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DDDV Ch 23 Part 1 – Be Kind and Love Each Other (I)

The egg custard was golden in color and silky in texture, supplemented with finely-chopped seasoning. It was very tasty and soft.

Lu Yaoyao sat on Beautiful Father’s lap, with her back leaning against him. Her tender and chubby little hands were holding Father’s white sleeve tightly, afraid that he would disappear again.

Lu Yaoyao bit into the soft egg custard. It was so tasty that she subconsciously curled up her little feet. Maybe it was just her feeling, but it seemed that today’s custard was tastier than yesterday’s!

Lu Yaoyao pushed Beautiful Father’s hand and looked up with sparkling eyes, “Ah, ah!” Father eat too, it is very tasty!

Yao Jiuxiao’s ability to comprehend her daughter’s baby tongue was not as strong as Lu Qingyu’s. He couldn’t understand what she wanted to say and thought the child was refusing to eat.

She only ate two bites of egg custard. Did she dislike eating other foods and only liked drinking spiritual milk and meat broth?

How could this be allowed? She shouldn’t be a picky eater.

Thinking of this, Yao Jiuxiao firmly continued feeding the child.

Lu Qingyu said sourly, “Zhu’er wants you to eat too.”

Lu Qingyu’s sourness intensified as he was full of jealousy. In his mind, the kid wasn’t as sticky to him. Lu Qingyu couldn’t understand. Yao Jiuxiao was cold, taciturn, and boring. Why did the kid like Yao Jiuxiao so much? Wasn’t him, Lu Qingyu, was much better?

Lu Yaoyao babbled affirmatively. She looked up at Father with bright eyes. Father, Daddy is right. Baby gives you tasty food!

Yao Jiuxiao took a bite with a cold face, but his voice was gentle: “It’s delicious.” Then he continued to feed the child.

Lu Yaoyao squinted her eyes happily. She didn’t immediately resume eating, but pushed the spoon in Beautiful Daddy’s direction.

Daddy should eat too and stop being jealous.

Lu Yaoyao had a good idea. She only shared the custard once with Father today, but twice with Daddy. However, Father didn’t know what happened yesterday, so he wouldn’t be jealous. This way, she could comfort Daddy’s fragile heart without making Father jealous too. She was really a smart baby!

“…” Lu Qingyu looked at the spoonful of custard with eyes full of disgust, as if looking at a source of infectious disease. “You can eat it yourself.”

Seeing the child’s short chubby hand, which was still stubbornly pushing the spoon to him, Lu Qingyu reluctantly added: “Daddy is not angry.”

Lu Yaoyao glanced suspiciously. Really not angry?

Lu Qingyu’s face turned green. He barely restrained the flood of sour jealousy and forced a smile out. Between his gnashing teeth, he repeated: “Really. Daddy isn’t angry.”

Lu Yaoyao was ignorant. She thought that Daddy was really not angry, and immediately became happy.

Daddy was really sensible.

So Lu Yaoyao leaned back comfortably on Father’s arm and continued to enjoy her food happily. In no time, her small belly was full with a bowl of egg custard.

After eating, Lu Yaoyao looked at Father and Daddy in turn.

Has Father coaxed Daddy well?

Daddy won’t take her away from home again, will he?

She won’t have to leave either Father or Daddy and choose only one, right?

The family of three sat in the lobby. One was feeding the child while the other was watching. None of them spoke, and the atmosphere was serene and tranquil. There were no other people in the lobby, as both the innkeepers had gone some time ago. After Yao Jiuxiao finished feeding Lu Yaoyao, the buffalo demon suddenly appeared, cleaned the table, and disappeared as quickly again.

Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were not in a hurry to go home and simply decided to stay at the inn for a bit longer. The lobby’s inn was relatively large and suitable for the child to play around. Knowing their needs, the buffalo demon suddenly appeared again, put away the tables and chairs to vacate a large area, and then cleaned the floor with a spell.

The things Lu Qingyu had given were enough to buy the entire inn. Not to mention just playing in the lobby, the two owners would even happily let them demolish the building.

Yao Jiuxiao spread a soft and thick beast skin blanket on the floor, put the child on it, and sat cross-legged on the side, watching intently. Lu Qingyu also sat leisurely on the other side. Lu Yaoyao was sitting on the soft blanket, with Father on the left and Daddy on the right. She was very busy. One moment she looked at Father, and then turned to Daddy in the next second. Her little head was turning left and right, like a little pendulum, cracking out joyful chuckles from time to time.

Both Father and Daddy are here!

This fact made Lu Yaoyao happy from the bottom of her heart. Her carefree laughter seemed to have the effect of dispelling all negative emotions.

Lu Qingyu poked her little nose and said sullenly: “So happy?”

Greedy kid, wasn’t it enough with only Daddy by your side? Why bother with an unnecessary person?

Lu Yaoyao’s chubby hands went to hold Beautiful Daddy’s fingers. She gave him a sweet smile, very soft and cute.

Of course Lu Yaoyao was happy. She had both her Father and Daddy by her side. She was so happy that she wanted to roll in happiness!!

Lu Yaoyao held Daddy’s finger with one hand and Father’s fingers with the other hand. She then pulled both hands over her own chubby hands, linking four palms into one. Her cute little face wrinkled seriously as she preached in baby tongue.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Father and Daddy, be good. Do not fight, do not have a cold war, and do not run away from home, okay!

Lu Yaoyao raised her head to look at the two fathers and sighed inwardly. For the sake of family harmony, even a baby like her had to work hard, ah!

Two equally white, slender, and beautiful hands overlapped. The moment their skin touched, both Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu burst with goosebumps, and their reaction was no less than being hit by an electric shock.

Lu Qingyu’s face turned green in an instant. His whole body seemed to show an allergic reaction as he shuddered in disgust.

Yao Jiuxiao’s complexion was equally ugly. Although he didn’t show his disgust outright, his expression was the same as when he was drinking the black broth, as every cell in his body screamed in rejection.

The two looked up. Two pairs of eyes met, both strongly said: Don’t touch me.


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