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DDDV Ch 35 Part 1 – Running Away from Home (I)

Song Xiaoqi’s birthday was very lively. All Cangshan cubs came to celebrate. Demons without cubs didn’t come, but they also sent a gift. The squirrel family’s house was located in a trunk of a tall and sturdy tree halfway up the Cangshan Mountain. This tree was very old, with magnificent roots, large branches, and a size that required about five or six adults to hug it.

Sitting on Yao Jiuxiao’s arm, Lu Yaoyao arrived as a guest. It was her first time seeing Xiaoqi’s house. He and his family lived on a tree, how amazing!

When Lu Yaoyao’s family of three arrived at the foot of the big tree, several squirrels quickly jumped off the branches. The two largest squirrels stopped in front of Lu Yaoyao and turned into a man and a woman. Their fluffy tails swaying on their behind as they greeted: “Everyone, welcome.”

This pair of squirrel demons were Song Xiaoqi’s parents, who were very excited to see Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu coming. After all, Lu Qingyu seemed okay, but Yao Jiuxiao didn’t seem to like to attend such a lively gathering. Unexpectedly, they both came, which made the squirrel couple flattered.

Song Xiaoqi also saw Lu Yaoyao and jumped around his parents excitedly: “Yaoyao, Yaoyao, you are here!” When the little cub saw the two tall stone demon uncles, he paused his jump and gave a polite greeting: “Hello, uncles.”

Lu Yaoyao also greeted Xiaoqi’s parents politely before turned at her little friend. She couldn’t hold it anymore and impatiently asked to get to the ground. She then rushed over to hug the little fat squirrel.

“Yaoyao, I’ll take you to see my house!”

“Okay, okay!”

Song Xiaoqi took Lu Yaoyao and excitedly jumped up the tree. Lu Yaoyao followed behind and jumped around the branches with flexible movements. During this period of time, she had been following a group of demon cubs running around, exercising her control of spiritual aura very skillfully.

Squirrel father and squirrel mother glanced at Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, their faces flushed with excitement. They enthusiastically welcomed the two rare guests into the treehouse. The squirrel family’s home was on the trunk that was four of five meters high. The hole inside was spacious, dry, and very clean. Several wooden houses of various sizes were built on the tree branches extending outward. The space inside the tree hole might be slightly cramped for ordinary humanoids, but it was very cozy for squirrel demons in their original form.

The whole tree was basically inhabited by squirrels. There were dozens or so squirrel families there, of which only six or seven could cultivate, and the others were just ordinary squirrels.

When Lu Yaoyao and her fathers arrived, it was not too early or too late. A few cubs had already arrived, and the place suddenly became more lively.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were invited into the largest wooden house, which functioned as a hall to receive guests. Due to the large number of guests, many demons with small animal forms consciously turned back into their original form. These adult demons just sent their cubs over. After congratulating the birthday boy and chatting a bit with other parents, they returned home.

Originally, a cub’s birthday celebration was supposed to be held one month after birth, but Xiaoqi’s birthday was postponed until this year because of some unexpected circumstances.

It was rare for so many adults to gather together leisurely, and the hall was full of lively noises. The guests were chatting happily when they saw the squirrel couple came back, bringing in a pair of very handsome male demons.

In an instant, all eyes gathered towards the two eye-catching newcomers. Following the earth-shattering scandal, this was the first time the two appeared together in front of the public. At this point, most of Duanping demons had accepted the bitter fact and no longer sighed in tears all day long. Now watching the two equally handsome men stood together, the demons felt that they were actually quite a good match.

Lu Qingyu seemed to feel the information revealed in the demons’ scorching gaze and silently moved away from Yao Jiuxiao, wishing to be separated by hundreds of thousands of miles.

Yao Jiuxiao had never paid attention to the scandal. He occasionally heard one or two scattered rumors, but dismissed them as ridiculous and then totally ignored the rumors.

Yao Jiuxiao frowned. He was unaccustomed to be the receiving end of the demons’ straightforward and hot gazes. In his sect, no one dared to look at him this way. But Yao Jiuxiao endured silently, intending to leave as soon as possible after observing the birthday process.

Lu Yaoyao, ignorant to the fact that her two fathers were treated like exotic animals, was currently having a good time with her little friends. She didn’t forget to give the birthday gift she had painstakingly prepared, and handed a small box to Song Xiaoqi: “Xiaoqi, this is my birthday gift for you.”

This unimpressive little box was provided by Father. Because Lu Yaoyao suddenly thought that giving a gift in plain sight was boring and not good, she pestered Father and Daddy to find her a small gift box.

“Thank you, Yaoyao!” Song Xiaoqi took the box happily. He opened it and saw inside a beautiful little stone that looked like his favorite nut. The little squirrel remembered that Yaoyao liked this stone very much!

“Yaoyao, you really give it to me?” Song Xiaoqi was very happy, but also felt a bit bad.

“That’s right!” Lu Yaoyao nodded and said solemnly, “You have to cherish it!”

“Yeah!” Song Xiaoqi nodded repeatedly. He immediately put the little stone inside a small box in his room where he kept all his treasures.

The little squirrel’s birthday celebration was very simple. The family and guests had a lively meal together, followed by the blessing from elders. There was no special ceremony, and the cubs freely ran around and play.

It wasn’t until the moon was hanging in the sky that the tired cubs were taken home by their parents.

Lu Yaoyao was carried back by Yao Jiuxiao. As soon as her head fell on her Father’s shoulder, her heavy eyes closed shut, and she fell into a deep sleep.


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