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DDDV Ch 3 Part 2 – She Is Just A Baby (II)

The human race equally took both devils and demons as enemies. However, the three races had been in peace for three hundred years. Although they were from opposing races, Yao Jiuxiao was not a person who would blindly kill someone who had never done anything evil. His disposition only made him ignored them for the most time. The same was true for Lu Qingyu, but his temperament was moody. He could even wipe out his fellow devils if he felt them an eyesore, let alone others.

This peach blossom demon was just a weak demon with a low cultivation base, an existence too small beneath their notice. Who cared about the life of an ant under their feet?

Precisely because the gap was too big that they could get along.

Besides, this weak demon did help them a lot.

“I also don’t know how to raise such a small cub.” After finished preaching the ignorant young man, Aunt Tao said with a difficult face. All the transformed demons she ever seen transformed after they grew teeth, so they naturally could eat anything. She didn’t even know a stone demon’s normal diet. Maybe they could also eat anything? But such a toothless little cub couldn’t bite meat or fruit, which made the situation very difficult.

Aunt Tao still remembered that when the other demons had just given birth to their cubs, besides breastmilk, they also feed the cubs with spiritual milk. Hence, she went to visit the squirrel family next door to barter for some leftover spiritual milk.

Spiritual milk had a great benefit to demon cubs. Fortunately, this little cub could drink it.

“Let’s feed her spiritual milk for the time being.” If there were any demons in Cangshan Mountain who had just given birth to cubs, she could also ask for normal breastmilk for this cub. However, the youngest cub in this area was born ten years ago by the squirrel next door.

“Aunt Tao, can you help me to barter it?” Lu Qingyu’s grotto-space was full of priceless heavenly treasures, rare artifacts, and the best spirit stone veins, but he had no ordinary things.

“The squirrel family doesn’t have spiritual milk anymore, only these two last bottles. Should I go and ask the demons on the next mountains? One bottle of spiritual milk can be exchanged with fifty low-grade spirit stones.” For these small demons, spiritual milk was very precious. This area had a poor spiritual aura, but cubs needed spiritual milk. Even buying one bottle could cost much of a family’s saving. This cub seemed to need a lot of milk. Aunt Tao didn’t know whether these two men could afford to raise her. If newly-transformed demons didn’t have enough nutrients, they would revert back to their original form.

“We are not familiar with the demons next mountain. Can I bother Aunt Tao to ask them? I will pay you.”

“I don’t need the payment. All right, I will help you to ask.” It was just a small matter, so Aunt Tao agreed instantly.

Lu Qingyu wanted to pay first, but he only had the highest-grade spirit stones at hands. Outside, this kind of spirit stone was not rare. But here, if he carelessly took it out, there would definitely be commotions. It wasn’t easy to find such a comfortable place to stay, and Lu Qingyu didn’t want to create a stream of troubles. The aura here was barren, and it was easy to see how attractive the high-grade spirit stone was to the low-level demons living in this area.

Lu Qingyu thought for a while, then gave up.

Lu Yaoyao hugged the jade bottle while listening to the conversation. Her small mouth was still sucking the spiritual milk, very satisfied. After listening for a while, she gradually understood. It turned out that she had become a stone demon who just transformed into a baby form.

Her two fathers were also stone demons.

Unexpectedly, after transmigrating, she was no longer even a human.

Huh? What is a ‘human’? Lu Yaoyao’s mind was mostly blank. Her big eyes, which were still red after crying for so long, stared at the granny holding her. Another thought instantly popped up in her mind: this is ‘human.’

Why do they say they are demons? Is this the effect of transformation? Lu Yaoyao was very confused.

There was not much spiritual milk left in the jade bottle. After Lu Yaoyao finished drinking, her little belly was bulging, and she burped slightly. Very cute.

“This little kid drinks so heavily. She finished the whole bottle in one go.” Aunt Tao took the empty bottle and put it aside.

Seeing the child finally finished drinking milk, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao breathed a sigh of relief.

“Have you seen the vision that just appared in the sky?”

Lu Qingyu calmly replied, “We were busy with this little cub and didn’t pay attention to the outside.”

Aunt Tao obviously didn’t suspect that they knew something. She just brought out the topic for gossip: “With such a big event, Yuanqi Continent probably will be turbulent for a while…” Finished talking, she suddenly asked: “Right. By the way, what is this child’s name?”

“Lu Manzhu.”

“Yao Yushu.”

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao answered at the same time. Both immediately turned aside, and saw an uncompromising posture from each other.

Lu Qingyu’s lips hooked into a smile, full of bloody danger: “Lu Manzhu.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s face was cold and indifferent, and his tone was even colder: “Yao Yushu.”

Aunt Tao laughed, “It seems that you haven’t reached a conclusion yet. Just discuss it carefully. Both names are very good.” She then stood up, walked to Lu Qingyu, and put the child into his hands.

“Keep the remaining bottle of spiritual milk and feed it when the little cub is hungry. I will go to the neighboring mountains. If I can get spiritual milk, I will bring it to you tomorrow.” Then she smiled and walked towards the door. “I’m leaving now. Call me if you need anything.”

Lu Qingyu’s body seemed to be frozen. He didn’t dare to move. His fan fell off, and his smile disappeared. He looked at the little child lying on his palm, almost collapsing.

He already thought that this child was so tiny before. But now that the baby was lying on his palm, he clearly felt that her small body was only the length of his two palms.

So soft, so small…drops of sweat seemed to be dripping on Lu Qingyu’s forehead. He didn’t dare to move. He felt that if he moved, this soft little girl would be crushed to death by him.

Lu Yaoyao was no better. Her hands clasped on her chest, watching Lu Qingyu nervously. Lu Yaoyao’s little buttocks and head were dangling in the air, and her short limbs were raised because of this weird posture. Although her back was lying on warm, big palms, she didn’t dare to move. She felt a great danger. If Daddy wasn’t careful, she might fall to her death.

“Yao Jiuxiao…” Lu Qingyu’s voice seemed to be squeezed out from his throat, “Hurry up! Quickly take away this kid!”

Yao Jiuxiao also didn’t dare to touch the child, so he turned his fingers slightly, letting her small body flew up in the air, and slowly landed on the couch.

After Lu Yaoyao lying on the couch safely, all three sighed in relief.

“Ahhhh…” Lu Yaoyao slowly moved her hands and feet. It was so hard to stay alive! But she soon cheered up. She was flying just now, how amazing!

Listening to his daughter’s tender voice and seeing her waving her hands and feet lively, Lu Qingyu quickly recovered from previous nervousness: “This Venerable’s Zhu’er is really well-behaved.”

“It’s Shu’er.”

Lu Qingyu turned at Yao Jiuxiao, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Zhu’er.”

Yao Jiuxiao’s voice was cold, and his tone was uncompromising, “Shu’er.”

“Lu Manzhu.”

“Yao Yushu.”

“Lu, Man, Zhu!”

“Yao Yushu.”



Lu Yaoyao, who was busy playing by herself, listened to her two fathers fighting for her name.

She was confused. Wasn’t her name Lu Yaoyao?

Then suddenly, the fire spread to her.

Beautiful Daddy came over, smiling dangerously: “Daughter, tell us. Which name do you like?”

Beautiful Father also looked over. Although he didn’t speak, his eyes conveyed the same meaning.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Her small face frowned in confusion. Her big round eyes were blinking innocently, looking back at the two fathers cutely.

What are you talking about? I am just a newborn baby. Baby doesn’t understand, ah!


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