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DDDV Ch 31 Part 2 – Transform! (II)

“Transform!” Lu Yaoyao’s tender voice became louder.

Nothing changed. Was it necessary to add special movements?

Lu Yaoyao spun her body around and yelled with a serious face: “Trans—” Before she could finish, her body lost its balance. She fell ass first on the ground, feeling very dizzy.

After a while, Lu Yaoyao’s chubby face was filled with desperation: “I, I cannot transform…” She must be a stupid demon. She couldn’t even transform into her original form…

“It’s okay.” Although the friends were disappointed that they couldn’t see a stone demon’s original form, they still comforted Lu Yaoyao: “We are still little cubs. It’s normal that we cannot transform. You see, we cannot transform into human forms yet.”

“Yeah, yeah. My dad said that I have to wait until I reach adulthood before I can transform. I still have another eighty years. It’s very long.”

“I still have seventy-two years.”

Song Xiaoqi was the youngest cub after Lu Yaoyao. He said enviously: “I have ninety years left. Yaoyao is amazing. She can transform into a human form so early!”

“Yaoyao is amazing!” One by one, the cubs affectionately rubbed their fluffy bodies against Lu Yaoyao. Even the shy little green snake quietly held out his tail to touch Lu Yaoyao’s pink and tender face before quickly retracting it again.

Lu Yaoyao was moved into teary eyes. Her friends were so kind!

Lu Yaoyao made a firm resolution. After she went back, she would learn from Father and Daddy how to transform into a pretty little stone!

After she finished learning, she would show her original form to her little friends!

Lu Yaoyao became lively again. She stood up and pronounced: “Let’s continue playing!”


The cubs rushed into a line again. “It’s my turn to be the first!” Bai Shi’er said quickly as he hurried to the front. The cub who jumped first in the first round lined up behind Lu Yaoyao. This was their rule when playing here.

When it was Lu Yaoyao’s turn, she was still a bit afraid. However, she firmed her determination to jump. She couldn’t transform. If she didn’t even dare to jump, even if her friends didn’t dislike her, she would dislike herself!

So Lu Yaoyao closed her eyes and jumped towards the nearest protruding rock. Out of a sudden, she felt her body very light, as if she was gently supported by an invisible wind. Her body fell easily on the nearest rock, and she dared to open her eyes again after feeling sturdy support under her little feet.

Hey, she really jumped!

The last cub rushed impatiently: “Yaoyao, Yaoyao, hurry up.” Others were already far away!

Lu Yaoyao turned her head and saw that her friends had been far ahead. She became anxious, and quickly jumped to another rock. Lu Yaoyao was anxious to catch up and suddenly forgot everything else. She leaped quickly from rock to rock until she saw Song Xiaoqi’s trembling fat ass up close. Having caught up with her friends, Lu Yaoyao slowed her pace and followed the group’s rhythm.

Lu Yaoyao had completely forgotten her initial fear. She jumped around with her friends and soon felt the fun in the game.

The cubs’ carefree laughter rang throughout the mountain. After they finished playing one game, they played the second game, and then the third…

When the sunset arrived, the group had played so much that their fur had turned dirty and grey. Lu Yaoyao was not an exception. Her chubby white face was also covered with dust and soil. After they stopped playing, the cubs sent Lu Yaoyao back to the foot of the mountain. She slid off Bai Shi’er’s back and made a promise to play again tomorrow.

After sending off her friends, Lu Yaoyao hurried back into her home.

When Lu Yaoyao entered the barrier, her two fathers were waiting for her. She immediately held out her hands and ran as fast as possible with her short legs.

“Father! Daddy!”

Lu Yaoyao pounced on the nearest Daddy first. She hugged his legs and rubbed her dirty face against his trousers: “Daddy, I miss you and Father so much!”

“I think you are having so much fun outside that you forget your own home. How can you still remember us?” Lu Qingyu’s tone was sour. Seeing the child’s dirty face, his lips twitched in disgust: “Really dirty.”

However, Lu Qingyu stood motionless, letting the giggling little girl rubbing her dirty face all over his trousers.

Yao Jiuxiao silently walked away to prepare a pot of hot water. He came back, picked up the dirty little dumpling, and put her into the copper pot.

Lu Yaoyao happily played in the water. Since the first time she took a hot bath, Lu Yaoyao had fallen in love. Even after the lake had melted, she no longer asked to swim there every day.

When Lu Yaoyao’s skin began to turn red, Yao Jiuxiao fished her out, dried her with a spell, and took her back to the house.

“Daddy, Daddy!”

“Father, Father!”

Lu Yaoyao, who had become a clean white dumpling again, couldn’t wait to show Father and Daddy the new skill she learned today. She jumped up excitedly on the couch and exclaimed: “Look! I can fly!”

Lu Yaoyao leaped forward and jumped high, and then fell straight down.

A pair of hands reached out in time and caught her before she fell to the ground.

Lu Yaoyao was lying in Father’s arms, and her short chubby limbs were still rising high in the air. She blinked in confusion. Why couldn’t she fly?

Lu Qingyu hugged his stomach and roared into laughter. The kid was so funny, hahaha!

Yao Jiuxiao’s cold eyes were also full of smiles as he put his daughter back on her couch.

Lu Yaoyao sat on the couch. She couldn’t understand. When playing with her friends today, she clearly could fly high and far with just a light jump, so why didn’t it work now?

Lu Yaoyao’s big eyes were blinking in confusion. Could it be that her new skill only works in a particular time and place?

Yao Jiuxiao gently patted his daughter’s head, “Father knows that Yaoyao can fly.”

Lu Yaoyao quickly put aside her confusion. She pulled Yao Jiuxiao’s sleeve and asked, “Father, I want to transform back into my original form. Teach me how to transform, okay?” She still wanted to show her original form to her friends.

Lu Qingyu answered teasingly, “Why do you want to transform? Your original form is very ugly, don’t you know?”

Lu Yaoyao immediately thought of the ugly and dirty stones she saw on the mountain. Her chubby face suddenly crumpled as she asked heartbrokenly: “Am I very ugly?” Then how could she show her original form to her little friends? Even she would dislike her ugliness.

Lu Qingyu fanned the flames, “Yeah, very ugly.”

“Is Daddy also very ugly?”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Lu Yaoyao stared at Lu Qingyu with teary eyes. Her tender voice cried sadly: “It turns out that our original form is so ugly…”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Qingyu immediately retorted, “Daddy isn’t ugly.”

Lu Yaoyao cried, “But if Daddy isn’t ugly, why am I so ugly?

” …” A good question.

For the first time in his long life, the Devil Venerable learned what it meant to lift a rock only to hit his own foot.


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