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DDDV Ch 26 Part 2 – What Should She Do? (II)

Dragon Queen immediately turned pale: “Those all are false rumor spread from outside. Absolutely slander…”

Before Dragon Queen could finish, Second Prince interrupted casually: “Mother Queen, you live deep in the Dragon Palace and isn’t as knowledgeable about the outside matter as Eldest Brother. Eldest Brother must be right.”

“Mother Queen shouldn’t take care about this matter anymore.” Second Prince held Eldest Prince’s shoulder and smiled: “Eldest Brother, I found a good thing. Do you want to have a look?” He pushed his brother and waved back: “Father King, Mother Queen, we children will retire first!”

Eldest Prince gave a salute and then followed his younger brother out.

“King, did the Eldest Prince mock Rui’er for not being ignorant of nephew’s real face?” After the two princes were gone, Dragon Queen snuggled into her husband’s arms and said aggrievedly: “Rui’er has never treated him badly over the years. Rui’er is even better to him than to Ao’er because Rui’er is afraid that other demons will accuse Rui’er of mistreating the son left behind by the previous queen. But he never calls me ‘Mother Queen.’ Rui’er knows that Eldest Prince looks down on Rui’er’s background…”

Dragon King patted his wife comfortingly, but spoke in defense of his eldest son: “That’s how Yuan’er is, how can you not understand? That child is gentle and affectionate. Even if he doesn’t say it outright, he very much cares about his family. He treats Ao’er very well, doesn’t he?”

“You are too innocent and cannot see those lowly people’s true faces. You also stay in the Dragon Palace all day long and is ignorant about what’s happening outside. That’s why you are so easily get blinded. Yuan’er is well-informed. He won’t lie to us, so what he said before must be true.”

“Although he doesn’t call you Mother Queen, he has long respected you as his mother. Like today, when he heard something happened here, he immediately came to check on you.”

Dragon Queen twisted her body and said sullenly: “Came to look at my embarrassment, right?”


“Alright, alright. I will stop speaking.” The Dragon Queen grumbled coyly and snorted: “You only care about that precious eldest son of yours. We mother and son are just pebbles in your eyes.”

Dragon King glared: “Nonsense. Cannot you see how well this King treats you and our son?”

Dragon Queen pouted: “Rui’er doesn’t know. Who knows what Your Majesty really thinks? Rui’er only knows that she is very unhappy now.”

“You, ah.” Dragon King didn’t know whether to laugh or rebuke. After softly coaxing for a while, Dragon King patted Dragon Queen’s hand and returned to the previous topic: “Since not even the black crab general could find anything, you should wash your hands from this matter.”

The crocodile’s cultivation base was not low. Anyone who did it managed to thoroughly kill him without leaving a single clue, indicating that the perpetrator’s cultivation base was very high. At this moment, the situation in the Demon Realm was not very stable. It was better to not doing useless things, lest the dragon clan provoked a power that was difficult to deal with.

The Dragon King was not without ambition. He was besieged by a few human cultivators when entering an ancient secret realm one year ago and was injured as a result. Although the treasure that caused the fight still fell into his hands in the end, the injuries he suffered were not light either. Even after consuming a lot of high-grade spiritual medicine and went into a period of retreat, he had yet to fully recuperate.

At the same time, other demon kings began to raise the topic of electing a Demon Emperor as the supreme ruler of the Demon Realm. Although the result wouldn’t come out in a short time, the Dragon King’s topmost priority right now was to heal his injuries. Other matters must come later.

In fact, to put it bluntly, the one who died was just an insignificant demon. He was not important enough to let the Dragon King personally avenge him.

“But, Rui’er’s younger sister…” Dragon Queen said unwillingly. “That child rarely asked others for help.”

“Since you have ordered the black crab general to investigate, just send the result to your younger sister. No need to feel bad. You have done your best.”

The Dragon Queen was still unwilling, but she knew that the matter was final. She replied obediently: “As you say, Your Majesty.”

Dragon King nodded in satisfaction, “This King remembers that Ao’er wants a dragon bone whip. Let’s open the storeroom and send the whip to him. You also should go and take anything you want.”

Thinking about the rich treasures inside the Dragon King’s private storeroom, the Dragon Queen tried her best to suppress her excitement: “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Dragon King said a few more words before leaving, ready to continue his retreat. The Dragon Queen watched her husband’s departing figure. After he was gone, her face turned dark.

She originally wanted to use the Dragon King’s authority to punish whoever murdered the crocodile demon, but she didn’t expect the Dragon King to be so decisive.

The Dragon Queen was unwilling. The previous Dragon Queen was from a powerful clan and married the Dragon King with abundant dowries that almost filled the entire sea territory. In contrast, her family was just a small retainer, with no power nor wealth.

She was the dignified Dragon Queen, but her private wealth couldn’t be compared to even a daughter of an important courtier. It was only after the nephew from her brother-in-law’s family came to seek her backing that her situation changed. Every time the crocodile demon returned from his business trip, he would present her with countless expensive jewels, spirit stones, spiritual medicines, and other treasures.

Now that her money tree was gone, how could she be willing?

But since the Dragon King had made his words, she had no choice but to comply.

Queen Dragon gritted her teeth in a fury. If she ever found the one behind the killing, she must teach them a lesson!

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao knew nothing about the small event in the Dragon Palace thousands of miles away. But even if they knew, they wouldn’t care at all.

Just a mere Dragon King, even if he came directly to them, what could he do?

Lu Yaoyao was even more ignorant. She was now living in a dire strait, trapped between her two persistent fathers.

…so terrible!

Since she was able to speak, her vocabulary had been increasing rapidly day over day. For now, her speech was limited to single words, and it was still difficult for her to speak a more complete sentence. However, the better she was at speaking, the harder it was to avoid Father and Daddy.

Every day, the two men with stunningly handsome faces would stay by her side, eagerly waiting for her to call ‘Father’ or ‘Daddy’ first.

Who could reject such stunning beauties again and again?

Lu Yaoyao was not hard-hearted. She was becoming more and more swayed and finally felt that she couldn’t hold it anymore.

But she knew that once she called one of them first, the other would be very hard to coax.

She had two fathers, both with fragile glass hearts that turned jealous at every single occasion. What should she do?

This dilemma was impossible to solve.

Hmm…for the time being, she could only hide to prevent Father and Daddy from using their beauty to trick her into submission.

For this reason, Lu Yaoyao began the game of hide-and-seek with Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao.


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