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DDDV Ch 22 Part 1 – The Reunited Family (I)

A thick bloody smell spread in the air, and the pure white snow was stained with dazzling red, rendering the whole place absolutely conspicuous among the silvery white. In the middle of the bloody world, a man in a red robe stood, carrying a little baby in his arms.

When Yao Jiuxiao arrived, what he saw was such a scene.

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other. One was cold, and the other was indifferent. The two venerables stood without a word, and no one took the initiative to break the silence. Wind blaze through, blowing their clothes along with a rusty smell in the air.

With a flick of Yao Jiuxiao’s sleeve, the bloody snow was once again covered with pure white, turning the entire area into frost. He then slowly walked towards Lu Qingyu, leaving no footprints behind.

Yao Jiuxiao stopped. When he saw that the little girl in Lu Qingyu’s arms was sleeping soundly, eyes closed and red cheeks, his cold expression eased slightly. Thankfully, Lu Qingyu was careful enough to not let the child see such a bloody scene.

The atmosphere was very calm. After Yao Jiuxiao managed to catch up, the two didn’t start another fight. Lu Qingyu had always been self-assertive, while Yao Jiuxiao only had his daughter in his mind. Yao Jiuxiao’s personality was inherently indifferent, and he seldom got emotional. This time was no different. He didn’t bother that Lu Qingyu had run away with the child. His expression was as calm as usual, as if the two had just gone out for an outing.

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Yao Jiuxiao stared at Lu Qingyu, “Even if they have offended you, there is no need to be so cruel.”

Having been caught up by Yao Jiuxiao, Lu Qingyu was in a bad mood. He sneered back: “So what? You want to avenge them?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression remained unchanged. He reached out his hands: “Give Shu’er to me.”

Lu Qingyu was even more annoyed: “You ask, and I should give? Who do you think you are? Why should This Venerable listen to your order?”

Lu Qingyu ran out with the child, but didn’t feel guilty at all. “I wasn’t careful enough this time and was caught by you. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say a word. All of his attention was on the child.

Lu Qingyu continued his sarcasm, “Aren’t you human race all compassionate and merciful beings?”

Yao Jiuxiao replied coldly, “I am not from the Ten Thousand Buddha Sect.” He was not a benevolent person either. Walking on the path of cultivation, his hand had been stained with countless blood. If the people Lu Qingyu had just killed were humans, he would naturally step forward to condemn. But they were demons, not humans.

The human race had always been educated to kill every devil or demon they saw. Although Yao Jiuxiao never reached this extreme, he wouldn’t care about the lives of other races either. Therefore, even after seeing Lu Qingyu tortured and killed a group of demons, there was no fluctuation in his emotion. The slight frown he had now was because Lu Qingyu had also obliterated their souls after the killing, which was too cruel unless there was a deep hatred behind.

If he arrived earlier, maybe he would stop Lu Qingyu. But since everything had been over, Yao Jiuxiao wouldn’t care much. He only sighed inwardly at the devil race’s cruelness for destroying their victims’ souls at every turn.

Yao Jiuxiao said coldly: “Go back.”

Before Lu Qingyu left, he suddenly thought of something. He flicked his finger, and an ordinary-looking ring flew out from the snow and fell into his hand. This was a storage ring. All the things brought back by the merchant group were kept in here by the crocodile demon.

Seeing this, Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say anything.

After walking for a while, Lu Qingyu saw Yao Jiuxiao was walking so relaxedly while he was being burdened by the child. Lu Qingyu suddenly felt annoyed. Why did he have to carry this kid alone?

Lu Qingyu stuffed Lu Yaoyao over, as if she was a burden, “Take her.”

Yao Jiuxiao hugged the child. Feeling the fragrant and soft little bundle in his arms, his cold expression softened, and his heart immediately filled with warmth.

This place was actually not far from the realm’s border. Lu Qingyu had run for two days and two nights at the fastest speed to escape Yao Jiuxiao. But now, they were not in a hurry to go back, and seemed to be enjoying the scenery slowly.

The two walked in the snow, leaving not a single footprint behind.

“We are very close to the Human Realm. Are you sure you don’t want to take a look?”

Yao Jiuxiao replied with silence.

“Isn’t it better if we go to the human realm to find someone to take care of the kid? It will be easier for us.”

“It’s only three days…” With their feet, they could reach Human Realm in three days.

Unfortunately, no matter what he said, Yao Jiuxiao remained indifferent.

Lu Qingyu felt very bored.

The two returned to the previous demon inn. Seeing them back, the buffalo demon greeted them enthusiastically and offered to serve food with a smile. Seeing another outstanding demon was with the father and daughter, the buffalo demon froze for a moment before continuing his warm hospitality.

Lu Qingyu guessed that the kid was about to wake up. He said, “Bring a bowl of egg custard.”

The buffalo demon apologized: “There is no more spiritual egg.” The last one was cooked yesterday.

Lu Qingyu gave a tut and took out an egg from his grotto-space.

The buffalo demon took it politely and went to the back kitchen.


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