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DDDV Ch 25 Part 2 – Lu Yaoyao (II)

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on the beast skin blanket, playing with beautiful pearls of various colors. Beautiful Daddy sat cross-legged on the side. He stared at her for a moment and suddenly exclaimed in a loud voice: “You have been born for a few months, but can only speak one word. Are you a fool?” His tone was full of disgust.

Lu Yaoyao immediately protested: “Ah! Pah!” She isn’t a fool! Moreover, she can speak more than one word. She already spoke three different words!

Daddy praised her for being smart before, but now he was saying that she was stupid! Humph! Daddy was too fickle and forgetful!

Lu Qingyu nonchalantly remarked: “So, to prove that you are not a little fool, what about you say ‘Daddy’ now?”

Lu Yaoyao raised her small head proudly. That was easy!

When Lu Yaoyao was about to prove that she was a smart little baby, Father suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stared at her silently.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened, and she quickly shut her mouth. She was almost fooled by Daddy!

“Ah, pah!”

Yao Jiuxiao came over, took the child into his arms, turned around, and walked away.

Lu Qingyu was left alone. He flicked his sleeve casually and followed behind.

In the world of white snow, a large pot was placed on the ground, which looked very conspicuous. Yao Jiuxiao brought Lu Yaoyao to the side of the pot.

Lu Yaoyao poked her little head curiously. What was Father cooking? The lid was closed, and it didn’t smell like the usual meat broth. She also seemed to smell….something burnt?

She was very curious. But the lid covered the pot tightly, and she couldn’t see what was inside.

This time they went out, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao’s gains were not small. They now knew various foods the child could eat, and obtained a good amount of stockpile in their grotto-cave. With this stockpile, there would be no problem feeding the child for another decade or so.

After seeing that the child liked to eat spiritual egg custard, Yao Jiuxiao asked about the recipe from the weasel demon and carefully noted it down.

Having fully memorized the simple recipe, Yao Jiuxiao was full of confidence. He presumed that the child wouldn’t be full with just one spiritual egg, so he wanted to cook two. However, two eggs couldn’t fit a small bowl.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t think there was much difference between a bowl and a pot, except in size, so he put aside the bowl and directly cracked the two spiritual eggs into the pot. He then poured in some water from the spiritual spring in his grotto-cave, stirred the mixture briefly, and set the pot on celestial fire.

After the egg mixture was half-solidified and began to resemble a custard, he sprinkled the seasoning on the surface and cover the pot with a lid. After that, he put out the fire and let the egg be cooked with the remaining heat of the charcoal fire. After a while, a tender and delicious egg custard would be ready.

There was a faint excitement on Yao Jiuxiao’s usually cold face. Under Lu Yaoyao’s curious gaze, he lifted out the lid cut out of ancient spiritual wood.

Seeing Father, who seemed to be glowing in pride, Lu Yaoyao became even more curious. She watched intently, waiting for the revelation.

Eh? Why did she seem to see grey smoke? Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were full of expectation. But what was the thick layer of black thing on the bottom of the pot?

Lu Yaoyao turned around to look at Father. Her face was full of confusion.

What was this weird thing?

Yao Jiuxiao froze. He stared puzzledly at the pile of mysterious mass that didn’t at all look like any custard. He clearly followed the recipe given by that weasel demon. Why did it look totally different?

Lu Qingyu also took a quick glance. The next moment, he held his stomach and burst into laughter: “Yao Jiuxiao, I don’t know that you are this bad at cooking!” Couldn’t roast meat, couldn’t make broth, and couldn’t even cook a simple egg custard!

Lu Yaoyao glanced disapprovingly at Daddy. Daddy didn’t help a hand, so how could he nag from the side?

“Bad!” After condemning Daddy’s bad manner, Lu Yaoyao patted Father’s arm with her little hand, trying to offer a consolation: Don’t be sad. Even if this thing looks so strange, maybe it is the same as the black broth, and actually tastes delicious!

Just looking at the black broth’s horrible appearance seemed enough to poison the brain. Who in the world would ever think that it was so delicious?

Being a person…no, being a demon, one couldn’t be superficial and only looked at outside appearance. We must discern the matter through its essence. In other words, this black, strange-looking thing must be a delicacy on its own!

Lu Yaoyao gestured at Father to scoop her a bowl of the black thingy. She then opened her mouth impatiently, waiting to be fed.

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression was solemn as he began to deliver a spoon to his daughter’s waiting mouth.

Lu Qingyu squatted on the side, watching the father and daughter. One dared to eat, and the other dared to feed. He kindly tried to persuade: “Don’t you want to have a second thought?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s hand had already arrived in front of Lu Yaoyao’s mouth, but the child couldn’t wait. She leaned over impatiently and took a big bite.

After a few chews, she froze.

Lu Qingyu asked curiously: “How does it taste?”

Yao Jiuxiao also wanted to know.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t move, nor did she show any reaction. After a while, her black eyes widened, and she cried loudly.

What kind of taste was this?

First, it was sweet. Then it began to taste burnt, then sour, then bitter, then spicy…

She actually tasted a lot of weird tastes.

Lu Yaoyao cried heartbrokenly.

Lu Qingyu roared into another laugh. Hahahaha, he knows it!

Yao Jiuxiao raised his eyes. He took another spoonful of ‘custard’ in silence and quickly threw it into Lu Qingyu’s wide-open mouth.

Lu Qingyu: “…” The laughter abruptly stopped as his expression changed into full disgust and nausea.

Yao Jiuxiao took another spoon and calmly put the black mass into his mouth.

Lu Yaoyao burped. Tears were hanging from the corners of her eyes. Her small mouth was still open as she looked in turn at Father and Daddy.

After a while, she giggled. So funny!

Duanping Mountain Range had always been peaceful. While Lu Yaoyao and her two fathers enjoyed their lives in seclusion, a group of mysterious demons in similar uniforms suddenly appeared in the snowy wilderness thousands of miles away.

The leader was holding a palm-sized artifact in his hand. The artifact was shining, but after a moment, it went completely dark.

The leader said darkly: “It’s here.”

The leader raised his hand slightly, and his subordinates immediately scattered around the area. In the blink of an eye, several black shadows flashed in all directions.

The leader stayed in the place. He spread his spiritual senses in all directions, probing the quiet and deserted wilderness. Occasionally, he sensed a few slow breathe that must be from the hibernating mutant beasts. However, he found no signs of other demons.

Not long after, his subordinates came back one by one, but they found nothing.

In response, the leader lowered his head and silently fiddled with the artifact in his hand. This artifact could only detect the last position of the demon it tracked. Other than that, there was no trace to be found.

A subordinate who came back the last found something usual. He reported: “Leader, there is an inn in that direction.”

The leader put back the artifact and said decisively: “Let’s take a look.”

The group quickly rushed toward a direction. In no time, they arrived outside an inn. The silvery-white snow concealed any existing traces. Ice and snow covered the grey tiled roof, leaving only a slight color under the eaves. The building looked plain and lonely.

The inn’s old wooden door, shaken and creaked by the wind, suddenly was blown open. The group rushed in. The building was totally empty, with no signs of living being at all.

The subordinates searched in and out, but they couldn’t even found any trace of residual aura. Together with the owner of the inn, everything had disappeared completely.

The leader’s face darkened in an instant. He coldly commanded: “Chase!”


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