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DDDV Ch 3 Part 1 – She Is Just A Baby (I)

“After a demon transformed, pay more attention to what they eat. The meat must be cooked and not to be eaten raw…especially a little cub. Don’t let her eat indigestible things…” Inside the wooden house, an old woman with peach blossom petals covering her forehead to the neck sat on the couch, talking to the two tall, handsome men standing nearby. In her arm was a baby wearing a red bellyband and red trousers.

The little baby seemed to be carved from pink jade, very beautiful. She lay comfortably in the warm and comfortable embrace. Her little chubby hands were holding a jade bottle, vigorously sucking spiritual milk with her small mouth. Her pink and tender cheeks were bulging while her big eyes narrowed, making her so cute that people’s hearts trembled upon seeing her.

Lu Yaoyao was just born. She was about the size of an average two months old baby human. Teardrops still hung on the corner of her eyes, and her small nose was red. She looked so pitiful, yet lovable.

After drinking half a bottle of spiritual milk, her hunger was abated a bit, so she had the energy to listen to the adult talking. The peach blossom granny was busy teaching the two fathers how to take care of a little child.

Lu Yaoyao thought to herself: This granny is also quite unreliable. How can she was given a bottle with such a hard pacifier? If she is an ignorant baby who bites hard when drinking her milk, wouldn’t her babyish gums hurt?

But this granny was much more reliable than those two fathers. At least, granny knew what to feed a baby.

Lu Yaoyao recalled the previous event. She cried and cried for a long time. When she almost lost her breath crying so hard, the two fathers finally had an idea to ask for help.

Lu Yaoyao kept sucking the fragrant spiritual milk. Why did she suddenly feel sorrowful?

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao looked at the child who was drinking spiritual milk contentedly. They didn’t even think that the child was crying so hard because she was hungry. The two ancestors had long ceased the need to consume food. Even if they occasionally ate, those were rare spiritual elixir, which aided their cultivation. Not to mention eating, they had long forgotten about the word ‘hungry.’ However, the child still needed to eat.

The spiritual milk was pure white, with a hint of weak spiritual energy. Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t understand why this kind of thing could fill a stomach, but they silently took a note to immediately feed the child when she started crying again.

Before an incense stick of time passed, the two novice fathers who were completely helpless by their crying daughter finally realized that they needed help from their demon neighbors. As if fleeing, Lu Qingyu went out immediately to invite their nearest neighbor, the peach blossom demon. Not long after she came, the child finally had her food and quieted down.

The peach blossom demon’s cultivation base was in the later stage of Body Refining, and she hadn’t made progress for a long time. It had been five hundred years since she awakened her spiritual consciousness. Because of her old woman’s appearance, her neighbors called her Aunt Tao1. Aunt Tao was friendly and kind, and she was very caring towards her fellow demons of Cangshan Mountain. Her most recent concern was the newly-arrived family of stone demons.

Let’s not talk about other reasons. The two transformed stone demons were so handsome in their human forms. Their looks alone attracted much attention from Cangshan’s female demons. When the family first moved in, the young female demons secretly peeped at the two stone demons for a long time. If not for the two’s aura that made them felt inexplicable pressure, those female demons would have come by from time to time.

Aunt Tao was the stone demons’ closest neighbor by house distance. Recently, other demons often visited her house. Of course, she could see that those people were simply curious and wanted to take another look at the two stone demons.

The two stone demons apparently didn’t like being disturbed. Their house and its surroundings were enclosed by a barrier that prevented others from entering and prying. Without the owners’ permission, no one could trespass inside.

The demon race had a strong sense of territory, so no one in Cangshan found it strange. But they indeed regretted that the two stone demons seldom went out and showed themselves.

Unexpectedly, a month later, one of them came to her and said that the third stone had transformed, but she kept crying for some reason. Without saying a word, Aunt Tao immediately came over to their house.

After lecturing the two men for a long time, Aunt Tao finally asked in curiosity: “How come her human form so small?”

Before entering the Demon Core stage, the demon race would stay in its original forms. Only after passing the tribulation at the late Transformation stage and successfully forming its demon core could a demon completely transform into a human form.

However, many ancient demon races had a huge original form, making it inconvenient for them to move around. Therefore, some of them would use the transformation leaf to get a human form quickly. This transformation leaf had no effect on a demon’s cultivation base, but could help the demons below the Demon Core stage transform. However, their transformation was incomplete, and their human form would retain some characteristics of their original form.

The transformation leaf was a great help for demons with a low cultivation base or those who had no hope of reaching the Demon Core stage. Without the transformation leaf, many of them might not be able to transform in their entire life, so it wasn’t uncommon for a demon race to use one.

Aunt Tao was a peach tree demon who transformed after taking the transformation leaf. The peach blossom petals on her body were characteristics of incomplete transformation.

Aunt Tao found this stone demon cub to be strange. When a demon transformed after taking the transformation leaf, they basically turned into an adult human form. Demon children preferred to use their original forms by nature, and most of them only took the transformation leaf after being unable to pass the Transformation stage in their adulthood.

Of course, there was a small number of young demons who used transformation leaf, But even so, they transformed into a juvenile human in the early teens. This was the first time Aunt Tao saw such a small human form.

Aunt Tao had never been out of Cangshan Mountain. But she heard a lot and seemed to know that this should be the period when a human cub was just born, no?

Aunt Tao didn’t know how to feed a human baby. She only knew how to raise demon cubs. What she taught the two male demons just now were the common sense when raising a demon cub. She didn’t know whether this small cub in a human baby’s form was different than normal cubs or not.

Lu Qingyu also looked confused, as if he was totally clueless: “Maybe because she has just developed spiritual wisdom?”

Hearing this, Aunt Tao began to preach again: “You young people are so ignorant. How can you use a transformation leaf to a demon that barely developed her spiritual wisdom?”

She had never seen a demon who transformed just after awakening their spiritual wisdom, so she didn’t doubt the young man’s words. She just felt that forcefully transforming such a small cub would only cause trouble. Wasn’t it better to keep a stone around?

With an innocent face, Lu Qingyu pointed to Yao Jiuxiao and said: “He said that the child should be transformed earlier.”

Yao Jiuxiao glanced at Lu Qingyu. Although he didn’t say anything, his aura and face became colder.

Aunt Tao began another session of long preach at Yao Jiuxiao.

Lu Qingyu drew out a fan out from nowhere and flipped it open to cover the gleeful smile on his lips.

The great Dao Venerable Hengwu probably had never met such disrespect from a weak creature, right?

Seeing Yao Jiuxiao’s face, Lu Qingyu felt happy from the bottom of his heart.


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  1. Tao(桃): Peach.

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