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DDDV Ch 27 Part 2 – She is the Smartest Baby! (II)

Lu Yaoyao hadn’t slept for long, and it took her only two hours to wake up. Lu Qingyu took her out of the house and walked toward the lake. When they arrived, Lu Yaoyao was made stunned by the scene in front of her eyes.

She saw her father, holding a long sword in the middle of the frozen lake. Whenever he pointed the sword, his posture changed, and his pure white figure seemed to merge with the movements of his sword. At this moment, Lu Yaoyao finally understood what ‘a sword flew like a dragon’ truly meant.

It was beyond astonishing.

Father’s body seemed to be enveloped by frosty air that rejected other people’s approach, very cold.

Lu Yaoyao watched in total fascination until Yao Jiuxiao finally put his sword back and walked towards her. There was no expression on Yao Jiuxiao’s cold face, and even his whole body seemed to exude chilly air, as if he merged completely with the surrounding ice and snow.

However, the moment his cold eyes fell onto his little daughter, the coldness melted like the arrival of the spring.

Yao Jiuxiao was a sword cultivator. Although his cultivation base had reached the Great Ascension stage, he still retained the habit of practicing sword regularly. However, since coming to Cangshan, all his time was spent on Lu Yaoyao, and he hadn’t practiced his sword for a long time.

Today, seeing the ice and snow that was somewhat familiar to his residence in Guiyuan Sect, Yao Jiuxiao was struck by a rare impulse and picked up his sword again.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Lu Yaoyao finally recovered her senses, but she was so excited that she forgot how to speak. Her small body wriggled in Lu Qingyu’s arms while her two short feet kicked around.

Aaaaaah! Father is so amazing!!!!!

“Good! Good! Good!” This was Lu Yaoyao’s first time watching Father practicing his sword. Her face was flushed with excitement, and her eyes sparkled like bright stars. Her impression of her Father had soared into the sky, very majestic.

Father is even more, more, more, handsome than before!

Lu Yaoyao’s chubby hand gripped Lu Qingyu’s robe tightly as her upper body bounced around excitedly. Her big, bright eyes were full of admiration of Yao Jiuxiao.

Lu Yaoyao kept repeating the word ‘good’ again and again. She really wanted to shower more rainbow farts to Father, but her current speaking skill was too insufficient to support the rich language content she wanted to express. Thus, thousands of words were compressed into one.

“Good! Good!” Father is so amazing!

Seeing the child’s reaction, Lu Qingyu was extremely annoyed, even disdainful.

So what? He was much better than Yao Jiuxiao!

Lu Qingyu threw Lu Yaoyao to Yao Jiuxiao who was coming over, and walked to the lake himself. Lu Qingyu didn’t use a sword. Instead, there was a jade fan in his hand. The next moment, his red robe fluttered, and the fan drew an elegant curve in the air.

The man in the red robe moved gracefully with his jade fan. It was such a beautiful — but also extremely dangerous — scenery.

Lu Yaoyao was mesmerized once again and watched in astonishment.

The beautiful red-robed man put away his jade fan and stood in front of his daughter. The fantail tapped Lu Yaoyao’s head lightly as he smiled: “How is it? Daddy’s amazing, right?”

Lu Yaoyao regained her senses. Her eyes shone in admiration as her little head nodded vehemently.

“Good! Good! Good!” Daddy is amazing!

Both her Father and Daddy are so amazing, wasn’t it mean that she was also amazing?

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes brightened like the stars.

From now on, she was Father and Daddy’s number one fan!

Lu Yaoyao leaned her small body forward, reached out her hands towards Lu Qingyu, and gave him a hearty hug before returned to Yao Jiuxiao’s sturdy arms. Her big round eyes were bent into two crescent moons as she smiled very contentedly.

Lu Qingyu’s eyes fell onto Lu Yaoyao. His smile was very gentle: “Who is more amazing? Daddy or him?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…?”

What did Daddy say? Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and turned to look at Father. Did she hear it wrong?

Lu Qingyu raised his hand and squeezed Lu Yaoyao’s tender cheek, “Yaoyao’er?”

Without giving her time to evade, he continued pressing for the answer: “Is Daddy more amazing, or is Father more amazing?”

Lu Yaoyao “…”

She turned to look at Father, then turned back to look at Daddy, and suddenly shouted: “Fa, ddy!”

The voice was very tender and sweet, full of babyish charm. But the word she had just spoken was enough to stun both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao.

What did they just hear?

“Faddy!” Lu Yaoyao shouted again, more fluently this time. She couldn’t help being proud of herself. What a brilliant idea! She took one syllable from each, then called them both at once. This way, no one would have any objections. She also successfully diverted Daddy’s attention and stop him from pressing for an answer.

Lu Yaoyao wanted to praise herself. She was so smart!

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

They had been waiting for a long time to hear their daughter called their name first. But unexpectedly, she called only halfway.

She called only halfway…

There was no excitement nor happiness, and they even wanted to pressure the child to redo the calling. But when the two venerables saw the little girl’s complacent look, they changed their minds.

Lu Qingyu gently stroke Lu Yaoyao’s head, “My daughter is really smart.”

Lu Yaoyao puffed up her belly proudly. Her small little face was rosy with excitement. Yes, yes, she is the smartest little baby!


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