blink of an eye, the demons had been engulfed in the black mist. There was only a short scream which quickly cut off. After the black mist dissipated, all of the demons had disappeared, leaving only a bloody area on the white snow.

Lu Qingyu stood in the middle of the blood with a cold face. Suddenly, his eyes flickered. He was about to take the child and ran again, but an unknown thought made him hesitate.

The next moment, a familiar white figure appeared in the field of snow.


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