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DDDV Ch 22 Part 2 – The Reunited Family (II)

Lu Qingyu took out the space ring, erased the registered aura on it, and swept the inside with his spiritual sense. There was nothing useful—only a bunch of things that were totally useless for the mighty Devil Venerable. Besides a pile of useless spiritual pills, there were also many spiritual stones. Most of which were middle-grade and lower-grade, with a few pieces of highest-grade spiritual stones.

But thinking about it, their belongings were too expensive to use without attracting problems, so these things were about right.

So Lu Qingyu simply poured out all the contents in the space ring, filling the entire lobby. He said lazily: “Look for the things suitable for Zhu’er.” He was too lazy to pick from the trash.

Storage ring was not a cheap item in the Yuanqi Continent, but he didn’t intend to leave this one to the child. His daughter naturally deserved better. This kind of thing that had been used by others was not worthy for her.

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes swept across the piles of things. But he also had no idea of what things the child might like.

When the buffalo demon came out again, he saw so many spirit stones and treasures, and almost couldn’t control his bursting greed. But seeing the storage ring that originally did not belong to the male demon, he was startled for a moment before smiling even more cordially.

He didn’t ask how this person got that storage ring.

The buffalo demon stayed on the side. Listening about their problems, he couldn’t help but respectfully interject: “There are a lot of foods suitable for a little cub.”

Two pairs of eyes immediately turned over. Those gazes were calm with no particular emotions, but he nevertheless felt an indescribable pressure.

“After a demon transformed into a human form, many of the spiritual grains, plants, meats, and other foods suitable for human consumption are also suitable for us.” The buffalo demon was obviously very knowledgeable. He explained to them in detail. “Human cubs also eat many kinds of food. Foods with spiritual aura are good for their body…”

When Lu Qingyu was young, he had spent a period of time living in the Human Realm, and those memories still existed deep in his long memory. If the kid could eat food with spiritual aura, then she should also be able to eat food with devil aura, no?

Although Yao Jiuxiao had never touched mundane chores, he still knew that his sect raised various spiritual plants and food. So, the child could eat many things? Not only spiritual milk and meat broth?

Yao Jiuxiao pondered for a moment. There were many rare and precious spiritual plants in his grotto-space, but there were no spiritual grains.

Lu Qingyu said to the buffalo demon: “Take a look at these things and pick anything suitable for the cub.”

Because the merchant group had to retreat from Human Realm in a hurry, they didn’t carry many goods, mainly spirit stones. But there were still a lot of things here.

The buffalo demon began to pick. He picked one item, and when Lu Qingyu was about to put it into his grotto-space space, the thing on the buffalo demon’s hand suddenly disappeared.

Lu Qingyu turned at Yao Jiuxiao.

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression was indifferent.

Lu Qingyu sneered, and then they started the scramble for stuff.

The buffalo demon noticed the confrontation between the two guests, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He simply picked up things one by one in silence and let them fight, as if he didn’t see anything.

A large number of items disappeared in no time, leaving only a small pile.

But Lu Qingyu was still not satisfied. “Take out all the things suitable for the cub that you have here.” After thinking for a moment, he added: “Are these enough to exchange?”

The buffalo demon was overwhelmed by this sudden fortune: “Enough, enough.” These were all high-quality goods. Their total value was more than enough to even buy this entire inn! The buffalo demon was extremely excited. Fearing that the guest might take back the offer, he hurriedly said: “Please wait a moment. I will get them right away.”

Not long after, the weasel demon came out with a bowl of egg custard and placed it carefully on the table. Maybe because the egg used this time was different, but the custard had a stronger aroma than last night.

Lu Yaoyao was sleeping. In her dream, she smelled a very delicious aroma. Her little nose quivered. Before her eyes opened, her head was moving towards the delicious aroma.

“Pfft!” Undisguised laughter rang in her ears. Lu Yaoyao’s eyelashes moved and blinked a few times. Lu Yaoyao opened her eyes. Her black pupils were filled with a layer of misty haze.

“Huh?” She seemed to hear Daddy laughed at her.

Lu Yaoyao raised her eyes and saw Daddy was sitting leisurely on the opposite side.

Was Daddy making fun of her for sleeping like a pig?

Lu Yaoyao’s chubby cheeks bulged even more.

Eh? Daddy was sitting over there. Then who was holding her?

This embrace seemed very familiar…

When Lu Yaoyao raised her head, the person she had missed for a long time came into her eyes.

Lu Yaoyao was stunned for a while. She then suddenly grabbed the person’s clothes, stepped on his thighs, and stood up wobbly: “Wha, ah, ah!!!”

It’s Father! Father, Baby misses you!

Really, really misses you!

Does Father also miss Baby?

Lu Yaoyao rubbed her little face all over Father’s clothes. Her mouth didn’t stop babbling.

“Ah, ah, aah!” It’s Father! It’s Father!

Lu Yaoyao stomped around energetically, and her small body trembled with excitement. Had it not been for Yao Jiuxiao’s tempered body, with the way his daughter stomping around, his thighs would have long been bruised black and blue.

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze was very gentle. His big palm carefully supported the child’s body, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly into an almost invisible smile.

Lu Yaoyao hugged Yao Jiuxiao tightly to express all her longings. Although he couldn’t understand what the child was saying, her emotions were clear to him.

Seeing how enthusiastic and happy the child was upon seeing his archenemy, Lu Qingyu’s sourness was about to flood the entire lobby. “Kid, now that your Father is here, do you no longer want your Daddy?”

“Do you still remember that you have a Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao was busy hugging Beautiful Father, but she turned around at Beautiful Daddy.

“Ahhh-” She broke into a bright smile, revealing a row of tiny white teeth.

Daddy is the best! He said soon, and it is really soon!

She sees Father again after sleeping twice. Daddy didn’t lie to her!

Lu Yaoyao was extremely happy.

It had been a long time since she saw her Father, since she hugs her Father! Lu Yaoyao didn’t want to let go of so quickly, but she had to use her sweetest baby tongue to calm Daddy’s jealousy.

After thinking for a while, Lu Yaoyao blew several kisses at Beautiful Daddy.

Daddy, Baby likes you and Father the most. Mmuah!!


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