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DDDV Ch 32 Part 2 – Who Do You Love More? (II)

Lu Qingyu frowned. A strand of devil aura entered Lu Yaoyao’s body, trying to find to cause of her fright.

He found no trace of a dream fiend, so why did the child have a nightmare?

Was there any fiend that could escape his eyes and invade Yaoyao’s dream?

“Don’t be afraid. Daddy is here.” Lu Qingyu comforted the child. “Your Daddy is the most powerful person in the world. With Daddy here, no one can hurt you. Even if you break down the sky, Daddy will protect you.” So, no need to be afraid of anything.

Lu Yaoyao subconsciously said, “Don’t break the sky!” It was terrible to break the sky.

Lu Qing casually replied: “Okay, okay.”

Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu’s neck tightly. After a while, she quickly recovered.

She proudly said: “Father and Daddy are the most powerful demons in Cangshan. Everyone envies me!”

Lu Qingyu raised his eyebrows and emphasized: “Daddy is the most powerful in the world!” It had to be emphasized that he was more powerful than Yao Jiuxiao.

Lu Yaoyao glanced helplessly. Daddy really liked to brag. But what else could she do? He was her Daddy, so she could only spoil him.

Lu Yaoyao sighed, “Yes, yes, Daddy is the most powerful.” Then she touched her belly, “Daddy, I’m hungry!” She went to bed early last night and didn’t eat dinner. She was so hungry that she almost could drink a whole pot of broth!

Lu Qingyu shouted: “Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter is hungry.”

Yao Jiuxiao went to cook broth for Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Qingyu hugged Lu Yaoyao and went out to play.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t think that she was playing; obviously, she was the one who accompanied Daddy to play. Lu Yaoyao frowned and sighed inwardly. Her Daddy was too childish. He was even more childish than her, a little baby!

Lu Yaoyao was used as a toy by Lu Qingyu. At first, she patiently accompanied her Daddy to play, but soon she became annoyed. Lu Yaoyao left Lu Qingyu and ran to Yao Jiuxiao. But before she noticed it, she had already arrived by Yao Jiuxiao’s side, and her small body directly hit his leg.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t budge an inch as he turned around.

Lu Yaoyao hugged Yao Jiuxiao’s leg as her body turned around dizzily.

She was obviously still far away. Why did she get here so fast?

What happened?

Lu Qingyu watched Lu Yaoyao wrapped herself with spiritual aura when she ran and used it to speed up. “This Venerable’s little princess is truly smart.” Lu Qingyu is very proud. As expected of his daughter. She received the imprint just a moment ago, but already knew how to manifest and use spiritual aura in such a short time.

Yao Jiuxiao bent down and picked up the child. Unlike Lu Qingyu, he didn’t say a word, but his eyes were filled with pride as he gently patted his daughter’s head.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t realize that she had done something extraordinary. She raised her head and blinked confusedly.

Yao Jiuxiao silently scooped a bowl of broth and began to feed Lu Yaoyao.

After drinking two large bowls, Lu Yaoyao burped contentedly. She then remembered that she had promised her friends to play together today. Before leaving, Lu Yaoyao asked her Father, “Father, can you give me more candies?”

She ate the nuts shared by her friends yesterday and also wanted to share her snacks with them. Lu Yaoyao recalled the candy that Father occasionally gave her. Although the candy was dark in color and looked unappetizing, it was very sweet and had a unique taste, which she liked so much.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Yaoyao quickly added: “I want to share with my friends. I won’t eat too much!” She raised five short chubby fingers, “I swear, I will only eat three at most! ”

Yao Jiuxiao looked at Lu Yaoyao’s five fingers. Lu Yaoyao also glanced at them. She bent two fingers down and, after contemplating for a while, bent another one with a painful expression: “I will only eat two!”

“Yaoyao.” Yao Jiuxiao squatted down and said solemnly: “You can’t give other demons what Father and your Daddy gave you to eat.”

Lu Yaoyao was confused: “Why?”

“Because only you can eat them. Other demons will get hurt if they eat.”

Lu Yaoyao covered her small mouth in surprise. Her eyes widened. Why did she can eat them all right, but other demons would get hurt?

“You must remember what Father has just said.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded. But she then hesitated, “But Father, I can’t just eat what others share without sharing anything!” Lu Yaoyao lowered her head disappointedly. She also wanted to share her snacks with Xiaoqi and the others…

Yao Jiuxiao thought for a while, “In two days, I will give you something you can share with other kids.”

Lu Yaoyao jumped up happily, “Thank you, Father!” She gave a quick kiss on Yao Jiuxiao’s chin. “I love you!”

The next moment, Lu Yaoyao’s body was lifted up, and her eyes met Lu Qingyu’s dark face: “Kid, who do you love more?”

“I love you all!” Lu Yaoyao’s short legs shook mid-air, “Daddy, let me down. I’m going to play!” Her friends would be here soon!

“Who do you love more?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

“If you don’t answer, I won’t let you go.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

“Whaaaa!!!” She cried loudly.

Yao Jiuxiao’s face suddenly turned cold, and he quickly came to take Lu Yaoyao back from Lu Qingyu.

Lu Yaoyao howled and reached out her hands towards Yao Jiuxiao. She was facing Lu Qingyu, but there were no tears in her dry eyes.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Finally, Lu Yaoyao was successfully taken back by Yao Jiuxiao, and she immediately stopped howling.

“Father, I’m leaving now!” Before Lu Yaoyao departed, she said in precaution, “Don’t quarrel!” Then she quickly ran to meet up with her friends.

Alas, Daddy really liked to make trouble unreasonably.

This baby felt a headache every day.

But those were minor problems. Any time Daddy made trouble, she would cry aloud. See who would surrender first!


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  1. Children crying without tears to get what they want will always amaze me. Those annoying bundles of joy are quite devious contrary to their innocent exteriors😂

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