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DDDV Ch 30 Part 2 – Do You Have an Enlightenment Today? (II)

Lu Yaoyao quickly fell asleep.

Yao Jiuxiao said sternly: “You can’t give Yaoyao anything with too much aura.”

Lu Qingyu didn’t care.

“From now on, I will control the amount of spiritual things she can consume.”

Lu Yaoyao was born a natural spiritual fetus. Coupled with his and Lu Qingyu’s powerful bloodlines, she easily embarked on the road of cultivation without any hardship, because her body absorbed aura as naturally as taking a breath. In other words, even if Lu Yaoyao did nothing, her cultivation base improved every day just by sleeping, eating, and playing.

However, Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu never told this fact to Lu Yaoyao, and the child herself was unaware of her talent. She always thought of herself as an ordinary demon.

The effect of the meat was clear to naked eyes. After only one night, the child spoke much more fluently and could stand up more steadily.

Lu Qingyu always felt that Yao Jiuxiao was making too much fuss. “What’s wrong with that? The kid has talent, and we can nurture her. As long as we are willing, within a few years, she can shake the whole continent.”

No matter which race, the strong were always respected. With the child’s talent, under the right guidance, she might become the youngest Great Ascension cultivator in history!

This place was too barren. Lu Yaoyao absorbed aura spontaneously every day, but the amount available was too limited. Her two fathers feed her precious food from time to time, but those were merely a drop in the bucket for her.

Yao Jiuxiao originally thought that such a small piece of meat would be nothing. He never expected that the meat’s effect would be more than doubled after being combined by Ten Thousand Devil Herb. Now, the little girl who was still less than one year old had already reached the third layer of the Qi Condensation stage.

“Haste brings instability.” No one knew for sure how strong someone with dao and devil dual physique could grow into, but there was nothing wrong with building a solid foundation before she truly began to cultivate.

Lu Qingyu stopped speaking. There was also no record in the Devil Realm regarding the cultivation method suitable for someone with dao and devil dual physique, so he was as clueless as Yao Jiuxiao. However, they both understood that they would choose whatever the best for her whenever they had a disagreement regarding the child. Of course, none of them would compromise outright, and no one would be willing to back down openly, so they mainly ended the conversation in silence.

The sleeping Lu Yaoyao was unaware that her two fathers’ had reached the consensus to reduce her snacks. After she woke up, she was full of energy and couldn’t wait to go out.

The lake had completely melted, revealing its clear blue water again. After a few spring rain, the green vegetation at Cangshan had regained its vitality and seemed to grow even better than in previous years. Except for perennial trees in the forest, green buds could be seen sprouted almost everywhere.

After the ground was no longer muddy and wet, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao finally allowed Lu Yaoyao to walk by herself.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t wait to go and play with her little friends. Now that she was able to accurately express her thoughts, she made an appointment with other cubs to meet outside the barrier today. This was Lu Yaoyao’s first appointment with her friends, and she was very excited. Early the next morning, she pulled her two fathers and urged them to take her out.

Lu Qingyu was sour, “It’s not time yet, right? You are too impatient.”

Lu Yaoyao stared at Daddy as if she was looking at an unreasonable child. Why was Daddy so jealous? He even felt jealous of her little friends, ah.

But Lu Yaoyao was a caring little baby, so she worked hard to coax her sour Daddy. When the time was almost here, they finally went out, just in time to see the cubs arrived.

Lu Yaoyao happily ran over with her short legs and hugged the fat squirrel and the big white rabbit.

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao, I miss you so much!” Song Xiaoqi bounced around.

Bai Shi’er hopped next to him: “Yaoyao! I miss you too!”

Lu Yaoyao also said, “I miss you too.”

The cubs had just met not long ago, but they were hugging each other affectionally as if they had been separated for a very long time.

Then Lu Yaoyao and her merry little friends went to play.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao followed behind.

The cubs immediately noticed, so they stopped and turned around. Song Xiaoqi said cutely: “Uncles, we cubs don’t play with adults.”

Bai Shi’er nodded in agreement, “Yes, yes. Playing with adults is not fun.” Adults were boring and nagging, so the cubs didn’t like to play with them.

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she caringly said: “Father, Daddy, you can go back now. I will play with my friends.”

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, who for the first time ever were shooed away by their daughter: “…”

Without waiting for answers, Lu Yaoyao waved her chubby hand: “Father, Daddy, see you later!”

Then with the little squirrel on her left and the big white rabbit on her right, the girl quickly hopped away with her short legs.

The two lonely old fathers who were left behind: “…”

After a while, Lu Qingyu sighed: “The kid has grown up and no longer needs her Daddy.”

As one of the unneeded old fathers, Yao Jiuxiao kept his silence.

“However, it hasn’t been a year since she was born. She is still very young..”

The two venerables exchanged a quick glance and quietly tailed behind the cubs.

This was Lu Yaoyao’s first time walking so long and so far. She had just begun to walk not long ago, and she was usually held in her fathers’ arms. However, she was already very skilled in walking and could walk for a long time without losing her breath. The road was uneven, and it was easy to lose balance. Lu Yaoyao wobbled around unsteadily, but strangely enough, every time she was about to fall, she would bounce back instantly.

Lu Yaoyao laughed. How fun!

The cubs were walking with no specific destination within the range of Cangshan Mountain. However, for little cubs, just walking on the road with friends was very fun and exciting.

Bai Shi’er pulled Lu Yaoyao in a direction: “Yaoyao, Yaoyao, I will take you to a fun place!”

“Okay, okay!” Lu Yaoyao’s face was flushed red. The little squirrel could jump from branch to branch, and the white rabbit had four fast legs. But Lu Yaoyao only had two short legs, and she couldn’t move as fast as her friends.

Bai Shi’er thought for a while: “Yaoyao, I will take you on my back so we can run fast.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at Bai Shi’er. His rabbit body was indeed twice as big as hers. Lu Yaoyao was a bit moved, but she hesitated: “Can you?” She glanced at her fat little belly: “I, I am a bit fat.”

“Not fat. My mother said cubs are like this. It’s alright, I can carry you.” Bai Shi’er lay flat on the ground, urging Lu Yaoyao to get up.

“Okay then.” Lu Yaoyao climbed up hesitantly and lay on her stomach. “Put me down if I am too heavy!”

“Okay!” With Lu Yaoyao on his back, Bai Shi’er began to jump. Lu Yaoyao was still worried at first, but found that her little friend indeed could jump easily and steadily even with her on his back. In no time, Lu Yaoyao began to enjoy the jumps. It was so fun!


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