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DDDV Ch 34 Part 1 – Totally Incompatible (I)

After Lu Yaoyao stayed with Father and Daddy for two days, she went out to play with her friends again. After all, little children liked to play with older children.

Lu Yaoyao’s little abacus crackled craftily. One day with Father, one day with Daddy, two days out to play. A total of four alternating days. And she found out that after she went out to play for two days, once she came back to coax Father and Daddy in turn, they would still give her other tasty snacks even if they didn’t give her fruits or candies!

Lu Yaoyao used to think that Father and Daddy were very magical. They could always take a lot of tasty foods and interesting toys out of nowhere. Now she knew that they had small pouches that could hold a lot of things!

However, Lu Yaoyao still didn’t know where they put their pouches. She observed them several times, but still didn’t get any clue.

But she knew that Father and Daddy’s pouches must have many, many, many, and many more snacks and toys than hers!

Lu Yaoyao felt that the temptation was so great. For this reason, she especially took out everything in her pouch except for the snacks she got by acting cutely and counted them in front of her two fathers.

While counting, Lu Yaoyao repeatedly glanced at Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu, as if hesitating to speak.

Daddy, Father, don’t you feel guilty and sympathetic seeing that your baby daughter only has such a pitiful amount of possession? Don’t you want to share a bit of fruit and candies in your pouch with your poor little cub? She doesn’t ask much. One fruit and two candies per day are enough!

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t know Lu Yaoyao’s little tactic of asking for snacks in disguise. He thought she was counting in front of them and was asking for praise, so he gave her hearty praise: “Yaoyao can count. You are very amazing.”

It had to be known that they hadn’t started to educate the child yet. She could understand without being taught, which proved how smart she was.

Lu Yaoyao blushed when she received her Father’s sincere praise, but she couldn’t help raising her chubby face proudly.

Yes, she is very smart!

Then her eyes turned to look at Daddy.

Lu Qingyu patted her small hair buns: “Yaoyao’er is really smart.”

Lu Yaoyao’s grinned. “I can count more!”

“Yaoyao is awesome.”

“…really smart…”

On the next day, Lu Yaoyao finally remembered her original intention.

No, she wants snacks from Father and Daddy, not praises!

Unexpectedly, she was coaxed by them and forgot to ask for snacks.

No, no. She couldn’t let herself be fooled by sweet words.

Lu Yaoyao raised her small fist and firmed her determination. For more snacks!

Lu Qingyu noticed Lu Yaoyao’s burning eyes and asked casually, “Why are you looking at me?”

Lu Yaoyao leaned over. Holding Lu Qingyu’s leg, she blinked and said cutely: “I am looking at my handsome Daddy!”

Lu Qingyu was pleased: “Really?”

Lu Yaoyao paused for a moment before saying mysteriously: “Daddy, I found a secret!”

“Oh?” Lu Qingyu responded in a high spirit, “What secret?”

“I found that today’s Daddy looks even more handsome than yesterday’s Daddy!”

“Daddy, Daddy, why are you so handsome?”

“Your little tongue is so sweet today.” Lu Qingyu squinted his eyes at his daughter: “Do you want fruits again?”

Lu Yaoyao puffed her cheek: “Baby is telling the truth!” Daddy was indeed very handsome. It was only incidental that she also wanted fruits!

Lu Qingyu took out a fruit: “Well, Daddy is happy today, so I will give it to you.”

Lu Yaoyao jumped up joyfully: “Even if Daddy doesn’t give baby the fruit, Daddy is still very handsome in baby’s heart. Of course, if Daddy gives more fruits, you will become even more handsome!”

Lu Qingyu tapped Lu Yaoyao’s forehead lightly: “Clever little ghost.”

Lu Yaoyao touched her forehead and smiled stupidly.

When Yao Jiuxiao came back, Lu Yaoyao remembered something and said happily: “Father, Daddy, the day after tomorrow is Xiaoqi’s birthday. Can I go there?”


“Great!” Lu Yaoyao cheered.

Since it was her good friend’s birthday, she had to personally choose a gift! But what gift was she going to give? Lu Yaoyao was very troubled. Xiaoqi informed them too late. Otherwise, she would have more time to prepare and wouldn’t be in such a hurry like this!

Lu Yaoyao touched her little pouch and took out a small stone with several interlacing colors. She picked it up in the water when she and her friends were playing in the stream at the foot of the Cangshan Mountain. Lu Yaoyao liked it very much. But she remembered that Xiaoqi also liked the stone, because it resembled his favorite nut.

Lu Yaoyao looked at the stone for a long time. She was extremely reluctant, but in the end, she still decided to give the little stone as Xiaoqi’s birthday present.

In this case, the little stone could only accompany her for another one day and two nights. Therefore, Lu Yaoyao decided to put the little stone next to her pillow tonight. They would sleep together, and she would see it as soon as she opened her eyes tomorrow!


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