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DDDV Ch 24 Part 1 – She Can Speak! (I)

The little squirrel poked his head out of the snow pit, but did not jump out. To be precise, he tried to jump out, but fell down again. The snow on the ground was as thick as an adult demon’s thigh. When the little squirrel fell into the snow, his whole body was buried. Another demon picked up the little squirrel from the snow pit and put him on his shoulders.

The little squirrel bounced up excitedly, “Little cub, little cub! I finally see you! I miss you so much!”

“Ah!” Lu Yaoyao waved her hands. She missed her little friends too!

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly patted her Father. Her big eyes blinked with a look of expectation. She wanted to play with little squirrel and little bunny!

Yao Jiuxiao naturally wouldn’t refuse his daughter’s request. After using a spell to dispel the snow on a small area, he spread out a beast skin blanket on the exposed ground and put Lu Yaoyao on it.

As soon as she was put down, other cubs came to hug her affectionately.

Lu Yaoyao leaned herself on the bunny’s soft body while hugging the squirrel’s fluffy tail, babbling excitedly at her little friends.

While the cubs were playing, the adults were chatting on the side. Not long after, a large leopard galloped from two mountains over. When he arrived in front of Yao Jiuxiao, he turned into a human form with a pair of conspicuous leopard’s ears and vertical pupils. This was the leopard demon who got crazy a while ago. Although the incident was pretty dangerous, he also gained a lot of benefits, and his cultivation base had improved a lot.

“Brother, thank you so much!” The leopard demon was very grateful of Yao Jiuxiao and treated him as his savior. “I cannot say enough thanks. This thousand-year-old ginseng is something I got by accident. Please accept this!” The leopard demon offered the ginseng that was unlucky enough to be dug up just when it was about to awaken its spiritual wisdom. He was actually very reluctant. This ginseng was his most precious possession, and was very beneficial in nurturing one’s body. But he was a demon who know to be grateful, so he hardened his heart, hurriedly wrapped the ginseng, and pushed it over to Yao Jiuxiao.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t accept it. He had lots of tens of thousands of years old ginseng in his grotto-space. This thing was totally useless to him.

The leopard demon persistently persuaded. This stone demon’s noble character and sterling integrity were truly worth admiration. However, he also had to repay a life-saving grace.

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was cold, and he didn’t say a word.

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In the end, the leopard demon forcefully left the ginseng box on the ground, turned around, and ran away with the fastest speed.

The peach blossom demon picked up the ginseng from the ground and handed it to Yao Jiuxiao: “If you don’t accept it, Old Leopard will come to bother you every day.”

“…” Yao Jiuxiao frowned. He wasn’t good at handling social relationships. To avoid subsequent trouble, he finally relented and took the ginseng.

Yao Jiuxiao was surrounded by a circle of noisily talking demons. The temperature around him became even colder. But his neighbors were no longer afraid of his cold face. They all now saw him as someone cold outside, but warm inside. At this moment, Yao Jiuxiao, who was cold and unapproachable, was actually more popular than Lu Qingyu.

The incident with the leopard demon had brought the family of three closer with the original inhabitants of Duanping Mountain Range. In an instant, they were now known as the kindest, gentlest, and friendliest demons who weren’t hesitant to offer help when needed.

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his head to glance at the little girl who was busy having fun with other cubs. She was surrounded by a bunch of fluffy furs, smiling so wide that her eyes turned into slits.

It took a long time for Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu to finally get rid of the overly-enthusiastic demons and returned to the wooden house. Lu Yaoyao saw the familiar scenery and the familiar house. She was so full of nostalgia that she couldn’t help yelling in happiness. They were finally home!

Lu Qingyu put the child on the couch and took off her red hooded cloak. Lu Yaoyao was full of excitement. She immediately rolled around on the couch from edge to edge, not sparing even the corners.

Lu Qingyu laughed, “Are you marking your territory?”

Lu Yaoyao ignored her Daddy’s usual teasing and kept on rolling. After she was finished, her cheeks blushed red, and her eyes sparkled in satisfaction.

Lu Yaoyao crawled towards Daddy. She grabbed his clothes and stood up, and then pointed out, “Ah!”

“I know, I know.” Lu Qingyu responded. He held the child with one hand and walked outside, taking her to the lake. But the lake at this time was no longer azure blue. For more than ten days, the heavy snow had formed a thick layer of ice on the surface, turning it into a field of whiteness.

The lake was frozen, and Lu Yaoyao couldn’t swim in it. But she didn’t give up. She pulled Daddy’s sleeve and gestured at him to take her to look at other places. However, the whole lake turned out to be frozen. There was no place for her to swim in.

Lu Yaoyao’s little head dropped in disappointment. She hadn’t taken a bath for many days, and she really wanted to play in the water. But she wasn’t troubled for long. After being depressed for a while, Lu Yaoyao began to mess with Daddy again.

Not long after, Father came with a copper pot. He scooped some clean snow from the ground, put it into the pot, and lit a flame under it. The snow melted and turned into hot water, which was suitable for Lu Yaoyao to take a bath in. The pot surface was steaming with water vapor, and the child’s originally white, jade-like skin had turned red like a crayfish.

Lu Qingyu smiled teasingly from the side: “Boiling the cub.”

Lu Yaoyao yelled in protest. Her chubby hand trashed around on the water surface.

Certainly not! Baby is not food! Baby is taking a bath!


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