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DDDV Ch 24 Part 2 – She Can Speak! (II)

Yao Jiuxiao silently controlled the celestial fire, keeping the water temperature constant while watching the child playing joyfully.

Lu Yaoyao really enjoyed her bath and didn’t want to come out. It was so warm and comfortable, ah~

Finally, Yao Jiuxiao used a spell to fish her up and dry her body.

Lu Yaoyao pouted. Her chubby red cheeks were bulging. She hadn’t played enough yet, she was unhappy! It turned out that soaking in hot water was more comfortable than bathing in the lake!

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao ignored her little temper tantrum, as they were now facing a more pressuring problem.

Lu Qingyu touched his chin and said heavily, “It’s time to tie Zhu’er’s hair.”

Yao Jiuxiao shifted his gaze slightly. His expression was also heavy.

Hearing this, Lu Yaoyao raised her chubby short hands and touched her hair. Her eyes suddenly sparkled with excitement. She looked at her two fathers expectantly: Baby wants a pretty hair bun!

Yao Jiuxiao took out a small red ribbon and carefully began to tie the child’s short hair. Lu Yaoyao readied herself for the incoming pain. She still remembered that Father pulled her hair too strong before, which made her scalp hurt. It must be because she kept crying that Father and Daddy shaved her hair into a small bald head. So, she must not cry this time!

Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes, ready to endure the pain on her scalp.


Father’s hand gently stroked her hair, but there was no pain at all. It even felt very comfortable.

Lu Yaoyao slowly opened one eye. She could feel Father’s hand movement. It really didn’t hurt!

She smiled happily.

She could be pretty without pain.

Lu Yaoyao’s hair was not long enough to be rolled up and tied like the adults, so Yao Jiuxiao only made a small bun on the top of her head.

Lu Yaoyao’s black hair was gathered into a ball and stood up straight on her head like a small roaring cannon. She carefully touched the little hair bun, very happy.

She shook her little head and babbled at Father and Daddy to look at her: look, isn’t she pretty?

Lu Yaoyao felt that she must be the most beautiful cub in Cangshan now.

Lu Qingyu smiled from the side. Seeing the child was demanding praise, the corner of his lips twitched: “Pretty.”

Yao Jiuxiao also praised: “Beautiful.”

The two venerables secretly sighed in relief. Thankfully, their practices were finally useful.

Lu Yaoyao received satisfactory answers and broke into a wide smile. She wanted to share her new look with her little friends. She tugged the corner of Father’s clothes and pointed outside: “Ah!” Let’s go out!

However, Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu, who had just escaped from their overly-enthusiastic neighbors, didn’t want to experience it again, so they pretend to not understand her gesture.

To divert Lu Yaoyao’s attention, Yao Jiuxiao took out a miniature ark. The ark was a magic weapon. Its size could be changed freely, could both fly on the air and sail on the water, and was carved with defensive arrays that could resist the attacks from cultivators below the Soul Transformation stage.

Yao Jiuxiao adjusted the ark’s size until it was big enough to accommodate Lu Yaoyao, making it looked like a mini-sized jade boat. He then placed the ark on the ice surface and put the child in.

Lu Yaoyao’s attention was immediately diverted. Sitting inside the ark, she looked around enthusiastically. What a pretty toy!

Her chubby finger pointed forward: Go, go!

The ark began to move under Yao Jiuxiao’s control. In order to let the child have more fun, he ‘opened’ the ark so that she could feel the moving air around.

The ark whizzed out on the ice, gliding Lu Yaoyao around the lake. In an instant, her carefree and innocent laughter rang, moving back and forth as the ark moved.

The ark turned around four or five times on the lake before sliding back to the shore. Lu Yaoyao’s cheeks flushed with excitement, and her eyes sparkled brightly. It was so fun!

Seeing the child was having so much fun, Lu Qingyu suddenly became interested. A wind suddenly appeared on the originally calm lake surface with a snap of his fingers, wrapping the ark and spinning it on the spot.

Lu Yaoyao and her small jade boat were spinning with the wind.

Seeing this, Yao Jiuxiao hurriedly stopped it and picked up his daughter.

So, so dizzy…

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes seemed to be spinning in circles.

“Hahahaha…” Lu Qingyu laughed loudly. This kid was so fun, haha!

Lu Yaoyao was hugged by Yao Jiuxiao. Her eyes seemed to be spinning endlessly, and it took a long time to recover.

Leaning on Father, Lu Yaoyao glared fiercely at the laughing Daddy. After a long time, she pushed out a word: “Bad!”

Bad Daddy! Lu Yaoyao felt so wronged. Why did Daddy like to tease her so much?

She doesn’t like Daddy today!

Lu Qingyu stared at the still angry child and suddenly said, “Yao Jiuxiao, did Zhu’er just speak?”

Yao Jiuxiao also looked down at his daughter and nodded slightly.


Feeling two intense gazes, Lu Yaoyao suddenly became alert. What’s happened?


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Countdown to another chaos….

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