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DDDV Ch 31 Part 1 – Transform! (I)

On the top of Cangshan Mountain, there was a huge basin that resembled a sinkhole. It was about ten meters high, with no vegetation growing on it. The ground was bare and brown, surrounded by steep walls undulated by sparse rocks of various sizes.

The cubs hopped over and stopped at the edge of the basin.

Lu Yaoyao slid off Bai Shi’er’s back and looked around curiously. This was her first time coming here, but she couldn’t see anything special. Where was the fun?

Quickly enough, the cubs formed a line and showed their game to their new friend. Seeing Lu Yaoyao standing blankly on the side, they hurried her: “Yaoyao, quickly line up!”

“Oh, okay!” Lu Yaoyao ran as fast as possible with her short legs and lined up the last.

To show the rope to Lu Yaoyao, Song Xiaoqi lined up right in front of her. He assured: “Yaoyao, you can jump right after me.”

Jump? What to jump?

Before Lu Yaoyao could figure it out, the cub on the front of the line had jumped into the basin, followed quickly by other cubs behind. Soon it was Song Xiaoqi’s turn. He quickly followed the group and jumped down.

Only Lu Yaoyao was left behind. She stood alone on the edge, and saw her little friends skilfully jumped on the protruding rocks on the steep wall one by one. Their movements were nimble and quick, and it looked so fun.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She was eager to follow suit, but her feet refused to cooperate.

This naturally-formed basin was Cangshan cubs’ favorite playing ground. Even the shyest cub in the group, the little green snake, also jumped along happily behind his best friend.

The cubs were naturally very energetic, and this game helped to consume their seemingly boundless energy. After jumping once, the cubs immediately climbed back and prepared to jump again. However, Lu Yaoyao still did not dare to jump. Some cubs had jumped two times, but they suddenly found that one of their friends still hadn’t jumped yet. They immediately ran to Lu Yaoyao and chattered.

“Yaoyao, why didn’t you jump?”

“It’s very fun, you know?”


Lu Yaoyao lowered her head. Her chubby short fingers gripped the hem of her clothes in frustration. She tried to hold back her tears as she answered: “I, I don’t dare to jump…” Lu Yaoyao didn’t dare to raise her eyes and saw the reactions of her new friends. She was afraid that they would dislike her for being a coward and would never take her to play again in the future.

“Are you afraid of falling too?”

“Xiaoqi also didn’t dare to jump before!”

“Junjun too!” Junjun was the little green snake. He wrapped himself around the little civet cat. His pair of small bean-like eyes were originally looking at Lu Yaoyao curiously. But when he heard his name mentioned, he quickly hid his face again.

“They cried!”

“Yeah, they cried a lot!”

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she finally raised her head again. Her big, teary eyes looked around curiously. It turned out that she was not the only cub who was scared to jump.

Song Xiaoqi, whose black history was exposed by his friends, immediately jumped around in protest: “I can jump well now! I have jumped first many times!”

“But you still didn’t dare to jump before!”

“I can now!”

“Now is now, before is before!”

Lu Yaoyao listened to her friends’ loud chatters. After knowing that she was not the only one afraid to jump, she felt much better. She was afraid that her friends would dislike her and don’t want to play with her again.

Soon, the cubs took Lu Yaoyao to the edge of the basin again.

“Don’t worry, we won’t fall. Look!” Finished speaking, Bai Shi’er quickly leaped into the air. The fat white rabbit instantly fell down with gravity. Lu Yaoyao’s mouth opened slightly as she watched in fear. When Bai Shi’er had fallen halfway, a long vine suddenly reached out from the side and caught him in time. The long vine rolled up the fat white rabbit and tossed him to the ground.

After Bai Shi’er landed safely, the vine swished back.

The cubs chirped: “That’s Grandpa locust tree!”

“Grandpa locust tree is the most powerful demon in Cangshan!”

“Grandpa locust tree will catch us if we fall!”

“No, no.” One of the cubs retorted: “My Dad said that the most powerful demons in Cangshan now are Yaoyao’s parents.”

Lu Yaoyao asked back, “My Father and my Daddy?”

“Yeah, it’s Yaoyao’s Father and Yaoyao’s Daddy.”

“Yaoyao, who gave birth to you? We are all born from mothers.”

Lu Yaoyao replied solemnly, “I popped out from a stone.”

“Right, you are a stone demon, so you popped out from a stone.” The cubs easily accepted the explanation.

Bai Shi’er curiously asked: “Yaoyao, Yaoyao, can you show us your original form?”

“Yeah! Is your original form the same as those stones?” Song Xiaoqi held out his front paw and pointed at the dull-looking grey stones on the ground. There hadn’t been a single stone demon in Duanping Mountain Range before, so the cubs had never seen the original form of a stone demon.

Lu Yaoyao saw the ugly little stones and frowned. Her original form must be different; how could she be an ugly stone!

Lu Yaoyao quickly retorted, “No, I am a beautiful stone!” Her original form must be very beautiful!

“Yaoyao, can you transform back into your original form and jumped down with us?”

Many pairs of big round eyes looked at Lu Yaoyao with expectations. Lu Yaoyao hesitated, but soon nodded: “Okay!”

But how to transform?

Lu Yaoyao thought hard and long, but still couldn’t figure out how to transform into her original form. She wanted to admit that she couldn’t, but so many eyes were watching expectantly…

Lu Yaoyao blushed. She tried hard to transform, but there was no change at all.

Should she shout?

So Lu Yaoyao clenched her small fists and shouted: “Transform!”

After shouting, she examined her body expectantly. The most conspicuous thing she could see was the fat belly covered with red clothes.

“Transform!” Lu Yaoyao’s tender voice became louder.

Nothing changed. Was it necessary to add special movements?

Lu Yaoyao spun her body around and yelled with a serious face: “Trans—” Before she could finish, her body lost its balance. She fell ass first on the ground, feeling very dizzy.


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