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DDDV Ch 33 Part 1 – As Witty as I am (I)

On the shore of the lake, Yao Jiuxiao skillfully cleaned out the remaining broth, washed the pot, and put it back into the storage room in the house. After that, he carefully cleaned the inside and outside the house with a dirt-removal spell.

Since the two venerables began to raise Lu Yaoyao, things began to pile up in the house. Usually, both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao put most of the daily objects in their grotto-space, but before they even realized it, many things slowly had a permanent place in the house. The small wooden house, which initially was so bare and desolate, was now full of living traces.

While Yao Jiuxiao was busy doing household chores, Lu Qingyu was lying very comfortably on a recliner right in front of the lake. Whenever Lu Yaoyao was asleep or not there, Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu were just two strangers under the same roof. Except for the matters regarding Lu Yaoyao, there was little to no communication between them.

Their spiritual senses could perceive any movement in the entire Duanping Mountains Range. Yaoyao and the group of demon cubs were playing around in Cangshan, so there was no danger. Since Yaoyao already knew how to use her spiritual aura, there was no need for them to physically follow her.

After a while, Yao Jiuxiao went to Lu Qingyu and said solemnly: “Let’s go to find some snacks.”

Among the things they bartered from the innkeeper last winter, there was not enough food to meet Yaoyao’s wish to share with her friends. Meanwhile, the things he and Lu Qingyu owned were too rare and precious. Not everyone was blessed with Lu Yaoyao’s unique physique — her little friends wouldn’t be able to withstand the overwhelming aura from the things she casually ate.

The child wanted to make friends. As her fathers, they had to support her. What’s more, Yaoyao didn’t want to take advantage of her friends and knew to share with others, which made Yao Jiuxiao very pleased.

Lu Qingyu rolled his eyes and directly refused, “This Venerable won’t go.” He stood up, “The kid is still too young to play alone. This Venerable is going to look for her.”

Him? Finding snacks? What a joke! Lu Qingyu thought disdainfully. The kid was his devil race’s little princess. It was her right to be high above and enjoy the worship of others. In the Devil Realm, the entire devil race worshipped him. Countless things were sent to him as tributes, and it was their honor if he ever to spare a glance at the things they sent.

Similarly, it was the cubs’ honor that his daughter was willing to accept the things they gave her. Yet, they wanted her to return the favor? Since when those small demons had such a big prestige?

Yao Jiuxiao looked at Lu Qingyu calmly: “We both go, or not at all.”

It was impossible for him to left Lu Qingyu with the child alone. What if he ran away again like the last time?

No matter what, they had to put each other under their eyes to feel at ease.

Lu Qingyu smiled without a trace of guilt: “Yao Jiuxiao, we have been living under the same roof for so long. Cannot you give me some trust? Do you really think that I will run away with Yaoyao again?”

In response, Yao Jiuxiao gave Lu Qingyu a cold, silent stare.

Lu Qingyu tutted and rolled his eyes.

“It’s you who makes the promise. This Venerable has nothing to do with it. You make the problem, so solve it by yourself.” Why should he also go?

Lu Qingyu was still a bit sour after seeing Lu Yaoyao said “I love you!” to Yao Jiuxiao.

“We as fathers can’t even satisfy this little request? I don’t care, but the honorable Devil Venerable cannot even find some snacks for his daughter?”

Lu Qingyu sneered, “You think this method will work on This Venerable?” He flicked his sleeves. “Let’s go. Who said This Venerable cannot do it?”

The next day, Yao Jiuxiao suddenly handed Lu Yaoyao an exquisite-looking little pouch. Lu Yaoyao instantly fell in love with it and asked happily: “Father, what is this?”

“This is a pouch. It can hold a lot of things.” Yao Jiuxiao taught Lu Yaoyao how to use the pouch.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes widened in surprise. The pouch was just as big as her palm, but could hold so many things! And it was not heavy at all!

When Lu Yaoyao peeped inside, she saw many small red fruits, which looked very fresh and delicious. Seeing so many fruits, Lu Yaoyao secretly swallowed her saliva. After much contemplation, she decided to eat one as a try. After she knew the taste, she could describe it to her friends!

After all, she needed to know whether the fruits tasted good or not before sharing them!

Lu Yaoyao reached out her chubby fingers, took one of the fruits, and quickly put it into her mouth.

Her eyes brightened suddenly. How sweet!

Although this fruit was still less tasty than the fruit she occasionally ate, it was still very tasty! Lu Yaoyao wanted to eat a few more, but thinking of her friends, she reluctantly put them away. Anyway, she could eat with her friends later.

With this magical pouch, Lu Yaoyao now had a place to store her belongings. She saw a pretty leaf and put it into the pouch. She also put in all the toys she had played with since she was a little baby.

Lu Yaoyao had a lot of toys. There were pretty pearls, strange toys that could gleam, and toys that could make noises. Lu Yaoyao wanted to share. Her friends must like to play with them! But Father and Daddy told her not to show her toys to other people.

She has thousands of whys.

Why couldn’t she take out the things she ate and played with?

Lu Yaoyao obediently listened to Father and Daddy’s words, but she was extremely confused.

However, since Father and Daddy had given her many toys and snacks she could share with her friends, she wouldn’t ask anymore! Lu Yaoyao quickly put her doubts behind and happily went to share snacks and toys with other cubs.


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