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DDDV Ch 26 Part 1 – What Should She Do? (I)

In the splendid hall of Dragon King’s palace, a tall male demon in a black army uniform was down on one knee. His head lowered in reverent, waiting for the master sitting above to pronounce his sentence.

A beautiful woman in a luxurious golden silk gown and exquisite pearl hairpins was sitting on the dragon throne. Her pair of phoenix eyes fell on the man kneeling in the hall, full of irritation.

“Useless being!”

The man lowered his head even more: “Begs for Queen’s forgiveness.”

This man was the black crab general under the Dragon King’s command. Some time ago, by the Dragon Queen’s order, he went to investigate the crocodile demon’s cause of death. However, he and his men investigated for a long time, but found no clues. They couldn’t find out the cause of the crocodile demon’s death, nor who the perpetrator was. Even after using all the tools at their disposal, they couldn’t trace back anything.

The only people who might know something were the original owners of the abandoned inn, a weasel and a buffalo demon. The group had tried to track them down, but the two demons seemed to disappear to thin air; no clues could be found.

Thus, the black crab general had to return without success. As soon as he returned to the capital, he immediately went to the Dragon Palace to admit guilty.

Dragon Queen’s expression was dark. Her slender and white fingers lightly tapped on her forehead. The bright colors of her nail polish slightly reflected the light and contrasted with the whiteness of her face powder. After a while, Dragon Queen’s beautiful face slightly frowned as she rebuked angrily: “Go and investigate again. If you cannot find anything, you don’t have to come back!”

“Queen, what happens? What made you so angry?” A deep voice suddenly came from outside the hall, followed by the majestic figure of a heavily whiskered man dressed in elaborate golden clothes.

This man was Dragon King, one of the five great Demon Kings who ruled over the Demon Realm.

In ancient times, demons were under the rule of divine beasts. Demons originated from land animals were ruled by Qilin 1, bird demons worshipped the phoenix, while fish, snakes, and other aquatic demons were subjects to the dragon. However, ten thousand years ago, the ancient divine beasts either ascended or fell one by one. Eventually, not a single divine beast was left in the entire Yuanqi Continent.

At present, five Demon Kings jointly took control of the Demon Realm. They divided the realm into five territories, each ruled over the demons living in their territory. The five demon kings were Peacock King who ruled the bird demons, White Tiger King who ruled over land demons, Dragon King who ruled over aquatic demons, and the Peach Demon King and Black Swamp King who ruled over plant demons.

Dragon King claimed to be the same race as the ancient divine dragon, but in fact, he was a scaled dragon, which was merely a pseudo-dragon. A scaled dragon was obviously far below the true legendary divine dragon, but it was more than enough to make him a Demon King in the current Demon Realm.

Next to Dragon King were two handsome young men. One was the older, dressed in a blue robe. He had an exquisite appearance, but there was no trace of femininity in his manners. The younger one was not as handsome as his older brother, but he was also blessed with a good look and noble bearing.

They were Dragon King’s two sons, the eldest and second prince of the dragon clan.

“King!” Seeing Dragon King’s arrival, Dragon Queen immediately stood up. “You are here.”

Eldest Prince saluted the Dragon Queen: “Greeting to Your Majesty the Queen.”

Second Prince also followed his brother’s example: “This child greets Mother Queen.” After a proper salute, he immediately broke into a grin: “After a few days of not meeting, Mother Queen seems to look younger.”

Dragon Queen smiled helplessly: “You are teasing your mother again. When will you become serious like your older brother?” Afterward, she walked forward and took her husband’s hand: “Why is Your Majesty here?” Only then did Dragon Queen seemed to notice Eldest Prince, who was still saluting. She hurriedly said: “Yuan’er, please get up.”

Eldest Prince got up, walked a few steps, and stood under the elevated steps to the throne.

The Dragon King couple walked up to the high throne and sat down.

The black crab general prostrated on the floor: “This subject pays respect to His Majesty Dragon King, pays respect to His Highnesses the Eldest and Second Prince.”

Dragon King didn’t respond. It was Second Prince who smiled and said: “General doesn’t need to be so polite.”

“What makes you upset, Queen?” Dragon King asked concernedly.

“It’s about my little sister.” Dragon Queen said angrily. “Some time ago, a nephew of her husband’s family was suddenly out of communication. His soul lamp went out, and even his soul couldn’t be called back, seemingly had dissipated.”

“My sister comes every day to cry. My head hurts so much, so I let black crab general investigate the matter.”

“Oh? That promising nephew of yours?” Dragon King had a little impression. “This King remembered. On your birthday two years ago, he presented a blue moon glazed lamp, which is quite precious.” That glaze lamp was a rare artifact and was the most expensive among all other presents that day, which attracted much attention. For this reason, Dragon King remembered the crocodile demon.

“Your Majesty’s memory is very good. Indeed it is him.” Dragon Queen sighed. Her face was cloudy with distress: “I don’t know which enemies he has provoked…”

“I have also met this nephew a few times before. He is a modest and kind-hearted demon. Even if he accidentally got embroiled in some dispute, a proper apology will be enough. Why should they be so cruel? Not only did they kill him without leaving a corpse, they even destroyed his soul.”

Dragon King frowned, “Have the culprits been found?”

Dragon Queen glanced at the black crab general.

Black crab general began to report the information his team had found out. After the report, his head hung even lower.

Dragon King groaned. Unexpectedly, the black crab general went personally, but couldn’t find any traces…

Dragon Queen was worried, “If it’s just a personal grievance, the problem isn’t that big. But I am worried that whoever behind this might be targeting our sea race as a whole.”

Dragon King’s brows furrowed even tighter. If this was aimed at the sea race, they had to investigate it carefully.

“Father King doesn’t have to worry. That crocodile demon must have offended someone he couldn’t afford to offend. He got retaliated, which led to this result.” Eldest Prince suddenly said.

“My son, do you know something?” Dragon King’s majestic gaze fell onto his eldest son.

Eldest Prince shook his head slowly. “This child doesn’t know the details. But this child knows that the crocodile demon isn’t a good person.” He began to tell all he knew regarding the crocodile demon.

It turned out that Eldest Prince had seen the crocodile demon bullied other demons. His attitude inside and outside the palace was completely different. Eldest Prince really looked down, even disgusted, at such a double-faced person and once had taught him a lesson. Eldest Prince also faintly heard that the crocodile demon’s business wasn’t a clean one. Although the details were unknown, and Eldest Prince also wasn’t sure whether the crocodile demon was killed in retaliation or not, it didn’t change the fact that he deserved this end.

Dragon Queen immediately turned pale: “Those all are false rumor spread from outside. Absolutely slander…”


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  1. Qilin: Also known as Chinese unicorn, Qilin or kirin is a mythical hooved chimerical creature that appears in Chinese mythology, and is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. Qilin is a specific type of the lin mythological family of one-horned beasts.

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