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DDDV Ch 23 Part 2 – Be Kind and Love Each Other (II)

Lu Yaoyao babbled for a long time, but neither of her fathers spoke or respond. She glanced left and right, and saw that Father and Daddy were hanging their heads seriously. Lu Yaoyao realized that they had been listening to her words carefully and were now reflecting on themselves.

Lu Yaoyao summed up her preach: “Ah!” In the future, we must communicate with each other, solve any dispute in peace, and create a harmonious family together, alright!

Lu Yaoyao saw that the two fathers had reconciled and were now reflecting in shame. In the future, they surely wouldn’t run away from home again. So, she let their hands go and went back to play happily.

The two hands quickly retracted like a bolt of lightning. Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao took out a handkerchief and wiped their hands vigorously, as if their skin had been contaminated by an infectious disease.

Lu Yaoyao played for a while, but soon feel bored playing alone. She crawled back to Father and Daddy and pulled the hem of their clothes: let’s play together!

The two great venerables immediately dispel their murderous aura. Yao Jiuxiao patiently accompanied Lu Yaoyao playing, while Lu Qingyu sat on the side. Lu Qingyu teased the child from time to time and laughed whenever he succeeded in making her angry.

Lu Yaoyao felt that happy time passed quickly. She hadn’t had enough fun, but it was already night. She was hugged in Beautiful Father’s arm, who was patting her back gently, coaxing her to sleep. But Lu Yaoyao was still energetic. Her black, shiny eyes opened widely as she looked at Father innocently.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

He coaxed the child again: “It’s already night. Be good and go to sleep.”

Lu Yaoyao bounced her upper body vigorously, showing no signs of drowsiness.

Lu Qingyu laughed with schadenfreude. He watched gleefully at Yao Jiuxiao, who was trying to coax the child to sleep. These past two days, he had been tossed around by the child’s mood to the brink of exhaustion and was beyond happy to see his rival falling into the same predicament.

Yao Jiuxiao ignored Lu Qingyu. He lay down on his side on the bed, but the child in his arms, and patted her back gently. The inn’s bed was not large. After Yao Jiuxiao lay down, he occupied almost the entire bed and ‘accidentally’ pushed Lu Qingyu to the corner.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Lu Yaoyao was lying on the bed. She gripped Father’s sleeve tightly and stared at him for a long time, afraid that he might disappear again after she closed her eyes. Although the cold yet comforting presence was surrounding her small body, Lu Yaoyao didn’t feel relieved. However, the rhythmic and soft pats on her back seemed to be hypnotic. Not long after, her eyelids gradually became heavier, and she soon fell into a peaceful slumber.

The sky was dull the next day. When Lu Yaoyao woke up, the first thing she did was to look for Father. Seeing that Father was meditating next to her, her heart burst in happiness.

Father is still here!

Lu Yaoyao sat up, crawled over at the fastest speed, and plunged herself into Father’s arms with a burst of loud laughter.

Yao Jiuxiao opened his eyes, hugged her daughter, and got out of bed.

Lu Yaoyao leaned forward to give him a kiss. Father, good morning!

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression softened.

Lu Qingyu, who seemed to be forgotten: “…”

Lu Yaoyao kissed and hugged her Father for a long time before realizing that her Daddy had become jealous again. So she went to Daddy, hugged him lovingly, and coaxed him again and again. She also asked Daddy to feed her the egg custard for breakfast and give him a few wet kisses before his dark face finally returned normal. When Lu Yaoyao returned to Father’s arms, she felt that she had passed another hurdle, and today’s baby had leveled up again!

When Lu Qingyu took Lu Yaoyao away, they were only on the road for two days and two nights. In fact, they had traveled a very far distance. It would take ordinary cultivators at least ten to fifteen days to cover the same distance. Now, he and Yao Jiuxiao were not in a hurry to go back. They walked slowly, enjoying the scenery along the way.

Of course, Lu Yaoyao actually was the only one who enjoyed the scenery.

Lu Yaoyao sat on Father’s shoulders and looked around with bright eyes. This time, she felt that the silvery white scenery was very beautiful. With her short legs dangled around, she turned back to look at Daddy from time to time, laughing very happily.

The thick snow on the ground made it difficult to see the road in the wilderness, but it did not hinder Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao in the slightest. They stepped lightly on the snow, leaving no trace of footprints on the road behind them.

The snowfall had stopped, and even the cold wind seemed to turn gentle. However, many dangerous beasts were lurking around in the wilderness. There was no food in the winter, and beasts that were not hibernating were looking for food everywhere, salivating in hunger.

At first, Lu Yaoyao was very terrified of these scary beasts. But after seeing Father and Daddy knocked them out with one hand, she clapped her little hands in joy and didn’t feel scared anymore.

Both Father and Daddy were so powerful. She was not afraid at all!

Going back slowly on the road, they only returned at Cangshan on the tenth day. Before they even reached their house, some Cangshan demons noticed their return, and immediately spread the news to everyone else. In no time, a large group of demons came from all directions, surrounding the family of three with enthusiastic gazes, as if welcoming the return of a triumphant hero.

“You finally come back!”

“We thought your family left for good.”

“The leopard demon from the next mountain has come to see you several times.”

The cubs who had been nestling in their warm caves or tree holes over the winter immediately jumped out upon hearing the commotion outside. The rabbit cub was hugged by his parents, while the fat squirrel cub jumped around on the tree branches. “Little cub!” Every time he jumped, the snow on the branches fell.

Lu Yaoyao followed the voice and saw the cute little squirrel jumping around. Seeing an old friend, she waved her chubby hands happily.

“Little cub!” The little squirrel leaped over like a cannonball. But around two meters before he could reach Lu Yaoyao, he was suddenly blocked mid-air by a transparent force and slammed into the ground, making a squirrel-shaped hole on the snow pile.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and blinked, “Uh?”


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