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DDDV Ch 33 Part 2 – As Witty as I am (II)

For a moment, the atmosphere became peaceful and harmonious.

After playing with her friends for many days, Lu Yaoyao finally remembered the two old and lonely fathers she abandoned at home. Remembering that it had been a long time since she accompanied her Father and Daddy, Lu Yaoyao refused the cubs’ invitation to play and decided to stay at home for a few days.

Lu Yaoyao actually missed Father and Daddy very much! However, playing with her peers was so fun that she couldn’t think of anything else. But occasionally when she had a bit of free time, Lu Yaoyao would remember Father and Daddy, and suddenly really wanted to see them.

From birth till now, this was the first time she had left Father and Daddy for so long.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt that the outside world was no longer very fun, so she stayed by Father and Daddy’s side.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say anything. However, they were very happy to see their daughter finally knew to be filial and would stay home to accompany her old fathers.

The two venerables didn’t want to admit that they, two great ancestors who had lived for thousands of years, actually had been jealous of little cubs whose ages weren’t even a fraction of theirs.

Lu Yaoyao’s family of three stayed in the house for a whole day. After consoling the two old fathers’ lonely glass hearts, Lu Yaoyao still had to reconcile their small quarrels again and again. She was so busy that she didn’t even notice the passing of time. Fortunately, Father and Daddy didn’t always stay by her side. To feed the family, they have to take turns to go out and hunt mutant beasts.

Today was Daddy’s turn to stay at home. Lu Yaoyao was sitting on the beast skin blanket and playing alone. After a while, she glanced at Daddy, who was lying leisurely on his usual recliner. Lu Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly brightened. She threw her toys aside and ran over with her short, chubby legs. After arriving at Daddy, she climbed his legs and said very cutely: “Daddy, baby likes Daddy so much! Daddy is the best!”

After lavishing Lu Qingyu with a bunch of praises, Lu Yaoyao puckered her lips and kissed his face affectionately.

Lu Qingyu’s mood soared to heaven. The corners of his lips curled up, but he still tried to maintain a straight face: “Who do you like the most? Me or him?”

Lu Yaoyao replied sweetly, “Of course it’s Daddy! I love Daddy the most!”

Lu Qingyu was greatly pleased. He looked at the little fat dumpling and laughed satisfiedly. The kid confessed in person that she liked him more than Yao Jiuxiao. That guy could only fall behind him!

After Lu Yaoyao exhausted her vocabulary of praises, she asked coquettishly: “Daddy, I want to eat fruit~” Lu Yaoyao touched her belly and put on an aggrieved look: “Baby really wants to eat it! Baby hasn’t eaten it for ten days!”

Lu Qingyu thought for a moment. The kid had grown up, and eating a bit shouldn’t affect her much.

Lu Qingyu took out a spiritual fruit and generously handed it to Lu Yaoyao.

Lu Yaoyao happily took the fruit and put it into her pouch: “Thank you, Daddy. Daddy is the best!” Then she put her chubby hands into a heart shape and showed Lu Qingyu a comparison: “Today’s baby loves Daddy more than yesterday!”

Lu Qingyu was beaming with a smile.

Even after Yao Jiuxiao come back, he still didn’t stop smiling.

When Lu Qingyu remembered his daughter’s words today, he had a rare moment of sympathy towards Yao Jiuxiao, who was ignorant of the sad fact. Because of this, Lu Qingyu was willing to treat his greatest rival a bit better than usual.

Lu Qingyu’s abnormal behavior puzzled Yao Jiuxiao. What happened with this guy? Did he have another malicious idea and was now scheming his plan?

Yao Jiuxiao immediately became vigilant.

The next day was Yao Jiuxiao’s turn to accompany Lu Yaoyao at home.

Lu Yaoyao looked around. After confirming that Daddy had already left, she threw away her toys and rushed to Father. She yelled sweetly: “Father~ I really, really, really like Father! I like Father the most! Father is the best!”

A smile rose into Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes, dispelling the coldness on his whole body. Hearing that his daughter liked him more than Lu Qingyu made him unable to hide his joy. Yao Jiuxiao tried to put on a straight face, but the corners of his lips couldn’t help but raise slightly.

Lu Yaoyao popped up sweet words one after another. Seeing that the time was right, she asked coquettishly: “Father, Baby really wants to eat candies. Baby hasn’t eaten candies for five days and really wants to eat one!”

Yao Jiuxiao thought for a moment. The child’s body absorbed aura very fast, and it should be no problem to give her some top-grade spiritual pills once in a while.

The ‘candies’ Lu Yaoyao liked to eat were actually spiritual pills, which were rich in aura and beneficial in aiding cultivation. The top-grade spiritual pills in Yao Jiuxiao’s hands basically had no side effect, and the residual medicinal properties would also quickly been eliminated in the absorption process. Yao Jiuxiao had eaten the pills a few times, but he preferred his own cultivation method and rarely took one. Despite so, the juniors in his sect routinely sent him the pills they made, which he casually threw into his grotto-space.

Now, the pills had become his daughter’s favorite candy.

Among the pills Yao Jiuxiao had in his hands, the ‘candies’ he gave to Yaoyao were the ones with the least amount of aura and mildest effect, which was far less potent than spiritual fruit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to feed her so frequently.

Yao Jiuxiao took out a porcelain bottle, give Lu Yaoyao two pills, and said with a serious tone: “You can only eat this again after half a month.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded vigorously. Her eyes were shining brightly: “I know! Love you, Father~”

Lu Yaoyao carefully put the little round candy into her pouch and patted it with satisfaction. Her smile was so wide that her eyes turned into bent slits.

After two days, she would go to Father and Daddy to coax them sweetly. They would definitely give her candies and fruits again. She would save up the snacks, and then eat them all at once! How smart!

In the afternoon, after Lu Qingyu came back from hunting, he met with Yao Jiuxiao’s strange gaze.

Remembering his daughter’s words today, Yao Jiuxiao felt a trace of sympathy for Lu Qingyu. The child loved him the most, but this guy was ignorant of the sad fact.

Thinking of this, Yao Jiuxiao had a rare moment of tolerance towards Lu Qingyu.


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