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DDDV Ch 32 Part 1 – Who Do You Love More? (I)

Lu Yaoyao was heartbroken. She was a beautiful little cub, and Father and Daddy’s human forms were also very handsome. So why were their original forms so ugly?

Forget it. As a daughter, she shouldn’t dislike her fathers’ ugliness. After all, they were ugly together.

Lu Yaoyao sadly braced herself to accept this tragic fact.

“Your Daddy is talking nonsense.” Yao Jiuxiao said, “Yaoyao is not ugly.”

Lu Yaoyao suddenly raised her head. Her thick eyelashes flapped as she asked, full of expectation: “Am I a pretty and sparkling little stone? Do I shine in rainbow colors?”

Seeing Yao Jiuxiao’s suspiciously long pause, Lu Yaoyao’s eyes became wet again. It turned out that they were so ugly that Father couldn’t even lie to comfort her?

Facing his daughter’s tears, Yao Jiuxiao finally said: “Yes.”

Lu Yaoyao burst into laughter. She knew it! Daddy lied to her!

Both Father and Daddy were so beautiful in their human forms. How could their original forms be an ugly stone?

“How can I transform into a pretty little stone?” Lu Yaoyao jumped excitedly.

Yao Jiuxiao’s voice was gentle, “The demon who has used the transformation leaf cannot return to their original form for a while, and can only move in human form.”

Lu Yaoyao remembered what Aunt Tao had said to her fathers not long after she had just been born. Indeed, it did seem to be the case.

Lu Yaoyao was disappointed. It seemed that she could not transform for the time being.

“Then when can I transform?”

“After you grow up.”

“When will I grow up?”


“How long is soon?”

“Father, can you show me your original form?”


Lu Yaoyao’s curiosity was finally satisfied, and she soon felt sleepy. Her little head began to nod off. Today, she had played for a long time, and she was very tired. Yao Jiuxiao took Lu Yaoyao into his arms and patted her back gently. Soon enough, she fell into a deep sleep.

Lu Yaoyao lay quietly on the couch. Her big eyes were closed, her little red mouth pouted slightly, and her chubby face flushed red. When she was sleeping like this, she looked very cute and well-behaved.

The child seemed to have a good dream, and she laughed happily from time to time.

Yao Jiuxiao stood in front of the couch. With his right index finger and middle finger close together, he gently touched the area right between Lu Yaoyao’s eyebrows. A blue trace of spiritual aura came out from the fingers and entered Lu Yaoyao’s forehead.

After a while, Yao Jiuxiao retracted his hand.

Lu Qingyu commented leisurely, “It is indeed time to teach the kid how to use spiritual aura.”

His little princess naturally should be the best. Even when playing, she must stand above others. Today, if he and Yao Jiuxiao hadn’t followed secretly, wouldn’t the child cry because she couldn’t follow the game?

Thanks to her physique, the child’s body contained both spiritual and devil aura. However, her devil aura was hidden at the current moment, and only spiritual aura was being displayed.

Both demon race and human race relied on spiritual aura to cultivate. The difference was that spiritual aura would transform into a demon aura after being absorbed by demon cultivators. Moreover, demons are also blessed with much stronger bodies than humans. Newborn cubs had a cultivation base at the Enlightenment stage, but they were much more powerful than humans in the comparable Qi Condensation stage.

Of course, his little princess was much more powerful than those cubs, but she didn’t know how to use her dual aura. Because she had never been taught, she looked stupid.

What Yao Jiuxiao had just done was to imprint a strand of his spiritual sense into the child, allowing her to comprehend how to use spiritual aura.

Lu Yaoyao had a very beautiful dream. In the dream, she turned into a beautiful stone shining with rainbow-colored light. She jumped among the clouds in the sky. The white clouds were soft like cotton candy. Lu Yaoyao used them as stepping stones to jump around, laughing very happily.

She found that she could control her body freely. Her body moved as she wanted, and she could go wherever she liked. She jumped up and down, leaped here and there, and had a very great time.

After a while, a misty blob of air appeared and jumped behind her.

Lu Yaoyao quickly discovered it, and she asked curiously: “Who are you?”

The mist blob didn’t answer. It bounced in front of Lu Yaoyao and touched her cheek affectionately.

Lu Yaoyao giggled.

Soon, she resumed her play, this time with a new friend.

The mist blob brought Lu Yaoyao to fly. Together, they flew over the mountains and sea. They saw the blue sky and white cloud, the green mountains and turquoise water, beautiful butterflies flying around colorful flowers…

Suddenly, the scenery changed upside down. The whole sky became dark and gloomy. The sea water became turbulent and soared to the land. The skies falling and the earth opening up, swallowing countless living beings…

Caught off guard, Lu Yaoyao woke up in fright.

She opened her eyes suddenly. Her pair of black eyes were wide open with fear. S-so scary!!

At this time, the sky was already dark. When Lu Qingyu saw Lu Yaoyao was awakened in fright, he quickly took her into his arms: “Yaoyao, what’s wrong?”

Lu Qingyu touched his daughter’s cheek and found it to be very cold.

Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu tightly. She rubbed her face against his palm. Feeling the familiar touch, her panicked mind gradually calmed down: “Daddy, I’m so scared!”

She was about to describe the terrible scenes she saw in her nightmare. But like a receding tide, those memories quickly disappeared.

Lu Yaoyao blinked in confusion.

Lu Qingyu frowned. A strand of devil aura entered Lu Yaoyao’s body, trying to find to cause of her fright.

He found no trace of a dream fiend, so why did the child have a nightmare?

Was there any fiend that could escape his eyes and invade Yaoyao’s dream?


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