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DDDV Ch 30 Part 1 – Do You Have an Enlightenment Today? (I)

Lu Qingyu was distracted by Lu Yaoyao, and his mood improved. He reached out his hand and put the girl into his arms: “Well, our Yaoyao is the most powerful.”

Lu Yaoyao giggled happily.

Yao Jiuxiao lost his only audience, so he put back his sword and walked over.

When Lu Qingyu saw Yao Jiuxiao, his lips flattened, and his face turned dark at speed visible to naked eyes.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Father who was coming by, then turned her head to Daddy. She blinked confusedly. Although she didn’t know why, but it seemed that Daddy was getting angry at Father again.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t know what provoked Lu Qingyu this time. But he had long been used to the other party’s erratic mood and didn’t pay the slightest attention.

Yao Jiuxiao looked at Lu Yaoyao and solemnly asked, “Do you have an enlightenment today?”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion. After a while, she hesitantly answered: “Father is very great, no?”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Qingyu sneered openly.

Lu Yaoyao was even more at a loss. Did she make a mistake?

Yao Jiuxiao was a little disappointed at first. But when he thought about it again, it seemed that he was a little too hasty. The child was born less than one year ago. He only took up the sword for the first time at the age of three before learning swordsmanship and finally manifesting his sword intent.

Lu Qingyu hugged Lu Yaoyao and walked towards the wooden house.

Lu Yaoyao curiously asked: “Daddy, why are you back so soon? Did you catch a spirit beast?”

When Lu Qingyu went out this morning, Lu Yaoyao hadn’t woken up yet. She couldn’t find Daddy around when she opened her eyes, so she asked Father and was told that Daddy had gone out.

Last time, the neighborhood uncles had shared a piece of spirit beast meat for Lu Yaoyao. Her two fathers used the meat to cook another pot of black broth. The taste was even more delicious than usual. Lu Yaoyao really liked it and drank an extra bowl as a result.

When Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao saw that the child really liked the spirit beast’s meat, they wanted to catch more for her. However, they went out a few times in turns and didn’t find any similar spirit beast. Obviously, the spirit beast didn’t live in this area. Most likely, it came by mistake and was unlucky enough to encounter Cangshan’s hunting team.

Lu Yaoyao comforted her Daddy: “It’s okay if Daddy didn’t catch any. The meat yesterday is tastier.”

Lu Yaoyao almost drooled. Yesterday, Father took out a large piece of crystal-clear meat and cooked it for her. In fact, she preferred that over the spirit beast’s meat. Father just cut the meat casually, put it into the pot, and boiled it with Daddy’s seasoning. Even so, it was super tasty!

Lu Yaoyao remembered that her Father only cooked a small piece of the meat, so there must be a lot of leftovers. She turned to Yao Jiuxiao and said compromisingly: “Father, I can just eat yesterday’s meat.”

“…” Yao Jiuxiao’s expression stiffened for a moment before he replied firmly: “It’s gone.”

Lu Yaoyao pursed her mouth. Obviously there was so many left. Father was deceiving her!

Yao Jiuxiao had no choice but to tell a lie: “We have eaten it all.”

…Well, such delicious meat, it was no wonder that Father and Daddy liked it so much.

Lu Yaoyao was an understanding little baby, so she didn’t make any trouble.

Yao Jiuxiao secretly sighed in relief. Fortunately, the child didn’t insist, or he might be unable to handle it. It was not that he didn’t want to feed his daughter delicious food, but the meat she ate last night came from a very rare spirit beast and contained more spiritual aura than the spiritual fruit. With just a few bites, the meat could greatly increase one’s cultivation base and also possessed a supreme taste recognized as one of the three best delicacies in Yuanqi Continent.

The piece of meat in Yao Jiuxiao’s hand was one of the gifts he received when his sect celebrated his thousand-year-old birthday a few hundred years ago. The meat didn’t have much effect on Yao Jiuxiao, and he also didn’t have any interest in delicacy, so he simply stored it inside his grotto-space.

If it wasn’t for the guilt after failing to catch the spirit beast that his daughter wanted to eat, Yao Jiuxiao wouldn’t suddenly remember the long-forgotten meat in his grotto-space. However, it seemed that the meat was too potent for Lu Yaoyao’s small body. Yao Jiuxiao only put a small piece into the pot, but after the child drank the broth, her cultivation base instantly swelled.

She only woke up this afternoon, after her body finally finished digesting all the aura she consumed.

This reaction came as a surprise to Yao Jiuxiao. He and Lu Qingyu had given the child food with high spiritual contents before, which was why he dared to feed her the meat.

Lu Yaoyao was unaware of her Father’s worry. She put her head on Lu Qingyu’s shoulder, suddenly felt sleepy again.

When they reached the house, the child was already half-asleep. Lu Qingyu put her on the couch and covered her with a quilt.

Lu Yaoyao quickly fell asleep.


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